1 December 2018

Interesting to see the posts about teaching geology at WBS.  In my time at WGS it certainly wasn't available, but I had always been interested in the subject.  However, my art teacher, the wonderful Barry Cummings, kept all sorts of interesting items in his art room, including colour pull-outs from newspapers which included articles about the latest discoveries in mid-ocean ridges, etc - this was a time when the tectonic plate theory was in its infancy.  He also played us Tom Lehrer records, I was lucky enough later in life to acquire some of these myself and my children grew up with them (and also love them!)  

Eventually I went "back" to university and studied with the Open University in my "spare" time when working full time and bringing up my children as a widowed parent, and got a degree with the OU in Geosciences.  Never regretted that - met some lovely people through the Open University Geological Society, and found some fabulous places, as well as a hobby (gold panning).

I recently  moved from one area with fantastic geology (North Yorkshire) to an area with completely different but also fantastic geology (Moray Coast).  Doesn't take much to make a geologist happy!  Show us a road cutting and we are in our element ;-)

Pamela Ross (StJ63 - 68)



2 December 2018

Ah Pamela Tom Lehrer. That takes me back. I too still have some of his LP's. Just the time of year to hear his 'A Christmas Carol' which is probably even more relevant today than it was then. Of course he was a sums teacher too. All we have in common!!

Geoff Hern (M60 - 80)



3 December 2018

Some odd things you read on this site from time to time! I am a big Tom Lehrer fan and I was lucky enough to see him live. Whilst teaching at The Havel School in Berlin, I got tickets to the Tom Lehrer performance at the Wahldebuhne stadium. Tom opened the show with 'Poisoning Pigeons In The Park' and closed with his musical rendition of 'The Periodic Table'. A very funny and clever performer. He maintained his daytime job as a teacher of sums for big kids.

The other thing about Tom Lehrer is that his surname in Yiddish and in standard German means 'Teacher'. So, when living in Germany for 24years...I introduced myself as 'Ich bin Lehrer' and the populace expected a witty song! Rather a disappointment!

Colin Hawthorne (M74 - 79)



7 December 2018

I was a pupil at WIndsor  Sandringham house from 1955 to 1960. Our house master was Master Benfield.  Master Cutler was also at Sandringham. Both these staff members were highly respected by all the boys at Sandringham. I was also there during the flood and all the boys helped Master Benfield clear the water. I made many good friends while at Windsor and often times wonder they all ended up in the world. Brain Bradshaw went to live in the United States and some years ago I made contact with him. David Dunlop I meet while on a business trip to Ottawa where David was living. As for the many other Sandringham house students I would like to know where they are. Some names that come to mind are Hans Coulson, David Jones, Bill Birdling, Bill's sister Emily, Sandringham girls, Roger Ivy, David Beng, Michael (Battler) Britton, Gordon  Lawson, we are all in the late evening of our lives but have fond memories of great times at WIndsor school. I now live in Canada near Toronto in a town named Ajax named father HMS Ajax that fought in the battle of the river Plate? I trust all those I knew have had a happy and prosperous life. Please convey my thanks to Master Benfield and Master Cutler for their much appreciated guidance when I was young.

Patrick (Morris) Hickman (S55 - 60)



7 December 2018

Just to let the world know still alive and kicking-although the joints ache a bit when kicking!
It was round about now that we had all packed our bags and hoards of parents would descend on the school to pick up their "little loved ones" for the Christmas break.
Rather than be homesick in the first term, I decided that the second term, after Christmas was the best time to be homesick. But the daily visit to sister Malloy (Scottish I think) in sickbay above Edinburgh House, to take my "homesick" tablet did the trick - how naive one is at that age?
I realise that the site does not provide contact details for present and past members, but I still have photos of some of the students that actively comment on the Windsor site - is there any way of contacting them?
Wishing all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and 2019

Peter Leppard (M60 - 64)

If You want to contact anyone who has posted here then I can send them your email address - Bill



10 December 2018

The talk of WGS reminds me of the huge outdoor theatre. I spent 2 years at Hamm Primary from the age of 5 to 7 and loved playing in that area.   My village recently built a new primary school as the old purpose built 1960s building wasn't 'fit for purpose'.  I always wonder how that is so given my old schools include old army barracks (WBS), an ex-tank garage (Hamm Primary), and a Franciscan hospital/residential centre for disabled children, albeit with a very sad history, then a BMH (Kent School).

Michael Cutts (M77-79)



10 December 2018

Thank you Bill for your dedication to this site.  We are entering the Christmas period and the weather down here (Melbourne, Australia) is starting to warm up again.  We try to remain faithful to our roots and maintain the traditions we were brought up with, even though it doesn't feel much like Christmas.
This has always been my favourite time of year.  Whilst at WBS, my parents lived in Liege, Belgium, so we started our trek back for the holidays.  Train back to Cologne then car to Liege.  Hillsborough always had a Christmas tree in the Day Room and we had fun decorating it.  Boys always decorated their dorms, as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.  Hope you all have a fabulous time with your respective families, wherever you are in the world.

Dave Naylor (H64-67)

Thanks John & Merry Xmas to you too - Bill


11 December 2018

Merry Christmas to all WBS/WGS pupils and staff and have a very happy new year, hope all are well

Robert (Bob) Moore (C62-64)


14 December 2018

Wishing all ex inmates of WBS/WGS a  very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Daniel Shuttleworth (E63-66)



16 December 2018

Another year gone, another tooth gone but I've still got hair on m'head!

A Merry Christmas and a Healthy 2019 to all you Windsor Survivors and your families.

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)



20 December 2018

Yo Ho Ho 
Merry Christmas to one and all
I'm not working - Bah Humbug to that - it's the best day of the year to work in care!!! 

Working New Year - not allowed to give them a half!!!      LOL

Izzi Forbes (E72-74)



20 December 2018

Hello Everyone,  It has been great fun perusing this site over the years it has been going, so I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to re-awakening many lost memories.  2019 will be an interesting year for me, as my Daughter will be 30 years old in March and, if all runs smoothly, a Mother in April.  This event will be my first experience as a Grandparent!  Then to cap it all, I will become 60 years old in August, no less!  A very Merry Christmas to you all, present and absent, and a very Happy New Year, also!  Vivere in Concordia.

Geoffrey Pickles (E72-76)



21 December 2018

Very many thanks again Bill for keeping this site going and thanks too to all the regular and not-so-regular posters who keep this old man in touch with the Windsor part of his past. Best wishes to all for a Happy Christmas and a healthy 2019.

Geoff Hern (M60 - 80)

Thanks Geoff and a Merry Christmas to you all. - Bill



22 December 2018

A terrible ommission, so far, on my part but I too would like to thank Bill for all his hard work and effort in keeping this site going.
I know it's not easy but I'm very grateful.
I have never seen the benefit of the FB thingy and, interestingly, my wife and daughter have now unsubscribed describing it as a money making, intrusive pile of carbon bibaxide.
Oh well, you pays your money and makes your choice, I s'pose.


Malcolm Graham (E60-65)


22 December 2018

Geoff thx for the Christmas card. I dip in and out of this site but really enjoy reading every posting.
Theresa and I met with Dave and Angela Hodgson in Bonny Bognor as he calls it. It's a lovely place but it was cold windy and wet , about right for November.
It's so good that friendships made 50 years ago have stood the test of time. I count myself as so lucky that I have still got regular contact with those reprobates I shared a dormitory with. With laugh so much recalling the antics of those days . I've told them a million times not to exaggerate though.
Just got back from a visit to beautiful Krakowtz . Visit amongst other sites the Schindler museum. We didn't go to Auschwitz though . I remember a school trip to BELSEN. It had a profound affect on me.
Can anyone else remember those summer term school excursions ?
Haven't quite worked out how to correct my grammar having read back this posting ? 
Merry Christmas everyone. 

Ralph Bennett (M61-68)



25 December 2018

First of all, I would like to apologise for my absence during the past few months. I have not had my best year, which began with a multiple heart bypass, followed by spinal problems and more recently PTSD (related to 6 days of hallucinations post op back in March.) I always thought that it was only American high-fliers that needed psychiatrists! Bill, you have done a sterling job in keeping this site going, especially when it looked as if it were on the verge of closure, I'm sure that all members and other contributors are very grateful, as am I. I would like to convey sincere good wishes for Christmas and the New Year to everyone that frequents the site, and hope to participate in a few more discussions during the coming year. Thank you all for being there - Jim P.S. Peter Leppard, I'm sure that your name rings a bell!

Jim Rafferty (M60-63)



27 December 2018

Hi everyone, a a belated merry Christmas to one and all. Sorry about the delay, but I've been PSJ (poorly, sick an jobby) for three days, and I'm just starting to feel better. I'd like to wish everyone, especially Bill, a happy and prosperous new year.

Ralph Czumaj (H56-58)



28th December 2018

For many years Bill Greer (Caernarvon Housemaster - late '60's) now aged 91 , has beaten me on the golf course. He always represented Shrewsbury and would proudly pronounce the score after each hole  - e.g. Shrewsbury 5- Accrington Stanley (my team) -1. Bill still beats me
(now aged 82) on the golf course.
 But the reality on the football field, for many years matching our golf scenario, has taken a dramatic turn: we have finally beaten Shrewsbury in Division One: 2-1

Mike Capey (C63-70)



31 December 2018


Izzi Forbes (E72-74)

Cheers Izzi    +1 on that.....   Bill