5 Feb 2016

I remember journey on train through East Berlin. Does anyone remember Pam Turner, Peta Fenner and Teri, can't remember surname? Xxx

Sharon Gallazi (Davis) (C72-74)

12 Feb 2016

hi,my name is Mick Prince im the one in caenarvon house football team.top far left.

Mick Prince (C60-64)

Ahhh from my own house & era and I remember your name too Mick - Bill Craswell

17 Feb 2016

Can anyone from the Windsor Girls School remember a young lady by the name of Rosemary White. I think she was in Balmoral between 1963 to 1965.

Peter Robertson (B63-65)

18 Feb 2016

Hello there to my old dorm mate Gerry Mills, Bob Nicol and Mike Downey.
Ive still got pics of you. Bob compete with your birthday cake taken with available (candle) light- a bit orange- tinted circa 1966 methinks.
and one group pic. of Gerry with three others including Pete Larner. Amazing to think that was now all 50 years ago. Very best wishes from Deutschland!.

Ronnie Williams (M60-67)

20 Feb 2016

Ronnie Williams!! Great to hear from you. You might also remember Ralph Bennett, Paul Sayers and Paul Clay? Last year I met-up with Paul Clay (here in the US) and Paul Sayers (in England). We (Gerry Mills too) are all in touch with each other. I imagine living in Germany your deutsch is pretty fluent! I remember it was good at school! Best wishes to you.

Michael Downey (M65-68)

25 Feb 2016

It's been a bit of a quiet year so far, and 10 weeks of almost non-stop rain in South Wales has all but washed out my memory!
Living close to the River Taff, which is less than 20 yards from my front door, brought back my memories of the floods in Hamm, which caused an early exodus just before Christmas 1960. One occasion that stands out for me was the summer fete, when I managed to secure an endless supply of ice cream from the head chef for my stall.(Maybe all of this rain is making me think of summer I had the good sense to make certain that it was at the main entrance to the sports fields, and as it was a hot, sunny day, took a fortune at 20pfg per cone. Sadly, my parents could not attend, as Dad was based in Herentals, Belgium, and Mum had recently produced a new baby brother. What, if any, activities did the rest of you participate in at the fetes?

Jim Rafferty (M60-63)

25 Feb 2016

I regret to announce that in the early hours of Monday 15th February 2016, my good friend and former Caernarvon boy Mike Price passed way. Following long-term health issues, Mike slipped away peacefully whilst listening to some of his favourite music by Queen.

The funeral will be held at 12:00 noon on Friday 4th March at South Lincolnshire Crematorium, Gosberton Road, Surfleet, Lincolnshire PE11 4AA. This will be followed by a wake at the Mermaid Inn, 2 Gosberton Road, Surfleet, Spalding , Lincolnshire, PE11 4AB.

Mike specifically requested no flowers but for donations to go to charity. There is a page set up on "www.funeralzone.co.uk" for comments and pictures from Mike's friends."

Mick Hughes (C74-77)