2 July 2017

Hi, I would like to contact anyone who was a student at Windsor Boys School during 1971-1973, cheers

Mark Williams (S71-73)

3 July 2017

Good morning/evening!

Now before you say it, I know some of you are miles away and this idea might seem ridiculous BUT just in case anyone has planned a trip to Australia, I thought I'd include you in this email.

Lesley Annabelle is travelling at that time and will be in Brisbane for just one day - 2 Jan. Linda Nash (nee Wright) and Jean Douglas (nee Page) are also coming over from NZ then, and Angie Cottrell (nee Walker) from Perth is flying in on NYE.

So if anyone would like to join in, please let me know and I'll book a table somewhere! All the best - Donna x

Donna Wilson nee Williams (H61-65)

4 July 2017

Hi John Weston, I was in Caernarvon from Easter 61 (4th form),until the end of summer term (5th form),1962. I'm afraid I remember very few fellow house-mates from that time in spite of the similarity in our names.

John Watson (B61-62)

6 July 2017

An update on the history of the Windsor Schools. First many thanks to everyone who has sent me material, by post,emails as well as through Facebook and the Windsor Society.pages and Imperial War Museum and the National Archives. I have a few gaps in my collection of Concordia and Ambassador so if anyone has spare copies or can scan these most grateful: Concordia 54-63, 69-75 and 79-80; Ambassador 60-64 and 69-76. These years are also where I have least information especially 69-76 in both schools.. Stories I am missing are: experiences of day students from Soest/Werl? where did people go to school after the school closed in 83? A few more teachers stories would be nice, the WGS "strike" in 1970, school bands from skiffle to punk (any bands at WGS? I'll add a new topic from time to time over the summer before settling down to produce a text (quite possibly ti start with in a blog format so that there can be a collective approach!) Steve C66-68 E6thform 68-69

Steve Green (C66-68)

6 July 2017

Hi Steve Green, I remember a concert given in the school hall one Sunday evening, I guess sometime in 1956/7, featuring Graham Buttonshaw and his Skiffle Group. Graham was a pupil at the school but not in Sandringham.
I have just "googled" Graham Buttonshaw and he comes up as a member of the group Dr.Jazz playing Clarinet and Alto Sax - am pretty sure its the same guy.

Geoff. McPate (S53-57)

9 July 2017

Hi Steve Green.After windsor closed Both King school Gutersloh and Queen school Rheidahlen took on boarders, the boarding part of queens was called the Windsor Annex. it grew so large that after a while it became Windsor School and the name queens only existed as the name of the main education buildind. So the name Windsor lived on well after Hamm. well into 2000.

Anthony Cummings (H72-77)

9 JUly 2017

Drifting through Waterstones en route to Cornwall I came across two books not previously seen. One has to be read and enjoyed by G Hern, if not already... 'Can you solve my problems' by Alex Bellos, subtitled A casebook of ingenious, perplexing and totally satisfying puzzles,
I commend. Equally another non fiction titled Grit, not unlike Blink in the manner of things, but a different approach to examining why passion and resilience are the secrets of success. My only thought here was to wonder how many got beaten for such novel events as eating pickled onions after lights out! We sure had to be passionate about eating after lights out and resilient to a slipper! I'm not sure at 72 I'm that driven, but eh great read on the beach, it fills one with the passion and the desire not to accept NO for an answers. Somewhere in Cornwall on a mission with my dog

John Eustace (M59-62)

14 July 2017

looking for my best school mate leslie kent.we both lived at soest and went by bus daily to that great school together.sadly lost touch when returning to england.any help welcome.

William O'Connell (H71-73)

16 July 2017

When I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Leppard recently the topic of a re-union came up(as you'd expect) We agreed that, as two aging folk with time on our hands, we'd be up to organizing a 'gig' for those of us so minded. Subject to a positive response I'd be happy to join forces with like minded Windsorians and get on with it.
Action anyone?

John Eustace (M59-62)

Would be interested only if a lot of people were going from my era also where would it be? - Bill