01 April 2017

John Lynch I remember you well!!

Martin Potts is a godfather to my eldest son and is and working in Singapore. Sean Magee is retired after 25 years in the Met Police. Dave Edmondson lives on the south coast and still in insurance.

Spoke to Tony Parslow - is ok. Christine

Christine Willmott (M77-80)

02 April 2017

Hi there Chris Crawford, So we were at the two schools at the same time and in the same House. Nice of you to remember me.

You must remember all the House Socials we had in the "attic" of your House and our Day Room or our Main Hall. How embarrassing were they.

Remind me of some of the stories, if you get time.

Dave Naylor (H64-67)

04 April 2017

Both I, (obviously), and my brother Alan are still going strong. I am a prisoner of UK Plc due to doctor's orders, but my brother is ensconced in tropical luxury in the far East.
I will return to Kenya as soon as I have been reassembled. Taking a while though.
Pity that the schools are gone. Great pity..

My sister Avril is flourishing. Now lives in Holland, but travels the world economic hot-spots on a weekly basis.
Robert Nicholson was trying to find photos, etc of the old depot on the way to Maximillian coal mine. His father worked there.

Wayne Barnes (B64-66)

Forgot to add a big hello and keep going to Mr Hern. He must have worked out the equation to eternal existence.
May I have a copy too?

09 April 2017


This one is for you G.H. Hope it works! Now should that be work's?!
Here we are still on punctuation tests some 54 years later. I blame that guy Robertson!

Just to show my enthusiasm for improvement Geoff Hern, I scored 8/10 on the test!

Talking of results of our time, I noticed recently that former boarding school pupils give an appearance of eating formal meals more quickly than others. Is this a case of use it or lose it? I do recall Bromley as head of my first table 'encouraging' us to pass the plates in his direction, if there was any sign of residual food!

John Eustace (M59-62)

11 April 2017

Hi Kevin Murkin (B73-74)

Just took a peep and noticed your name which I do remember. I also remember Guy and Roy Bird. I used to play footie alot with Guy after school especially trying to reproduce that great save by Gordon Banks in the 1970 world cup. Do you remember Mark Votier. His father was stationed at Laarbruch. My Bruv is still playing the guitar. Also remember Monty Walsh as he was a good drummer, and we both demolished Mr Dudley's snare drum one afternoon in the maths block whilst playing along to my brothers guitar playing.

Ian Craigmyle (B72-74)

13 April 2017

Hi Ian, So chuffed to see your post. Having only spent a short year at Windsor, I really had given up hope of anybody remembering me at all. I last saw Guy and Roy when I was invited to Roy's wedding in Norwich. A great day for a great Dorm mate. I would love to hear from Roy again but sadly lost contact. I am struggling to put a face to Mark Votier though. Was he the same year as you? I do recall your good self, always cheerful, smiling and confident. As for Monty, I do recall a small wager he had with me. My father had just been posted to Laarbruch from RAF Fairford where Concord was just finishing it's trails prior to going into production. Monty bet me ?5 it would never go commercial - I will let history leave it as a gentleman's bet as I reckon with interest with an outstanding settlement.........! I did google Graham and noticed that he was still playing and living at High Wycombe which is good news. If only my sister-in-law Yvonne Darling (When she was a WGS), had informed me earlier about the Windsor web site, I would have looked Graham up. My wife is from nearby to Graham. Going back to the 2010 posts I also see that you are north of me in Calne. I am living down South on the Jurassic coast in sunny Dorset and have been since leaving home and Hamm in 75.

Kev Murkin (B73-74)

17 April 2017

So glad the site is still up and running!
Well done and thanks to all those concerned
Sincerely Fond memories and regards

Graham Keil (B71-74)

17 April 2017

I was watching Glee yesterday (until now, a very guilty secret I have). On came the episode where they do covers of the album 'Rumours'. I said to my wife that I had never owned a copy of it. I didn't need to because, at the time, every dorm seemed to have at least one copy, if not more. Putting aside my tightness with money, was I right, and if so, was this the album of our generation? Were there other albums at other times that had such an impact?

John Garnett (H77-79)

19 April 2017

John - I remember you well. Cast you mind back to Status Quo,Grease, Saturnight Fever, Kiss, The Degrees,The Bee Gees,Eagles,Queen,Pink Floyd,Van Halen,The Clash, Iggy Pop,Bob Marley - I could go on forever.!!!

Christine Willmott (M77-80)

19 Apr 2017

Christine, I'll go on from before ever :) - Chuck Berry, The Shadows, The Chantays, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Who, The Kinks, Booker T and the MGs, Bo Diddley, Little Richard and not forgetting The Sensational Alex Harvey and his SOUL Band. I will refrain from going on and on, too.

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

ps .oh dear, brain fade set in. Please add Bob Dylan at the top of the list!

21 April 2017

Hi all, As May approaches I was thinking about those swarms of flying beetles we used to be plagued with - May Bugs!!!!! Do we get them in Britain? Is this due to climate change?????

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)

26 April 2017

Last night I met with Ron 'Chopper' Harris, Captain of the 1970 Chelsea F.A Cup winning side. I've always said a true blue was one who could name the Chelsea team that replay night. I suspect Geoff H could do that.
I took my soon to be 8 y.o. Grandson to the match against Southampton as his birthday treat and his first live match. So cementing family loyalty to the Blues since my father started supporting Chelsea in 1930.
What do the Jesuits say 'give me a child at seven and he's mine for life' Job done!

John Eustace (M59-62)

27 April 2017

Did some research on the May Bugs - they had declined due to insecticides but changes in legislation mean they are due to make a big comeback!!!! Yeeehaaaarrrrrrr

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)

28 April 2017

Olive Wright I remember you, do you remember me?

Peter Ashton (B53-56)

30 April 2017

Izzzi may bugs were awful - I member them well - huge and frightened me to death in the bathrooms

Christine Willmott (M77-80)

30 April 2017

Hi Christine, The worst thing about the May Bugs was coming back from prep block and running across the hockey pitch. You would find dead bugs stuck to the paths in the morning because they had secreted some fluid. Rumour had it that if they got into your hair you had to get them cut out. They still give me nightmares!!!!!!!!!!

I hate the windows being closed and I have got a fine mesh over them to stop the spiders getting in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IzzzzI Forbes (E72-75)