1 Apr 2018

    Windsor days........
    Let's here the April Fool stories......
    There has gor to be some brammers out there?

    IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)

    Apologies for delay posting - computer crash - Bill

6 Apr 2018

Only 18 posts in March but we did get a couple from Mike Capey so that's something to be grateful for. Nothing for a long time from John Fielding though and Virginia and others have gone quiet too. Let's beat that March total in April. Sebrof's request about April Fool? Can't remember anything outstanding from the Hamm days - sorry. Reassuring, but inconvenient for him of course, that Bill too suffers from the occasional computer problem - I always insist in my paranoia that computers just pick on me. Talking of modern times I discovered by chance this morning that not all cars are sold with a spare wheel anymore - weird! Dicuss!

Geoff Hern (M60-80)
6 Apr 2018

Kevin Eldridge - I have sent a message to Anne via LinkedIn informing her that you are trying to establish contact. Jim

Jim Alger (S77-80)
8 Apr 2018

Its some time since I posted an update on the history. Busy writing away.Several chapters in almost final form; rest in various stages of draft. Paul Gysin sent a nice letter which helps clear up details of the merger and closing. Just finished reading a delightful biography of Ilse Schidlof, matron from 1958 to 1983. It covers her life from a small town in Austria; her evacuation as a 15 year old as one of the first "kindertransport" Jewish refugees from Vienna in 1938, the fate of her family in the war, her time in the UK (including as a school matron) and her move to Hamm,recruited by another long serving matron,Mrs Steventon. Like the teachers of the period her salary was considerably above her UK one! She retired in Hamm and died in 2009 Her older brother also was evacuated and became a world famous viola player in the Amadeus Quartet. It's a moving book ("Keineswegs freiwillig"), available on Amazon from a German bookseller). I am still short of Concordia and Ambassador from 1970 to 1975 which is my weakest period (and yet important as it was the time the balance between boarders and day pupils changed considerably). If anyone does have copies and can take a few photos of key sections I'd be most grateful. Contact me either via Bill or on the Facebook pages.

Steve Green (C66-69)
9 Apr 2018

 In the most minor way, I might contribute to the 1970's. Long after leaving Hamm, Carole and I lived for a time in Uxbridge and one evening went to hear the Amadeus Quartet in the concert hall of Brunel University. In the interval I met Peter Schidlof in the Gents.I tried to talk to him about his sister, our beloved Matron, but he was too absorbed, famous musician as he was, in the music he was playing. He kept saying to me "Such magic, such magic!" Sorry, Steve, but I don't think this helps much!

Mike Capey (C63-70)
9 Apr 2018

Isabella Forbes, wow always thought about you,,and just by chance clicked onto the site and your name was the first I saw , what a coincidence how are you , I recall if I'm correct you were from sterling scotland, remember you running away , oh such memories , remember Lyn Oleary, Jackie and Tina baines Laura zammit kim Teagle and s few more,

Carol Harrison (E72-75)

10 Apr 2018

Well hello Carol Harrison, What a good memory you have - my dad did come from Stirling and went back there when he retired.
The only flaw in your memory is that it was my sister Jeannie who ran away - and what hell she caused me at Windsor. She is now married to Professor Sir and unfortunately hasn't changed a bit. Leopard and spots...........

Well if the grey stuff serves me correctly you were also Scottish???Furry boots do you live now?
I live in Falkirk which is about 20 minutes from Stirling - not my first choice but employment brought me here?

Has life been kind to you? I have had a mixed bag but it's all good now thank dog.

Bill and Geoff will confirm I am still a cheeky, mischievious wee rascal - toooooooo long in the fangs tomchange now.

You can ask Bill for my E-mail add if you wish - it would be good to do a catch up and it's not everything you can put in this forum (just as well or there would have been a WW3)      Hootcha

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)
11 Apr 2018

Izzy dear izzy my life has been a mixed bag like your good self, I became a nurse and worked 40 years then retired but have returned to nursing in agency, you were quite the character lol your great sense of fun and rebellion and yes I was one of those in the cellar getting the notebooks, peg leg got the best of me, married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. My son is a boxer and I am constantly resident babysitter lol, my memory does not match yours you have a brilliant memory, so good to see after so many years your name as soon as I clicked the site (fate) I'm sure, I do recall waiting at night for the phone to ring the matron going into the office to answer resulting in a few of us escaping to the floor below to visit fellow inmates,

Izzy your memory is great, yes I recall standing in the field forming the word ambassador and not lucky to have a copy of Concordia, remember the meningitis outbreak in Edinburgh house, I became a nurse a choice between professional singer but nursing served me well, I've been in a few videos television nothing major, live in Ottershaw Surrey originally from Lake District (not to far from Scotland) I have remembered a few names but yours stood out most amongst them! You were articulate and clever with a touch of the rebellious side

Your memory of events is amazing, I can't recall staff names, remember matron Schroeder and her poodle very well, Peg Leg lol, the disco's held at the house and of course the boys school , many past students have great recollections of events and names, I remember a few from E house , and the chocolate or twigs in the shoes.

Carol Harrison (E72-75)

15 Apr 2018

Just had a face to face with Nige Hoar, our first meet since 1975. Strewth he still has long hair and me, well let's just say 75 photofit does not apply. Had a quick meet hour or so due to reasons, but an hour of laughs and memories, some fresh and some perhaps suppressed. Mr Hearn, gotta thank you sir for persevering with me. I always cut to the answer, sod the working out and how I got there, but your words of advice before my O level were "Halsall for once please write down your method of getting to the answer”! I did and thankfully due to in them days my numeric dyslexia not being properly recognised or diagnosed I used to and still do when under pressure reverse numbers. I have always had that high regard for  you Mr Hearn and  your passion for the subject. I would like to think at the time we hated you for your passion but at the same time respected and took it on board, albeit we didn't or still don't recognise it.

On the minus side Sandringham House....house master well he was always hated because of his attitude to everything, he appeared power hungry to us, like some of our sixth form. Two in particular were bullies. I stood up to one but ended up on the floor, from the corridor I cursed him and told him every dog has his day!  Hamm... WBS..so many memories good , bad and indifferent but it made us all what we are. I think I am more independent, more tolerant to a certain degree and have more acceptance of other people's views, while still being true to my own beliefs and values. Rant and memory lane! closed for now.

Mr G. Hern..just to go on record..you were a great teacher, despite all the wind up merchants and the messages I have read. You perhaps back then knew my problem and realised  it, but that aside the marker of my paper did but with your advice and instructions to do what I failed to do for perhaps two to three years sunk in and nailed my O level. It put me on track to do what I wanted to  back then to do as a career. I didn't  follow that path and I have no regrets. Yes I do...not being aware of this web site sooner, so many years missed out on friendships and memories and those not with us.

 Dave Halsall (S72-75)

17 Apr 2018

Geoff Hern, regarding lack of spare tyres in new cars. My job involved daily travel by car to U.S. forces installations all over europe for fourteen years followed by more than twenty years visiting all manner of schools in Germany. I drove a total of over a million and a half kilometers during this time. I experienced two tyre blowouts that required immediate fixing. Only on one occasion did this mean using the spare!. So perhaps the argument that the car manufacturers put forward has some truth. (weight, cost, and not required anyhow). But perhaps I was just lucky!

 Ronnie Williams (M60-67)
9 Apr 2018

Just been to Shrewsbury to see Bill and Kay Greer (Bill: Housemaster Caernarvon 1965-68). Bill is 90; he beat me at golf ,as always (I'm 81)  Such great friends from the sixties. Bill became deputy head of Gatow School Berlin, and then head of leiston Middle School in Suffolk, before becoming a publican!
He and Kay had a great pub in Westleton, in Suffolk

Mike Capey (C63-70)

29 Apr 2018
Hey Ffoeg
You haven't posted since the 6th of the month.
What's happening? Did you lose your was on your morning ramble?

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)
29 Apr 2018

My name is Albert Howarth I was at the above school during the 70’s if I remember correct I was in Windsor house. If anybody remembers Albert I would love to hear from you

Mrs Howarth (????)
30 Apr 2018

Just been reading through April's posts and Geoff Hern made me put pen to paper!! Not exactly Wgs/Wbs related, more Hamm Primary school, but still relevant! Face book has a lot to answer for, particularly the small musings on here. However, it was instrumental in re connecting 6 of us last weekend after 47 years apart!! A photo on the Windsor Facebook page which I posted of Hamm Primary School's netball team in 1971 caused a lot of interest from the young girls who appeared on it. These were myself, Barbara Walker, Ann O'Barr, Anne Holliday, Jane Brindley, Kathy Cutts ,Amanda Gibbs and Claire Haynes. We actually managed to arrange a meet up of 6 of us which was nothing short of miraculous- Amanda flew in from Spain and Anne from the States. Barbara in Vietnam was sadly too far away and Ann tragically no longer with us. We congregated at my house in Derbyshire for the weekend as it was the most central spot for us all. You may recognise the names of some of these lad!
ies as their parents taught at either one or both of Wbs/Wgs in the late 60's early 70s. We spent the weekend catching up on 47 years worth of news and memories of our time in Hamm. They were special days for us all and I think it is testament to the place that after all this years, we came together as if it were yesterday. Hopefully we will repeat the reunion next year in a different venue and carry on where we left off.Happy times !!

 VirginiaStreet(Kitchen) (M71-79)