3 January 2019

Wow!!! After 20 years we are still allowed the privilege of contacting Windsors inspirational teachers, colleagues, peers, friends and a plethora of other relationships!!!

This has enabled me to achieve a much more positive reflection than I had previously.  I would particularly like to thank Bill for making this possible and Geoff Hern for teaching me a more positive way of perception (once a teacher......)

While this brings me great joy I am also saddened when I look back at the entries from those that are no longer with us.
This just adds to the importance of us all appreciating the site and and valuing what we have. LOL 

Izzzi Forbes (B72-75)



4 January 2019

What a posting to start 2019 with. Many thanks Sebrof (Izzzi) for your kind words but  what you've got was always there. The usual lively, positive and appreciative Isabella (N.B.) whilst tinged with sadness for those no longer with us. Many of whom brought the site to life with their banter and postings. The best way to remember them perhaps is by keeping the site going since Bill can only post what he gets. Hint!! Sounds a bit of a cliche to write it but then remember my age!! I've said it a few times now but 'Many thanks Bill'.

Geoff Hern (M60-80)



5 January 2019

Hi Ffoeg Thank you for your kind and supportive words which I know are genuine and that makes them priceless.
It is true to say that I am usually lively, positive and appreciative nowadays.
However, if you speak to anyone who remembers me in my Windsor days (with a few exceptions) they would struggle to agree with you.

Anyway, I am a big fan of quiz programmes and follow the Chase big time. Mark Labett, the maths teacher, had never heard of this and I wondered if you had and could explain in to us all - 'the hairy ball theory'?
My interpretation would be that things stick to the hair and it grows and grows - maybe even snowballs? LOL iZZZZZI

Izzzi Forbes (B72-75)



12 January 2019

Hi to all who look in to this forum

I am really disappointed to see so few entries to start 2019.
Bill has worked really hard to keep this going for our benefit.
Please show your appreciation by posting on the site.
I don't mean to upset anyone but this entry is heart felt
LOL Izzzzzi

Izzzi Forbes (B72-75)



13 January 2019

I would hate to disappoint iZZZZi, so here I am, posting!

I was looking at an old diary from my school days, and it mentioned that I had "MOS" for dinner.  No, not some exotic creation of Mr Stirk's (who was in charge of our food in those days), but Member of Staff.  Whoever was the duty member of staff at lunchtime came and sat at one of the tables, and each table took it in turns to host whoever that was.  Not something we looked forward to!  I don't know if Geoff had something similar at the Boys' School?  Anyway, it meant some person (if it was a full table) might have to get shoved off to make room (me!  me!  please let it be me! ;-)) and the rest of us had to be on our best behaviour.  Did you still have that in your time, iZZZZi?  It seems it wasn't always a chore to be hosting "MOS", I have a comment in the diary that when Miss Edwards was MOS, we chatted about diets.  By the time I was 18, some of our staff were only about 6 years older than me.

Life in the north of Scotland continues to be enjoyable - recent local over-60s party, food and drink flowing, dancing to music very reminiscent of my youth!  The new extension to my house, I decided to lay the flooring, a bit of a mistake at my age - keep forgetting how old I am, as in my head I am still in the Lower Sixth at WGS.

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)



14th January 2019

Hi Pamela
Great to here from you. Not sure if we had MOS in my time but remember having to sit at Matrons table which was no fun at all.
Glad to hear you are enjoying up north - ye canna whack it.
Take care OF yourself with that DIY!!!
Who was the headie when you were there?  Was Miss Waldron there?

Izzzi Forbes (B72-75)



16th January 2019

Miss Pearl Waldron was a Housemistress of Marlborough House at WGS for a number of years. I think that she returned to the U.K. under the '50' rule when teachers were no longer employed after that age. This changed later. I was told that she eventually married and opened a 'non-smoking'-B&B place. I knew her well and she was a very hardworking and caring housemistress. I think that Rina Blackman was her deputy for a while. Rina went on to become the headmistress of a very prestigious Girls' School in Peru.

Colin Hawthorne (M74-79)



16th January 2019

Happy New Year. I'm reminded of the Soprano's where one of the hoods remarks...'They just keep dragging me back in'... and I feel a tad like that when reading Pamela Ross commenting on her 'new' life in the frozen north. So much so, I am seriously thinking of decamping up to North Norfolk, better to enjoy the beaches of Holkham and area. I stopped short the other day, when reading The Guradian (SP! ED)where someone wrote that ...Happiness was reality without expectation... and I found that helpful and illuminating in thinking through how to best spend remaining years. In other words, better to reflect on what you have, rather than what you have not. And in that regard, I am seriously impressed, by a sense of appreciating what we have, because (I guess, without a Maths degree), we are still living an outstandingly lucky life (like 99.999999 etc%. compared to the rest of the world) with our experiences, all those years ago.
I haven't posted for a while and vowed not to do so again, but there are values one hopes in exchanging experience, if only it tells you 'get off your arse and move, such to enjoy today's reality. Thanks Pamela Ross!

 John Eustace (M59-62)



16th January 2019

Hi Colin, You surprise me on 2 counts
From my memory is Miss Waldron I doubt whether she retired on the 50 rule
She may have been a caring House Mistress but she certainly did not extend that to me.  I received a punishment from her at every opportunity and was one of those responsible for making my time at Windsor unhappy.
She also had a go at my sister which ended with my sister calling Miss Waldron a witch to her face!!!!

Izzzi Forbes (B72-75)