03 Sep 2016

I don't know about anyone else,the beatles were part of my school life.when the pop explosion happened,ie beatles,stones,dc5,ect.life became better because of the music.attitudes changed for the better.i taught myself to play guitar,which came in handy in my forces days.now theyre showing "Eight days aweek" at most cinemas for one night only.ill wait for cd to come out and then transported back to the early 60s

George Coughtrey (S61-64)

04 Sep 2016

In the couple of years I have met up with Walker Graham , over from Canada, Tony Parslow up in Lincolnshire and Anna Riddle , daughter of Dave Riddle, who passes through Pembroke with Horses.
It nice to see Mt Hern still churning out the abbreviations ( WALOC HVM etc) They are firmly routed in my memory...unlike the maths :-)

Dennis Reeves (E78-81)

06 Sep 2016

Hello Dennis, I bumped into Tony Parslow on my 21st birtday!! I was walking down into Sleaford High Street, Lincs, when a car pulled up next to me and he jumped out shouting 'that's Christine Law'!! I did keep in contact with him for quite a while after that but I think he got posted abroad and we lost touch. I knew him well as he was a good friend of Sean Magee who I was 'going out' with at the time!! If you are in contact with him, please say hello for me.

Christine Willmot (M77-80)

09 Sep 2016

Hope that the mini-Marlborough (+ Caernarvon guest?) reunion in Swindon went well. Waiting for a posting about it!
Glad that you remember the acronyms Dennis but it seems that you are like Christine as far as maths is concerned. Did I waste my time all those years ago I wonder? However she has kept her maths books to remind her of those fun days which I suppose is something to be grateful for.
Anybody remember the WGS/WBS rambles of the 1970's with Terry Lake, Joyce Barker often joined by other staff. Alan Hughes, Ken Leighton for example?

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

10 Sep 2016

I have only just found this web site, have very happy memories of my time at windsor. the names I remember are Anne Corbett Monica Edwards Lesley Annabell and Peggy Toyne it seems cannot join society on line is there another way?

Eva Elizabeth Dempsey (H60-64)

10 Sep 2016


No you did not waste your time - in life it is horses for courses - mine was obviously not Maths like Dennis!! However, I intend to get my Maths books framed - brings back huge memories that I can share and laugh about with the 'boys' that despair along with my husband......

Christine Willmot (M77-80)

12 Sep 2016

Hi Eva, if you remember Lesley Annabel you may remember me as your name is very familiar. Lesley and I email each other 3-4 times a year and have caught up on her last two trips to Australia. My email address is on this site or I am happy for Bill to pass it on.

Ellen Brandon-Warnaby (B59-62)

13 Sep 2016

Our current webhost will be closing down at the end of September so I am in the process of transferring the site to a new host. Its not something I do every day so if it goes wrong the site may go down for a bit - don't panic it will be back as soon as I can sort it out.

Bill Craswell

14 Sep 2016

Iff yoo get it wrong Bill, yoo vill be sent to the Schtudy for ze Schlipper, verstehst?

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

lol - well if it does go dark then try looking here - http://liamtho.com/windsorsociety.org.uk

15 Sep 2016

Eva as Ellen has said we have met up, would love to be in touch with you. I'm not a member any more so not to sure if my message will be passed onto you

Lesley Annable (B60-63)

Would be happy to pass on your email but Eva Elizabeth Dempsey did not include hers in her post - Bill

17 Sep 2016

All seems to be ok now and on the new host.


17 Sep 2016

I just wanted to thank you, Bill, for keeping this site and message board going - much appreciated! (smiley face) It does offer a different "service" than the facebook sites, and I know there are some who prefer this and don't do the "other". Imagine what life at Windsor would have been like if we had the communication systems we have now, and social media? Mind you, we did quite well with the "internal mail" via the Prefects' Room, not that any one sent me any post from the Boys' School. Never mind.

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

Thanks Pamela, the difference is like digital vs film photography - you have to wait for your work to appear here !

18 Sep 2016

I'd like to add my thanks to Bill for keeping this site going. It must be very time consuming. I still have not ventured on to Facebook - probably due to the caution about privacy and dislike for change that old age brings. Maybe I will one day but I really like my daily check upon Bill's site. Many regular contributors and then suddenly an unexpected posting!!

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

Thanks Geoff

18 Sep 2016

Exactly wot Sir says!
Thanks Bill and I too will not use facebook for the same reasons.

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

19 Sep 3016

I look in on this site every few months...always amazed at how well people remember their time at WBS...such detail!! I sometimes see a name I remember well....Bill being one, being in the same dorm for a year(14 I think). Maybe it is me...but didn't this site have lots more photos? I have a few from my Caernarvon days if needed...
Anyway...glad to see GH my old maths teacher is still active on here....I particularly remember him from when he took the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme....he probably looks different now lol.

Tony Jobber (C62-67)

19 Sep 2016

Hi again fellow Windsorites, I have been absent for a wee while due to 2 bereavements, but now that everything is sorted and they are laid to rest, life, as they say, goes on. On the subject of Facebook, i do use it. I originally took up using FB as an aid to my photographic business, and have found many old RAF friends and school friends who use it, so it is a handy way of staying in touch. It does not, however, compare with the privacy of this group. I would also like to express my thanks to Bill for his hard work and dedication in maintaining this site, and for overseeing a trouble free transfer to it's new home.

Jim Rafferty (M60-63)

20 Sep 2016

I seek help with my history of the Windsor schools (and thanks for everyone who has contributed so far). I'm curious about the final years, from 1979 to final closure in 1983. When did people know the schools were merging and then closing? Concordias in 1980 and 1982 are very useful. Geoff Hern's valedictory piece in summer 1980 mentions the forthcoming merger but not closing but by summer 82 the head had left WBS, the girls had moved into the middle block in WBS and the school rolls were falling and many teachers leaving. Any news, background etc more than welcome!! Who was the Head in the last year after Gysin left? Thanks again!!

Steve Green (C/E 66-69)

20 Sep 2016

I too would like to add my thanks and appreciation to Bill for his valuable support in more ways than just keeping the Windsor site going. It's his support behind the scenes and never to busy to shoot back a quick email.

Ellen Brandon-Warnaby (B59-62)

21 Sep 2016

Brain Birkby (Housemaster Caernarvon , c. 1968-72? recalls the closure ceremony , I think in 1983 in the Assembly Hall at the (former) WBS. This was attended by boys and girls, as well as staff and former staff?) and during the proceedings the final student leavers left, one by one, or in groups. Brian was saddened when a lone boy, the final scholar of Windsor school, left without any acknowledgement, or anyone indeed noticing(?) WHO WAS HE?
Brian might know. (This must surely figure in the final chapter of you book, Steve!!)

Mike Capey (C63-70)