2 June 2015

Hi Jim, we lived at 99 St Waldestrudestrat{not sure if I have spelt that correctly}. It was also a hiring,next to the bread cookie factory.With five brothers and two sisters no married quarter could handle us.Even in the hiring there was not enough bedrooms so my dad converted the coal bunker under the house into a bedroom for me and brother Roy. We used to swim in the canal and board some of the barges for a ride.
Fun days likewise at Windsor.

Peter Robertson (B63-66)

14 June 2015

Hello to Ralph Czumaj, at last someone who attended Windsor at the same time as me
and who I remember very well, because I had a huge crush on you! Have since got
over it so don't panic! I left in the summer of 58. In 1965 I was driving through
Germany with my husband and saw the sign for Hamm and on impulse we went to
see the school only to discover it was now for boys the girls having been moved
to what used to be the Army barracks. The memories came flooding back the
moment I drove through the gates, I'm sorry to hear that Windsor is no more it's the
only school I have happy memories of.

Vivienne Stevens nee Kearney (H56-58)

16 June 2015

Nigel Hoar - April post on nicknames. The history teacher we called Shakespeare (pointed beard etc) was PJ Carey. Ken Leighton was caalled the Vulture because of some resemblance as he flapped down the aisle in chapel in his gown for assemblies and my Dad, Padre Brindley was sometimes known as the Hedgehog for his spiky haircut or more often the Devil Basher.

Simon Brindley (E69-75)

18 June 2015

Hi Vivienne,
It's great to hear from you. You seem to have done exactly the same stint as me. I too have great memories of those times, as I moved from being a 13 year old 'git' to being a 15 year old. I can vaguely remember your name, but then again, I can't even remember the names of most people in my classes! I will ask Bill to offer you my email address, and then perhaps we can have a longer 'conversation', and exchange memories of those days. Once again, it's lovely to know that us fellow travellers are still going strong(ish)! All the very best in the meantime. Ralph. (Over 'ere - Roman).

Ralph Roman Czumaj (H56-58)

18 June 2015

Hi Ralph, Nice to hear from you, I too don't remember everyone from those days, but I still have the Summer 1958 Concordia which I kept only because I got mentioned in
the Inter House sports section for being the winner for Cricket Ball throwing, can't
tell you how chuffed I was about that! I would very much like to keep in contact,
so Bill you have my permission to pass my email address onto Ralph.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Vivienne

Vivienne Stevens nee Kearney (H56-58)

21 June 2015

I look in on this site from time to time. A while ago, I noticed Ian (Roger) Turner had posted a message, but can't for the life of me remember when it was. If you see this message Ian, I hope you're well. It would be good to re-establish contact.

Ivan King (C72-75)

24 June 2015

Hi, Paul Simmers, great to hear from you! No, don't do facebook, used to, but came off. Know my youngest brother paul tried contacting you on facebook when dad died, so cud let yr mum n dad know. Mum has since had contact with them . Hope you and family are well X

Sue Wilson (M75-78)