1st March 2019    

Yes Geoff, you really did throw a piece of chalk at me :). My method was based on a distant memory of someone telling me that the calculation should be logical, working through the problem systematically, starting at the beginning, left to right, unless brackets, powers, etc. were in the sum. These should be worked out first - if they exist.
Probably got it wrong again, though....
I think I've worked out your comments except U.T.C. That one and Herr Leppards BDMAS have me flummoxed - Heeelp!

 Malcolm Graham (E60-65)



1st March 2019

You were on the right lines Peter but it's the wrong answer I'm afraid.  Simon - you've cracked it. Briefly the multiplication takes priority over the addition and subtraction.
So, as Simon says, it becomes  5 - 25 + 5 giving an answer of - 15.
Doing the 5 - 5 first would require a bracket around them making them of a higher priority than the multiplication. Bodmas strikes again! Apologies again but as I told you it's Zuckerberg's fault.

Geoff Hern (M60-80)



2nd March 2019

Geoff, You are using the PEMDAS rule (Parenthesis,Exponents,Multiplication,Division,Addition and subtraction) to give an answer of -15.
Per my initial solution, it depends on what rule is applied as to what answer is obtained.
Sure there are other solutions besides the ones given to date.

Peter Leppard (M60-64)

I'm no mathematician but PEMDAS is just American speak for BODMAS  - Bill



3rd March 2019

If we are going to have a discussion on maths, I thought I would give things a stir!

Maths is supposed to be logical.  So in theory, you should work across this kind of "sum" from left to right.

However, along with much else in this world, I think the format of the sum is a result of sloppiness or laziness or a wish to be "clever" on social media.

To be really logical, you would separate out the individual sections of the sum to make sure that the intention of the calculation was clear.  After all, numbers in isolation may be a "luxury" for theoretical mathematicians to play around with in mind games, but in real life, sums have an actual purpose, to make necessary calculations, such as how much fabric will I need to make a blouse, depending on the width of the fabric, the pattern requirements, etc.  Many other examples spring to mind, since I use German recipes and have to convert grammes to oz, C to F and so on.  I won't go into the formulae I had to learn for my Geoscience degree, for instance to calculate the dip of bedding or the angle of seismic waves, but they were also of a practical nature and were set out with unmistakeable clarity. 

To bring this back to Windsor related - I still use some of the recipes I learned when doing domestic science for a term and a half when I was 14.  A particular favourite of the family is "Cheese Pie", a sort of quiche.  Who knew I would still be cooking these things so many years later!

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)



4th March 2019

So sorry to hear of the passing of Mike Capey who taught me A-level history. His was one of a small group of secondary school and higher education teachers who had a profound influence on my life through his learning and engagement with others. He clearly had a passion for his subject but also a compassionate way of teaching his students; with care, accuracy and humour. Along with Steve Green (we were in the same A-level group), we had the pleasure of making touch with him over the last few years. Though, sadly, we were not able to meet, I recognised the same qualities and generosity of spirit in his emails. He even remembered something I had laughed at in one of his lessons. He left the world a better place.

Bill Gent (B/E67-69)



5th March 2019

Geoff McPate enquires about head girls/boys in the late 50s in the original Windsor school.  Mr Aspinall appointed Elizabeth Palmer and Brian Terry as the first holders of the posts in 55/56 and in 57/58  Ellen Geyer and Michael Ward. But for the other years I have drawn a blank.  Several names were out forward (Michael Barnacoat, Karen Goodeve Docker) but both have said they were heads of houses not of the school.  The Concordias of the time are not that helpful!    Otherwise I have a complete listing of head girls/boys except for WGS head girls in 69/70 and 71/72 and 72/73.

Steve Green (C66-69)



7th March 2019

Thanks to Steve Green for your research. The names you mention are all familiar to me and I can picture the people well. Elizabeth Palmer, Brian Terry, Ellen Geyer and Michael Ward were fairly remote figures as far as I was concerned but Mike Barnacoat was a room mate and Phyllida Karen Goodeve-Docker's sister Zoe Aurial Goodeve- Docker was in my class. She went on to marry Sir Lawrence Verney, the Recorder of London, I believe. Other possible candidates I can think of are Peter Frank Buckley, Nigel Andrew Silver Frith and Maureen Bilham.
Perhaps these additional names can trigger a memory.

Geoff McPate (S53-57)



8th March 2019

I'm not one to make many contributions to this site. However, tonight I asked Alexa to play "The Soldier" by Harvey Andrews. And Alexa played it!! Up till now, there has been very little from this Forces' Favourite, so I thought I'd let you all know!!

John Garnett (H77-79)



10th March 2019

Some folk might not be aware of the 'Alexa' gizmo or the singer. Here is his bio from Wikipedia. 


And the song "Soldier".   -    https://youtu.be/Dx1kXh7LO0A

Colin Hawthorne (M74-79)



11th  March 2019

 Not sure whether anyone has mentioned this bit of news:  The last remaining piece of our old school was demolished in October 2017.  Our old dining block succumbed, finally - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Js377C0T18, R.I.P.

Geoffrey Pickles (E72-76)



13th March 2019

Long while since I posted a message. Saw the one from John Garnett with regards Alexa and Harvey Andrews, for anyone interested "The Soldier" is available on Google music for 99p. Anyone remember me.

Michael Powditch (B64-69)



14th March 2019

The mention of  Harvey Andrew's song "The Soldier" has evoked many memories for me. I bought the LP whilst in Hamm and still have it! In fact just last week I put all my LP's into a box in the garage to get rid of as it is time for a grand clear out. I have just been and brought that LP back in, even though I no longer have a means of playing it. I might investigate tracking down a CD. The LP is "Writer of Somgs" and has some great tracks. If anyone is interested in having it, let me know.
Also, I have read that the Soldier now features alongside Wilfred Owen war poetry in a project in NZ.

Rae Mitchell(nee Cleverly) (M77-81)



24th March 2019

Though he was not a fan of social media but all ways checked in to WBS news I am saddened to announce the sudden passing of my brother Leslie Martin Case formerly of Balmoral house Sept 1968-July 1973 aged 61.
RIP brother

Ashley Case (B69-73)



25th March 2019

Only at WBS for a short 2 years, in Sandringham, but loved it all. Can't remember much of it, frankly, but some great times.. I posted here after reading/stumbling upon 'Izzi's' posts over the past few months. My sister, Isobel (also know as Izzy) McCutcheon (of Scots/Irish heritage) was at WGS in Hillsborough House from 64-68 and she has now tragically passed away (November, 2017), but loved her friends and time at WGS, also. I now live in Nashville, TN.. and always smile at my WBS time..

Charles McCutcheon (S65-67)



28th March 2019

Looking for Pat Obyrne and her sister Christine

John Weston (C60-65)