01 April 2019

During my time at Windsor I travelled this route 24 times I think:

Dalheim/MunchenGladbach/Krefeld/Duisburg/Oberhausen/Essen/Dortmund/Hamm.I remember a diversion once through Wuppertal, crossing many sets of points at slow speed, where our train ran alongside the M74-79) suspension railway.

Geoff McPate (S53-57)



02 April 2019

Interesting to hear Rae on the subject of Harvey Andrews. I have the album sleeve, but not the record anymore. I bought it in Hamm NAAFI. His website has been taken down, but there is still a link to buy his records. Writer of Songs is also available on Amazon Music at the moment.
Bizarrely, Harvey used to play PTA fundraising events at my daughter's school and his concerts were always brilliant. He is a really funny man, and his later music is also well worth checking out.

John Garnett (H77-79)



02 April 2019

I must have bought my copy of "Writer of Songs" in Hamm NAAFI too. I have both the record and the sleeve but no turntable to play it on! I'm thinking of ordering the CD version from Amazon. I did also  find a site offering signed copies.
Interestingly I think Harvey Andrews is based in Shrewsbury...which was my childhood home!

Rae Mitchell(nee Cleverly) (M77-81)



06 April 2019

I am sad to read about the death of Leslie, Ashley. My condolences to you and your family. John.

John Keil (B72-74)



07 April 2019

I have been a follower of messages upon this website since the beginning. Over those years I have lost count of the number of friends/ colleagues who have joined the Big Staff Room in the sky. I taught at King's in Gütersloh / WGS / Cheshire Middle / The Havel in Berlin and Dalton Middle in Düsseldorf. Imagine the death toll. However, we must remember that death is a fact of life. I am in my seventies and each day is injury time after three score years and ten. Might miss Brexit!

Colin Hawthorne (M74-79)



09 April 2019

Hi Colin, et al 70 is not old by today's standards - my Service Users are late 80s and well into their 90s .  My oldest was 102 and left us due to a bad fall which she did not recover from.

I see  the consequences of auld age on a daily basis in my job.  If you see I have gone to a better place celebrate and be happy because I don't want to be auld.  No joking.

Izzi Forbes (72-75)



15 April 2019

Is there anybody there???
It's awfy quite around here???

Izzi Forbes (72-75)




15 April 2019

Hallo Izzi!  If we are being quiet, perhaps because your previous post gave some food for thought.  I wasn't sure whether to post something about how some people reach old age and still have a quality of life which they enjoy, especially if they are still able to live in their own homes or with their families.

Anyway, I imagine the youngest ex-Windsors would be at least 47 (eg 11 years old in 1983), no idea about the oldest, but I may be somewhere in the middle.  At an age I had no conception of when I was at WGS!  I am now about the age my grandparents were when I was there, and they really seemed "old" to me.  Mind you, so did my parents and most of the staff!

I was discussing on the "other" site with non-Windsor friends about Tom Lehrer.  My art teacher at WGS, Barry Cummings, used to play Tom Lehrer records during art classes.  The art room was a really good place to spend time - it was where we made props for shows, put together the school magazine, and Barry had lots of interesting items to inspire and enthuse us.  It was where I first came across polystyrene - he brought some in to show us, he was quite interested in this and thought it could be used for artistic purposes.  We took chunks of it and used fire (candles, etc) to burn it to create shapes.  Looking back at that now, of course, it is toxic!  But we didn't know that then.

Still waiting for Spring to be properly sprung - do you remember the little rhyme we said?  Spring is sprung, the grass is ris - I wonder where the boidies is?  The little boids is on the wing!  Ain't that absoid?  the little wings is on the boid!

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)



17 April 2019

Pamela Ross, I am a great fan of Tom Lehrer's amusing songs. During a Science course of study in my Middle School teaching days, I managed to incorporate 'The Table Of Elements' song along with that great number-'Poisoning Pigeons In The Park'. At an international school in Kuwait, some of my students used the 'Elements' song by Tom Lehrer as 'revision' for their Science tests! Your Art teacher had great taste.

Colin Hawthorne (M74-79)