10 Oct 2017

Well here in Copenhagen, and one could be forgiven for leaving. It is a tad expensive. Having been in a trade show for 3 days I have yet to fully explore, but have set aside a day for that. It's a show conducted entirely in English, so one could imagine, apart from the bus ride to work, it is in Birmingham NEC. I thought Portuguese a struggle, happy I don't have to learn Danish to get about. Up to my eyes in Omni-Shopping and the dreaded word Millennials, those born after 1980 to whom, selfies are a sad way of life, and all marketers have to pander too. So GH consider yourself lucky to be away from Tivoli Gardens...

John Eustace (M59-62)

13 Oct 2017

Not a lot of activity at the moment - so I thought I would jump in and perhaps create some ripples!

On the Denmark subject - I went there almost 20 years ago as a union representative, to the ICEM World Women's Conference. We arrived and left from Copenhagen, but were mostly in the holiday accommodation which belonged to the hosting union - which was an all-women union (employs men, but they can't join!) - a union formed by women because the men's unions wouldn't allow them to join. So we were on the coast, with a big indoor swimming pool, holiday chalet type accommodation - had an amazing time. Earphones for simultaneous translation, so I never needed my Scandinavian/English phrasebook which I had purchased beforehand. They had said - if you have any special clothing you wear for your work, bring it with you. So I had dragged with me on the plane the gear I wore for doing safety audits on site at the coal mine, which caused a bit of a stir when I put it on and walked in. I was interviewed for Danish TV - in German, as the interviewer spoke better German than English.

I have recently uploaded a film clip from the 1995 Windsor Society reunion at Newbury on a couple of facebook sites (yes, I know - boo! hiss!) - I have another film from the 2000 event, still need to try and reduce that and upload it. When editing, it was a bit nostalgic to watch people without mobile phones, talking to each other. Also - smoking in public, which was a bit odd. Mind you, at WGS the smoking tended not to be in public, usually out of the end window of the toilets, which looked out over the swimming pool in our block!

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

15 Oct 2017

Yes, quiet indeed Pamela. Is it anything to do with G Hern Birthday boy? We should be told.Delightful but limited day in central Copenhagen to end the Danish trip. Loved the Hygge and really felt most calm with candles all around the attic AirBnB. Great hosts. Quick turn around and off to Portugal to deliver a presentation on Mentors, Advisors and N.E.D.'s to an audience of entrepreneurs backed by Portugal Ventures an arm of the government. Friday's English language rag announced the last but one Prime Minister, Socrates is being tried for embezzling 37 million Euros. Some things in sunshine southern European countries never change! It'll never get to court, it'll be talked out but take about 3 years. Meanwhile it's still a cheap date and I expect 27/28 degrees and shirt sleeve order!
So Happy pre/belated Birthday wishes Geoff Hern

John Eustace (M59-62)

16 Oct 2017

Glad you enjoyed Copenhagen John. As you probably know the Danes are very proud to be considered the happiest people in the world. Never quite saw it myself and the Hygge concept seems a bit overplayed especially by the British media. But Denmark is an obvious place for the World Women's Conference Pamela. The distaff side is always to the fore in Scandinavia. Since you brought it up John you've got the right month but the actual date is near the end. Anyway many thanks for your greetings to an old stager and have a great time in Portugal.
Let's hope that the nights drawing-in will lead to an increase in postings. Even the regulars like Sebrof, Christine, G.H., Malcolm and so on seem to be taking time off.
A question - Does anybody else have problems posting? Beloved BT have regularly told me that the site is malicious and have blocked my drivel. So poor old Bill has to do mine sometimes.

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

Form mail is just there to get all your details - no difference this end once it is received. - Bill

18 Oct 2017

Mr Hern, Yes I am still alive! Picking up thousands of leaves and conkers - plus approx 150 apples - but you know my maths - could be more or less! Nothing changes!!

Christine Willmot (M77-80)

18 Oct 2017

Hi all, Apologies for my absence - worked called!!!!!!!!!!

Malky I am GREEN with envy at you seeing the original performance of Ziggy - you LUCKY LUCKY MAN

My sister has met Yusuf Islam which also turns me GREEN as I am a big fan dating back to my Windsor days when he was Cat Stevens - music of choice in the car - 'Morning has Broken' reminds me of assembly and Miss Browns squeaky shoes..........
'the mince that goes through ma heid is nae real man'

What's happened to David Gray, et al? would love to here from them and their musical preferences? And any other contributions that would keep us bantering

Shoulders back, chin up, get typing

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)

24 Oct 2017

I have been trying for 5 months to obtain a record of my service from DBS Cheadle Hulme. They say they have no record of my time in Hamm! Has anyone else had such difficulty and, if so, what can you advise me to do?
Have great memories of our time in Germany!

Gareth Evans (C64-67)

27 Oct 2017

Does anybody else sing 'Concordia' in the shower?

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)

28 Oct 2017

Hi Ffoeg

I suggest you tell the great BT the only malicious entries on this site come from

Sebrof the Russian spy LOL X

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)

29 Oct 2017

Turning the clocks back or forward makes little difference to this old man and his dog, so we've done a fair mileage already this morning and being on holiday with family all abed gives me time to dribble across the page. Presently in Norfolk, experiencing NfN moments already. Today will be spent on Holkham beach exercising two dogs, I suspect it'll be a walk on the wild side. Someone sent me a Facebook message (I'm not a fan) BUT,as a result, I discovered a site called RAF Brats. How good is that!
Recent trips to Denmark and Portugal have only increased my workload and having just started mentoring two UEA students my dance card is nicely full until the New Year. Walking and work appear to dominate my life, but I can see, more travel aside, nothing I'd rather be doing, at this ripening age.

John Eustace (M59-62)

31 Oct 2017

Any good Halloween stories from the Windsor Days?

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)