02 June 2016

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, I just wanted to go out with girls and have fun throughout my school life. Mr Clarke, Mr Kitchen and Mr Hern may or may not agree. I did try college but girls got in the way, never my fault you will note. I did however accidentally end up in the RAF for 12 years and then accidentally went into higher education, then into (accidentally) the consulting world for the past 24 years and have done reasonably well. More importantly, I have three healthy grown up children and two even healthier grand children, Ive also been married for 35 years. No complaints on my side, with only 4 years to go before I intend retiring, this is one happy ex WBS attendee and yes I do count myself lucky, fortunate and privelaged to have lived such a life

Tony Reilly (M73-76)

02 June 2016

People tell me that I am lucky, well I am not lucky, just lazy, because I retired at 45. I did all my O levels with the minimum of effort but passed them all. I joined the RAF because they let me play with aircraft and even paid me to play! I joined the civil service for a couple of years and then thought that all I ever wanted to do was to retire and ride motorbikes, so I did. I now sit here in the south of France with a garage full of motorbikes and am living as a time millionaire on a small pension. Money does not interest me as I have enough to live on and life is great. I do miss Germany though. My mum was German, I spent my childhood there including WBS. I did two tours there with the RAF and my German is still as fluent as it was at school. The French is coming on after the last twelve years too.

Bob Thompson (M69-74)

07 June 2016

80th birthday greetings to Mike Capey. Instilled me a love of history which is still with me! (Time to write the history of WBS/WGS, more later)

Steve Green (C66-68, E68-69)

09 June 2016

Hello to my old sandringham and Kensington houses mates.now fully down sized to a top floor flat.(only 4 flats in the courtyard)very villagey,Carol and I love it.ready for messages.George

George Coughtrey (B61-64)

09 June 2016

Hi Folks

I am going to be giving a talk at an event in the autumn about the impact of moving homes so often on children in the forces (along with a person who talks about the impact of boarding school). I think that boarding experience is very different for children who already move around a lot.

I would love to hear any comments you may have - how did it impact on you as an adult - good and bad? How has it resourced you for dealing with the world, and how has it inhibited you?

If you prefer comments not to be on a public forum, please do contact me direct.

All the best Cathy

Cathy Towers (C71-74)

13 June 2016

Hello Mr Hern ( spelt correctly)............... Just to let you know that I celebrate my 53rd birthday on 25/06/16...just to make you feel old!!

Thomas is in Borneo teaching at the moment - has completed his scuba diving qualification - then flies to Singapore to spend a week with Martin Potts and his family - no doubt will be spoilt. Then home to commence his Masters in September.

James comes home next week after completing his 2nd year at unni in London. Obviously they both take after me....................
My husband has just completed his 3rd triathlon all for cancer research, at 56 he did well - thinks he is David Beckham - just l;ike maths, I took a back seat and took the photos!!

Christine Willmott(Law) (M77-80)

13 June 2016

I've only just found this site although I first went to a Windsor reunion in 1964 at Mecca ballroom in London.I have a photo somwhere! Anyway, I was sad to see a post in 2013 about the death of Crispin Brangwyn Jones. I lived in Hamm and babysat Crispin and his twin brother Tudor. Tudor died at the age of 5 and is buried in the plot next to my father in the Hannover Military Cemetery. My sister and I visited it last month as my dad would have been 100 and thought about the Jones family as well as our own loss.

Bit of a morbid post ! Interesting to read all the others though.

Joyce Pedersen ( Robertson) (E60-63)

13 June 2015

Thanks, Steve. That was amongst the best 80th birthday presents I got.

Mike Capey (C63-70)

23 June 2016

Have a great birthday on Saturday Christine. 53 eh? Seems a long time since those happy days in Room 8. I think you'll agree that we 1980 leavers were a vintage lot. I expect your 'lads' will spoil you and that you deserve it.
I could say that 53 is an interesting number but that would be mentioning sums again. Sorry.

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

24 June 2016

You're right Geoff.
Herbie, The Love Bug, VW Beetle sported the number 53.
Interesting, eh?

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

30 June 2016

Apropos the Joyce Pederson (Robertson) E60-63 posting in June. The memory of Crispin and Tudor and their parents Brangwyn and Greta Jones remains indelible. I know the cemetery having officiated at the burial of Tudor. You might like to get in touch?
Congratulations and all good wishes to my old friend and former colleague Mike Capey who has lately joined the ranks of the octogenarians! Tempus fugit. Carpe diem!
Malcolm Graham (E60-65) and John Oliver (E60-64) might like to get in touch?!

Rev John Fielding (B61-69)