01 August 2017

Hi Pamela & Malkie Thank you for your wee notes above.

Glad to hear Malcolm is ready to battle on and keep the WBS side up for another year - Concordia, Concordia

I have always been told I'm 'wee and wiry' - some bits have gone rusty with use worsened by the Scottish weather and the copper bits were hawked for scrap value!!!!!!

Seriously folks - I have been in hossie 5 or 6 times lately (passionate about ambulances - NOT) - turns out I have an infection - have to go back in a few weeks - if the infection is still there I will get intravenous antibiotics!!!!!!!!!!!! That will only be good if Meatloaf administers them with his rocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where's Ffoeg these days? Any words of wisdom for this rusty hen? LOL iZZZZZZZZZZZZZi

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)

02 August 2017

Bill Greer. Housemaster of Caernarvon in the 1960's, will celebrate his 90th birthday this friday, August 4th.
Any messages you leave on this site I will pass on to him- as I will be seeing him very shortly

Mike Capey (C63-70)

03 August 2017

Happy Birthday Mr Greer! You won't remember me but I believe you were the Headmaster of Gatow School, Berlin during my time there in 1969 - 1970 prior to me moving on to WGS. Time flies.

Lynn Waller-Cotterhill (StJ70-72)

03 August 2017

Please Mike pass on my congratulations to Bill. That's some milestone. He may remember me!!
John have not got around to your Bellos book yet although I can thoroughly recommend his 'Alex's Adventures in Numberland' from 2010. As the New Statesman reviewer wrote 'I would urge all those who are innumerate and proud of it to read this brilliant book and think again - maths is human, quirky and fun'. Perhaps he was thinking of Christine as he wrote that. And talking of that favourite ex-maths student of mine I await a report upon how the trip to the Black Forest went - she must be back by now.
And Sebrof you should have got my email by now. I hope that the medics have sorted things out by now and that you are soon back old non-rusty self.
Now to express my ignorance. What does LOL mean? Lots of laughs? Lots of love? Or? Please enlighten this oldie.

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

03 August 2017

Good evening Ffoeg, I have received your e-mail - apologies for not answering yet - am I getting a detention sir?

LOL = lots of love and laughs because they go well together...........

Don't tell Miss Beatson because she may not cope with the shock - I went for a Nordic walking lesson today and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I am trying to build up some physical and mental strength to help fight the infection and improve my general health. I expect to feel like I did 10 rounds with Giant Haystacks tomorrow........ Gee-zee peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apparently you can get a walking app which allows you to chose where to walk and shows up where you have supposed to have been and the places of interest you would have past on your travels - wonder if they have the Sauerland on it?!?

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)

04 Aug 2017

Hello Mike, please pas my wishes on to Mr Greer ( although I don't know if he will remember me)

Robert (Bob) Moore (C62-64)

06 Aug 2017

Hello Mr Hern - Black Forest was fabulous - really quiet but that suits us - booked the car in advance but when we got to Basle, they wanted an extra 1500 Swiss francs on a credit card only - which we do not have. So no car - but walked., took trams, bus, trains which was fine - provably saw more!! And the weather was scorching. Went to Frieburg, Trieburg, Strasbourg and several local villages

Christine Willmott (M77-80)

06 August 2017

Please pass birthday wishes on to Bill Greer, he would definitely remember my father, PMK , house master Marlboro 1962-1981.

Virginia Street (M71-79)

08 August 2017

Geoff Hern, thank you, your book recommendation duly purchased in time for a Granddaughters birthday gift. I recall the then Head of Operations at the CEGB using the electricity generators computer, the size of a house, to plot what numbers to use on greyhound racing betting, such to discover #2 & 5 was far and away the best combination and made a small fortune. I nearly always bet on 9-1 e.w. odds in horse racing on the grounds it has long odds but a very good chance (I can here you asking 'so what about 25-1 shots') I'm quietly up with this, but an algorithm for this would surely help if you've got a moment Now that's good use of maths!

John Eustace (M59-62)

17 August 2017

Just thought I would pass on the very sad news to my Caernarvon House fellow students that Polly Birkby, Brian's wife has passed away. My deepest condolences to Brian and James.

Dai Newman (C66-71)