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6 April 2015

I have been a member of the Windsor Society since its inception and have been to a few reunions but have never posted anything on the site so far. As with so many of the site correspondents, WBS was for me a formative experience. It was an opportunity to stand on your own feet; to treat with your peers whether you liked them or not; to compete both in sport and academe with boys from a huge range of social backgrounds and intelligence levels. I loved every minute of it and the rest of my life has been coloured by the competitive spirit that Hamm engendered in those who participated. After leaving WBS I attended three more secondary schools before I finally left to go to university. The WBS experiences enabled me to fit into these different environments and participate fully in their very different cultures.

I have met a goodly number of ex-WBS pupils from my era and i keep in regular touch with several. I spend most of my life now in Croatia but whenever I am in UK Tim Scragg, Bob Jordan and Gerry Carpenter meet at the Jugged Hare in Victoria for a beer and a reminisce. Anyone else in the vicinity would be more than welcome.

There are a few guys I would like to re-establish contact with so if any of the following are reading this post please ask Bob Jordan to pass on my contact details:

Alec Webster
Mike Ridley
Ronnie Lasseter
Johnny Rogerson
Pete Quick
and any others from the class 3AB of 1960 - 61.

Looking forward to another reunion soon.

Tom Ryan (H59-61)

19 April 2015

Hi Sue Wilson, your little next door neighbour from Hameln here. I haven't been on the site for quite a few years so just thought I would have a little look. And I am glad I did its been a long time since we were neighbours in Hameln and both at windsor hope your well. I dont know if you are on Facebook or not but I think you will find a lot of ex pupils are, so if your not I think it would be a good idea to especially for getting in contact with others. There are also windsor facebook pages with great photos of everything to do with the schools etc. Various reunions are also organised on there hope to hear from you soon Paul x

Paul Simmers (M76-79)

30 April 2015

Next week I begin a Land's End John O'Groats journey in aid of charity, using my bus pass. I have no fixed schedule and no planned route. It would be great to meet exWindsorites along the way, particularly if they want to get involved and can help in any way.
Details of the challenge can be found here:

Robin Anderson (B63-66)

30 April 2015

From 6Nov 2014. 'I have often wondered if teachers all knew their nicknames'...... Me too Bill! With no intention of offending present and past staff members, here's who I remember as a student, having nicknames , the good, the bad and the ugly: Our illustrious Mr 'Hairy' Hern of course, Mr Treherne (Tripod)....(no idea), Mr Wormesley (Bully Beef, on account of his amazing ability to squeeze the living daylights out of a Bullworker and hold it in without so much of a twitch in the eye). Mr Broadbent (Sabs). This was because rumour had it that he would admonish errant yoofs by pulling upwards on a fellows sideburn...ouch! Mr Williams (Walrus. Presumably he held a resemblance...), Mr Marsden (Ratty, see previous comment), Mr Ramsdale (Ka'bre. Im not going to elaborate on this one. Halitosis). Sandra Marr, (I remember her tag of Ma Marr being changed to Ba Baa on the return bus from an orienteering episode. She was present at the time and laughed as much as we did. Love
ly lady.) Our history teacher, his name escapes me but he was known to all as Shakespeare, spitting image. There was Mr Thompson, Tommo of course, he seemed like 'one of the lads' hence the familiarity of the name. Mr Clarke was Leprechaun. (Red hair, red beard no 'tache, 4ft nothing in his socks. Never wore green but that didnt matter. Drove an orange MGBGT). Mr Worrell, Yak,(German pronounciation of Jack?). Mr Hughes, Taff. This guy taught music and RE. Not one of us in class could be bothered with RE so he asked us for suggestions on what we wanted to know, things like, whats this income tax and why do we have to pay it?, how to get a mortgage, how to sign on, why do you need insurance?, the dangers of drugs and alcohol etc. Real stuff for the day. Good man. Our Matron, Ms Shidloff or 'shi**ers' for short. (D's are T's). Mr Chater, (Active Crater), so called after he went beresk at Paddy Hopkins one afternoon and someone remembered the play with the name in it, or Spoofer. Can't think of any more just yet, how about you?

Nigel Hoar (S71-74)

Wonder what teachers nicknames for us was......