10 Dec 2017

Second Sunday in Advent, and no postings so far this month! Everyone must be busy with their Christmas preparations, perhaps.

I remember my first Christmas Term at WGS - we had come back to northern Europe after three years in Gibraltar, and were delighted to have snow before the end of term. A highlight were the trips into town - one trip with the school, to the Pauluskirche for the carol service with the Boys' School - the church had a multi-spike star hanging down, all lit up. As usual, the choirs processed in with the first verse of "Once in Royal David's City" sung solo and unaccompanied. It started to feel a bit like Christmas!

The other trip to town was to buy presents. I always walked into town - it was quite a long walk, but it meant I could save the bus fare to spend on things. We would buy chocolates to give each other and to decorate the dining table on our last meal of the term, and presents to take home.

For me, having a German mother, I was already familiar with traditions such as Nikolaus and Advent wreaths, but possibly these were new experiences for some of the other pupils?

Another highlight of the Christmas Term was the concert - I think I was involved in most of them while I was at WGS, either performing in them, or eventually, doing the lighting and the scenery. And the added bonus that "boys" would be turning up in the school grounds for a couple of the performances!

Are there any ex-Windsors out there, lurking, waiting for someone to post the first message for December? Well, now it has been done, come and join me - the water's lovely ;-)

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

10 Dec 2017

I remember going to sing carols in town boys choir was not very good think we all a bit overcome with size of church and congregation, always loved the winter's in Germany lots of snow,think I'm a bit crazy loved the cold still do.WBS great school loved it and would go back tomorrow if it was possible not perfect but no school was teachers and pupils alike could be Bullys trick was not to let them know u scared or they pick on you more.will get to a reunion one day, Christmas not far off hope you all have a great time.

Paul Stannett (E73-75)

11 Dec 2017



Ute Jackson (StJ74-77)

12 Dec 2017

Wishing all WBS & WGS students & staff a very merry Christmas & a happy healthy new year

Bob Moore (C62-64)

14 Dec 2017

Mr Hern

Just to let you know I am still alive!! Had a visit from Martin Potts for a couple of days - all the men in my life are BUSY BUSY BUSY - just returned from Manchester where Thomas graduated with his Masters - shame he knows nothing bout Binary!!

Christine Willmott (M77-80)

18 Dec 2017

Apologies for not posting but it has become a bit of an obstacle race for me and bother for Bill too!! BT refuse to post my messages so I have to send them to Bill for posting which I am loathe to do too much. Is anybody else effected in the same way or are BT just picking on me?
Many thanks for your greetings Christine. I too am still plodding along with accent on the 'plodding' nowadays. Of course I still have very fond memories of those 20 years in Hamm. Consider myself very fortunate to have had the luck to apply to SCEA in 1960. Most of those memories were due to the students - male & female - who suffered my somewhat strange teaching methods and responded in the same vein. As well as all the contact in Marlborough and all those extra-curricular activities that I poked my nose into. Oh nostalgia! You can't beat it. My best wishes to all for a great Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

18 Dec 2017

Seasons greetings and a very happy NEW YEAR to all ex WBS AND WGS.

Dan Shuttleworth (E63-66)

18 Dec 2017

Seasons greetings to all former members of the brilliant institution that was Windsor.

John Watson (C61-62)

18 Dec 2017

Further to my post last month, my bypass operation has had to be postponed due to me catching a typically British common cold! Much as I was dreading it, I had come to terms with the fact that I was going to have my operation on Dec 8th, which would have meant that I would be home, albeit somewhat fragile, for Christmas. I get frequent calls from the cardiac unit to establish whether or not I am germ-free and able to be booked in, but as yet I am still coughing, spluttering and sneezing, so it now looks as though I will not be going under the knife until sometime early in the new year. In the interim, I will repeat my best wishes for all Windsorites to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy 2018.

Jim Rafferty (M60-63)

18 Dec 2017

To all ex Students and Staff of WBS, WGS and Windsor School, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Special thanks to Bill for all his sterling efforts in keeping this board going.

Dave Naylor (H64-H67)

19 Dec 2017

I just thought I would reassure you, Mr Hern - it's not just "you"! I have exactly the same issues, so I go "back" and re-send, and usually the second time it's okay, if not, I persevere.

Nowt wrong with a bit of nostalgia, especially this time of year! Lots of memories of Christmases past - not all happy - but I suppose schooldays were a special part of our lives, particularly as boarders - a reasonably rare experience I imagine.

I hope you have a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year, and look forward to many more "chats" on the message board in 2018, when I will probably have disappointed iZZZZi with having moved to the "wrong" part of Scotland? How lucky we are to have the Internet to stay in touch, compared with the mail delivery after lunch as we lay and rested on our beds, and the "internal" mail via the Prefects' Room! At WGS we had a payphone down the road which I used to phone my German grandmother in Dortmund. Can you imagine what Windsor would have been like with modern forms of communication - mobile phones and the like? Maybe it's looking back on that form of living that makes us so nostalgic!

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

20 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas to all X Windsorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am working and looking forward to it BIG TIME

The chippie in Carronshore is selling 'deep fried mince pies' if anybody fancies giving it a try??????????? Rumour has they are very popular - I have NOT tried one nor will I be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincere thanks to all who have kept the site running for another year

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)

21 Dec 2017

Wishing all Windsorites, pupils and staff , a very happy Christmas and a healthy New year . Thanks for keeping this site going !

Virginia Kitchen (M71-79)


22 Dec 2017

Hi Pamela, There is no 'wrong part of Scotland' because 'those green hills are my highland hills'. If my memory serves me correctly you are moving to Morayshire (hope you are prepared for the cold weather) which is just doon the road fie the Brocht? North east Scotland is home to my clan name Forbes - you should visit Cragievar Castle where you will learn my Clan history - a barbaric bunch.

The castle exhibits a painting of a young girl and I was so like her as a child 'it wid gee ye the wullies!!!!!' Down to the fact that she is embroidering a frog - as a child I loved frogs and got in BIG trouble for taking a frog into E'burg House and terrifying some boarders - as if it would harm them!!!!! I am sure Miss Maynard actually enjoyed punishing me for yet another sin against the state!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was born in Saighton camp in Chester (666 on the back o meh heid) there was a frog in the room - I swore it came to tell me I would never meet my handsome Prince.............. Then I met the Wee Broonie and I have never looked back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy bonnie Scotland and have plenty of thermals - you will need them up there

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)

23 Dec 2017

'Happy Holidays' as we'd most likely have to say if living in the U.S.of A! The New Year will find me headed to Portugal on business but with the sun and the pleasures of Lisbon very much in mind already. That aside, I have found it to be a depressing year what with Grenfell,Brexit, Trump, Macron etc, all turning the world on its head, but at least the general public (a.k.a. ME)appear to be saying enough is enough and challenging the same old, same old. If I might recommend a serious read, WTF by Robert Peston, is a very sober work. But for the Ladies over the border allow me to suggest reading 'Love of Country' A Hebridean Journey by Madeleine Bunting. Maybe the best travel book in many years, especially if you are from Scotland or headed that way...
Here's to a less fractious, happy, healthy, prosperous New Year

John Eustace (M59-62)

24 Dec 2017

Wishing everyone a great Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Long may this site reign, and thanks a million for keeping it going. All the very best.

Ralph Czumaj (H56-58)

24 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas to you all, hope you have a great time and a prosperous New Year.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

28 Dec 2017

Lang may yer lums reek fur we're aw Jock Tamson's bairs.

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)