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09 Jan 2015

Thank you for this website! Just found it ...I spent 3 happy years at WBS! My crowning glory during this time was winning the Best Actor Award in the combined schools Art / Drama competition for a leading role in a play named "The Crimson Coconut" Anyone remember this or me ...please get in contact.
I was also on the school football team, cricket team and gymnastics team. Marlborough House Gold / Black colors. Went from here to Singapore for 3 years...great memories. I still have my last annual report...I will post it later on.

Terry Lynch (M62-65)

14 Jan 2015

I remember you Terry Lynch, doubt you'll remember me, I couldn't do flik flaks down the corridor in full school uniform, what really sticks in my mind is Dave "Ringo" Roberts walking into class and saying in poetic welsh tones, haff an hour Powditch, Lynch and Buckley. Hope you are well and happy new year to all concordians.

Mick Powditch (B64-69)

14 Jan 2014

Hi all and welcome to 2015, well done bill C keep up the good work. The question I have is for Marlborough house inmates. I am trying to find a good high res copy of the Marlborough house school photos 74/75/76. The ones that I have found so far on here and on different Facebook groups have very little clarity and you can't zoom in. The Concordia mag of 75/76 had good photos but with a dot matrix type printer the quality is low. So if anyone has an original photo and could scan it to this or the FB pages that would be great. Pounding the corridors of Marlborough as so long ago, but sometimes it's like it was only yesterday and nothing brings you back there as quick as a good old tune on radio 2. Gez " gillers" Gilmer.

Gerard Gilmer (B73-77)

16 Jan 2015

Jenni Nickols I remember you and Lauren Gibbs I have a photo of you still . I was Su Turner in Hillsborough x

Suzy Turner (H64-71)

17 Jan 2015

Paul Sheldon left a message in sept 2002. Have you got a sister called Dawn as she was my best friend at WGS. I was at wgs school for 3years from 1973 to 1976. I was a day pupil and lived in werl and remember getting the school bus in every day. I was 11 when I started there. I remember our english teacher mr cole with his shiny bald head and moustache! I was best friends with Dawn Sheldon. I was in Caernarvon house and loved the school dinners.

Alison Taylor was Vale (C73-76)

17 Jan 2015

I have been reading, with interest, some of the posts of old school chums and teachers from my time at WBS.
My time at WBS was not without the occasional experience of pantoufle de chambre sur mon derriere, administered in the main by a certain Mr Geoff (Nicknamed "Hairy") Hern in respect of my nocturnal transgressions.
I absolutely loved the school, and, despite having a warm backside on numerous occasions, the staff.
I was a "B" stream student, and learned much of what would be of use to me in later years at this establishment.
It was with a heavy heart that I left WBS when my father was posted to Malta, and, academically, Tal Handaq School was on a totally different "Comprehensive" syllabus, causing me to lose interest in some of my previously favourite subjects.
I would have loved to be able to sign up to this society, but see that you no longer accept any new blood.
This allows me to read, but not to respond to, existing comments.
One of the things that has bugged me for years is:- Who was the teacher that was building a huge computer? I seem to recall that it was in the same building as the piano lessons were given, but, for the life of me, cannot put a name to the person that inspired me to ultimately do my MSc in Computer Studies at the tender age of 46!
Any clues would be much appreciated.

Jim Rafferty (M 60-63)

17 Jan 2015

Robert Hankin. Your name rings some bells, especially that you were also in the model railway club, as was I, in the basement of our block!
I spent many a happy hour in that room, pulping papier mache and squashing it onto chicken wire to create the scenery.
I was also in a film club, playing the lead role in a production loosely titled "The New Boy", and remember spending countless hours standing at the main gates whilst the camera operator shot some stop-motion animation of the gates, apparently, opening by themselves. Those were the days :)
Mr Geoff Hern, you would probably remember my younger brother Tom (sadly deceased) rather than me, as he was an outstanding athlete and footballer, although no less a mischief maker?
My high spot was when I was conned into performing at a school concert, in front of a packed assembly hall, dressed in a kilt, playing the piano accordion and singing a comedic Scottish song called "The Heeland Chorus"
When I was introduced, I walked up to the mic, which was about a foot above my head, so a teacher promptly got a box for me to stand on in order that I could sing into it.
Halfway through the first verse, the mic dropped about a foot, and I had to double up in order to regain vocal clarity!
The audience were in stitches, I suppose they thought it was part of the act, whereas i was quite red with embarrassment as I thought it had made me look stupid.
I must have liked it though, as I spent the past 50 years performing in a variety of musical combos, although I changed my instrument from accordion to guitar & bass guitar :)
Blame Hank Marvin and The Beatles for that :)

Jim Rafferty (M60-63)

20 Jan 2015

Hi all, Kingo here (as dubbed by the late Mr. Ball). Fond memories of my time at Windsor. My housemasters were Mr. Scott and Mr. Bryce - Mr. Hern took me for Maths - why was A Level so much harder than O Level? I used to share a dorm with Jim Alger (who has posted on here). I guess a lot of folk are on FB now - I'm not. I am still in touch with John Lynch (now in the USA) and did hook up with Bill(y) Blair years ago. I remember Vernon Johnson and Tiny Mcdermott, who once outsprinted me at the end of a 1500M - he was over 6feet as a 3rd year! Also fond memories of the Girls and Saturday discos, I think I went out with several for less than a month....Jayne Greedy! The school slang was unique - boggy duty anyone? Any reunions planned?

Andy King (S78-80)

20 Jan 2015

Yes Jim, believe it or not, I remember both of you. I can only apologise for the slippering. As a greenhorn I accepted it as part of boarding school life but grew to question it long before it was banned under the Mike Wylie regime. Mick Schofield, then Pete Kitchen, must have been housemasters in your time. Other names I remember from those early days were Ian Scaife and Ronnie Williams who must have been your peers with, as seniors, Evans, Govier, Leggatt, the Goad brothers, Pappadakis, Grimes and so on. Not bad eh after over 50 years!!?
By the way the computer builder was probably Head of Maths Granville Watson (nicknamed Pud). He left in 1965, I think.

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

20 Jan 2015

Just had a look at the site after a few months- lo and behold more names from the dim and distant! Hello to Gerry Mills, Terry Lynch (I was Nitro Glyserinski),Jim Raffrty, Paul Clay!. Thanks to Benny for not beating me up in 1966. Best wishes to all for 2015.

Ron Williams (M60-67)

20 Jan 2015

Hi `Kingo` ...I remember you although many of the boarders find it hard to remember the `daybugs`. I also remember Tiny for his `sprinting antics` I was a long distance runner myself and also a swimmer with the Geoff Moore Wednesday afternoon group. There is a reunion planned in York for the Northern Wiggles and Wobbles on the 21st March in York although it`s only a small scale gathering as opposed to the big one in Milton Keynes in May. I will post some more info on the York do in a few days time if somneone esle doesn`t beat me to it!!

Keith Moralee (M77-81)

21 Jan 2015

Mr Geoff Hern, I have to confess that your memory is far better than mine. I can hardly recall the names of any of my peers, although I do have vivid memories of most of the teaching staff.
Yes, Messrs Schofield & Kitchen were indeed housemasters during my time in Marlborough, and Mr Cadby was also in residence throughout that period.
I gained a certain notoriety when I led a group of 1st/2nd year boys on a "midnight swim". As I recall, the reason I gave was "Matron told me that the water feels warmer at night.", which it did :)
The whole event was planned and executed in minute detail, from the scouting for wandering staff, through to the climbing over the Ewe trees into the grounds of the pool.
We hadn't been in the water very long when we were discovered, but, being of diminutive stature, I was able to press myself right up against the wall of the pool, thereby avoiding detection.
Once arrests had been made and the captured were escorted back to Marlborough, I sneaked back and into my bed, only to be discovered several minutes later, still wet and dressed in swimming costume! Matron didn't speak to me for weeks!
You may, or may not, have met another of my brothers, Graham, in the late 1960s.
By the time he attended WBS, I had completed my RAF apprenticeship and was posted to Gutersloh.
I decided to visit him one weekend, and realised immediately that he was not as happy there as Tom & I had been. All he did was moan about everything - no sense of adventure!
Ron Williams.
I'm sure that I should know you, but my memory cells are playing tricks with me, leaving a large void where WBS peers should be!
Were there any memorable moments during our shared years? Did I beat you at chess? Swimming? Were you in the CCF. Were you in the small group that escaped "Stalag WBS" and went for a (dangerous) swim in the swollen river? Did I borrow your records? Did you borrow mine?
Give me a clue ;)

Jim Rafferty (M60-63)

21 Jan 2015

Happy 2015 and thank you Bill for keeping this board going. Yes Geoff, I think it was 'Pud (pick oop t'toffee papers)' Watson who built the computer. He also took some of us on a school trip to see the gigantic computer at NAAFI HQ in Krefeld. I've still got a piece of the ticker tape which we were given somewhere or the other. I didn't get that involved with computers during my subsequent career - I only used them as tools to do specific jobs - but when I told my younger, techie colleagues about learning binary notation, basic programming and Puds work at WBS in the early 1960s, I'm sure I was not believed. Hey ho, didn't realize how lucky and advanced we were until much later.
If any of the Barnes family are reading this, do you know what happened to Big Boffs giant black jazz guitar? That was a beast, that was......

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

21 Jan 2015

I wonder if anyone can still remember the first school assembly in the Dining Hall on 18th November 1953? Are there any of us "originals" left?

Geoff McPate (S53-57)

22 Jan 2015

Hi Keith, you are right - I don't recall many of the daybugs. Thanks for your message. I live on the South Coast so MK could be a better bet for me. Some random memories:-

1. Jumping in the swimming pool and having my breath disappear as it was so cold.

2. James McMenemy endlessly running laps of the rugby pitch, as recuperating from a snapped achilles.

3. Bruce in Sandringham being both an amazing swimmer, Tony Massey artist and a talented cartoonist too (doing all the backdrops for Star Wars).

4. My camera getting stuck in the audience on the school production of Crease - they had all moved forward in the crush!

5. The padre cooking bacon on a Sunday morning and playing Another Brick in the Wall - we don't need no education!

6. Bockwurst nights! I could go on - perhaps save it for a reunion!

Andy King (S78-80)

22 Jan 2015

'll have to take your word for it re "Pud Watson", as the name really doesn't ring bells at all. What I do remember is that around the time that I "discovered" the computer, B Bumble & The Stingers were charting with a rip off of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, as I can actually visualize me playing it on the pianos in the music rooms, and it was displaced later in the year by the Joe Meek/ Tornadoes song Telstar.
It's amazing how the opening bar of hit songs instantly transport me back to where I heard them, making me pretty good in pub quizzes.
Other things that trigger some of my memories are events of the day, such as the boxing match between Ingemar Johansson and Floyd Patterson in June of 1960. It was a scorching hot day, and I was laying on the grass outside the swimming pool enclosure listening to it on a borrowed tranny. It was all over when Patterson knocked him out in the 5th, at which point I must have dozed off.
When I was woken up by one of my peers, I was beetroot and burned to a crisp!
Bit of trivia - were you aware that Cassius Clay was Ingemar Johansson's sparring partner, and that when it was suggested that he and Clay should have a match, Johansson declined, as he didn't think that they could sell 3 tickets for such a match?

Jim Rafferty (M60-63)

23 Jan 2015

Found this site while checking on school, brought back so many memories. Was in marlborough with my sister julie. Caught up with marie hawkins (jobes now) in 80's but lost touch. Remember too many people to mention! Spent alot of time doing sports, probably more time than studying ??.

Sue Wilson (M75-78)

24 Jan 2015

Mike Powdich, a key player in the great Balmoral football team. Still have my photo of the team!
Hope you have had great experiences since our life in the barracks! I am trying to get contact with Brian Birkby believe he now in Scotland. Trust all going well with you even if we no longer live on football pitches.

Tim Smith (B64-67)

25 Jan 2015

Hi Billy O'Connell...........
Lovely to see your name pop up on here!!!
Most Soesters use facebook now, excluding your eldest sis Kathleen!
Maybe you would find your specific friend on f bk
hope all is well btw your first wife Susie Rolfe sends her love!!!!
Be lucky....

Nicky Rolfe (StJ71-75)

26 Jan 2015

Hello to anyone that remembers me from my time in Marlborough, especially to Geoff Hearn who was particularly fond of calling me a nangbag. He couldn't believe I was rubbish at maths, but I wasn't bad at five asides. - fond memories. I later went on to get a degree at Glasgow, so his suspicion that I wasn't daft was pretty good. Hope you are well, sir.

Alister Gillies (68-70)

26 Jan 2015
Here's an extreme long shot - who knows maybe Mr Geoff Hern might still remember me - I was at Windsor from Sept 1968 to April 1969 or thereabouts - 3rd year in Marlborough - shared a dorm with 5 others across from the day room - sadly I don't remember any names, I was never very good with names ! I have to admit I didn't like being at boarding school and never settled and although I enjoyed the Military train journey to and from Berlin always wanted to be back home.

If Mr Hern does recall me, I guess I owe him an apology for my behavior, I was not a model student. I can't remember if it was Mr Kitchen or another of the teachers that on a few occasions had to take the slipper out but I probably did push the boundaries to the limits !

The last straw was when I and 2 other pupils went on the run to Munster BMH and hid out for a few days. In hindsight not one of my best ideas at 13 years old but we got picked up and brought back. I had to wait a few days to be sent home and spent those in a room above the dinning hall, watched over by 2 sixth formers. Once again can't remember names.

Anyway if anyone does recall my short stay at Windsor and Marlborough I would be delighted to hear from you.

Peter Burgon (M68-69)

28 Jan 2015

Well, there's a blast from the past - Chris Bowyer! How are you? I go on the site every now and again but there seem to be fewer and fewer members from our "time". Lovely to see your name up there and I hope life is good.
Best wishes to everyone, and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Diane Davis (nee Niddrie) (S73-76)

28 Jan 2015

Great to read so many Marlborough house experiences on here. Also great to see Geoff Hern still posting! My dad,Peter Kitchen, would be thrilled to read all these posts.

Andrea Sperling,where are you?

Virginia Street (M71-79)

29 Jan 2015

Hello to anyone who remembers me and my sister Monica. Our dad was posted to Berlin and before we knew it we ended up at WGS in Marlborough house. Never known homesickness like it.I was in the sixth form and a prefect and shared a dorm with one other. Unlucky Monica shared with a dorm of 5 other girls. I was studying art A level Mr Arnold head of the department a bohemian inspiration and art teacher Mr Martin, he was a real heart throb. In the same house and year as me was Christine Austen Fiona Collier. Many others i remember but not sure of names now. Cath Bascillio was also in our house and head girl. I also did Business studies spending hours learning shorthand I never actually got to use. The business studies teacher ?? was also one of our house mistresses. Mrs Leahey was our house mother? I have vivid memories of the food. There was liver and mash on the menu often! Afternoon tea was freshly baked rolls butter and jam with steaming strong sweet tea drunk just as it came from large catering tea urns. After school activities prep time in the attics. Socials and privs the order of the day. I learnt fencing and became a rugby fan, especially as it meant going to the boys school where they were held. The famous Mr Hearne, was he from Hearne bay? I wasnt temptrd to join in the duke of edinburgh scheme . i think he ran those. I went out with Walker Graham head boy wbs,from my memory he was a tall, I'd say ruggedly handsome in a wonderfully Scotts way with a glorious head of blonde curly hair. Any idea where they all are now?

Shirley Morrison (M78-80)

29 Jan 2015

Virginia. I don't ever recall meeting any offspring of our Masters at WBS, but you must have been there as a child when your father was the housemaster of Marlborough during my 3 years at the school.
Did you have a secret entrance/exit that we were unaware of?

Jim Rafferty (M60-63)

30 Jan 2015

To continue my previous post.. I'd like to get in touch with old school friends This site was the obvious one to check but as there's no way to leave contact details will try face book and friends reunited next. BTW Lynne Ferry her dad was posted to outer hebrides . it would be great to hear from you.Anyone who went on the Bavaria trip.

Shirley Morrison (M78-80)

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Bill Craswell (C62-65)