Just visiting again... housebound which is a bore. I see Mr Hern is still powering away; sustained by nothing more than the mystery numbers. Far better than my diet of medicines...

Brother Alan, and sister Avril continue to thrive.. will add more when leg is better

Wayne Barnes (B64-66)


I remember Brian Terry as Headboy during my time at school.
Does anyone know what became of him after Windsor and in later life?

Geoff. McPate (S53-57)

12 July 2016

Hello Geoff - Thank YOU for email - had a great time in Croatia and the house was reasonably intact on our return!!!
Thomas had a great time with Martin in Singapore - completely spoilt - how great after AL his time that he has the time to spend with him. And I will work out the 53 equation.........

Christine Willmott(Law) (M77-80)

21 July 2016

Rob Sherrell(sp?) was Head boy when I first joined in 63. Thought he was a young member of staff, very impressive stature and manner. Rumour that he had a serious car accident, was this true? Then my minds a blank until Mike Sheard in my final year, 68. Marlborough had many impressive seniors in my time, Tim Gad, Roger Holyoake, Bernard Redwin, Alex Coren, Cal Butcher, Don Pearson. Head of house during Gad's time was Ron, sadly can't recall his surname, really nice guy. I remember two nice guys who didn't stay long but were impressive characters, Steve Spence and Barry Garfitt(sp?). Ralph Bennet has a much better memory, no doubt we will look back fondly at our mini reunion in August. Good wishes to all.

Dave Hodgson (M63-68)

24 July 2016

I believe Dave Hodgson means Ron Lancaster.His appraisel of the Seniors is all just a personal opinion.Why didn't you mention Daffy Mehigan or Flash Baxter.Could someone tell me where Donald and Brian Pearson are please.

Alan Pembroke (M62-65)

25 July 2016

Fair comment. I had been to too many schools and have no meaningful memories from early years so when I arrived at WBS in Sept '63, I was impressed by senior pupils, especially in my early years. Yes I did mean Ron Lancaster. I remember Flash Baxter, a character, I thought he was either in my year group or one above so I didn't see him as a 'senior'. Haven't heard anything about Brian Pearson, but I understand Don lives somewhere in Hampshire. I'll try and find out more when I meet with some Marlborough boys on 23August.

Dave Hodgson (M63-68)

30 July 2016

My belated 80th birthday greetings to Mike Capey. With Steve Green, my great love of history is much due to the teaching and enthusiasm of MC - particularly his advice to read 19th century novels in order to get a real sense of the time. I would love to get in touch with him again - how can this be done?

Bill Gent (Dr) (E67-69)

I will send your email to Mr Capey - BillC