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4 Sep 2014

Interesting to see Robert Hankin's post of the 12th August. Not many from that era, I too was at Marlborough at the same time, remember him and Nick de Celis ( Mario was his younger brother?#. It all does seem like yesterday and despite still having the marks on my rear, it certainly gave me an edge in life! Robert's description of the Masters is spot on. Teaching in the 2000's has a lot to learn from the 60's. My claim to fame, was that I made # with Donald Luff) the railings around the flag pole, but left before they were complete. Swiss Cutler was very good in allowing us to work in the metalwork shop on Saturdays on our own. Skills I learned there have never been lost. Love to hear from others in the 59-60 times.

David Lister (M59-60)

6 Sep 2014

I was at windsor school & winsdor girls school from april 1957 - july 61. I was in Caernarvon Girls. My name then was Noreen (millie ) milburn.

Noreen Milburn (C57-61)

9 Sep 2014

In Marlboro House. 1963-1965. Got some 'photos of that time. Remember. Mr. Hern,The Pearsons,Dave Hodgson,Alex Coren,Phil Gadd,Alan Corr just to name a. few,plus my dormies. Cecil Tweedie and Richard Talbot !

Alan Pembroke (M63-65)


12 Sep 2014

I do not often look at the site but had a venture on to it today. I never knew Dai Newman but I followed him into the Caernarvon sixth form. Mike Tompkins was the Head of House and he frequently made reference to Dai. Tommo and I overlapped for a year and he went on to join the Army. In October 1976 I introduced him to Lisa when I was visiting him in Middle Wallop. Later I was to be his best man. He remained in the army throughout his career and finished up in Yorkshire but we are not in contact

I remembered Bruce Colesar well, the backbone of the house basketball team. Unbeaten in my two years at the school thanks to the illustrious Americans Bruce and Randy (Glass) I think.

The only other Windsor friend I have regular contact with is Iain (Geezer) Butler who lives in Truro Cornwall. I also had regular contact with Mike (Smutt) Smith but this has unfortunately fallen away recently.

I sometimes wonder about many others; Terry Horner, Gerry Bird, Chris Lane, Bo O Barr, just a few of the many I shared a great sixth form experience with.

By the way my younger brother also nicked named (Paddy) Hawkins) but real name Cormac also attended WBS and on occasions this confuses friends.

They also say you remember a good teacher, I always think fondly of Brian Birkby and George McKay nether actually taught me but were the house masters when I was in Caernarvon. I always feel they gave me real direction in my life. Brian; to be a rebel and challenge convention and George to work hard and have aspirations. For the vindictive amongst WBS members you are welcome to "black spot" me. it was my father, who lived in Rheindalen," that closed down and decommissioned WBS on its closure. I have never forgiven him.

Brian (Paddy) Hawkins (C71-73)

13 Sep 2014

Hi there, I'm on a drive between Melbourne and Adelaide, talking to my husband about WGS and I suddenly thought to have a look to see if I could find any information about the school online .. And I came across the Windsor School website! How exited I am!

I've been trying to think of exactly the years I attended but I can only be sure of the year I left which was in June 1969 at the age of 16.

My best friend was Lauren Gibbs and I think I was in Balmoral House. I promised Lauren that I would name my daughter after her (if ever I had one) and yes, my daughter's name is Lauren.

I moved to Adelaide with my family in 1969 and now I live in Melbourne with my husband Steve Jackson from Somerset and 2 of our 4 kids. We have 2 Grandkids in Melbourne, 3 in Adelaide and 4 in the UK.

My name was then - Jennifer Nicholls and I am now Jennifer (Jenni) Jackson.

I was thrilled to be able to show my husband some photos of the school. Brilliant! Sad that I've missed the reunions though. Perhaps I'll be able to get to one yet. Cheers,

Jenni Jackson (nee Nicholls) (B??-69)

14 Sep 2014

Paddy Hawkins, my Mum and Dad are still alive living in Rothbury Northumberland and in occasional touch with the O'Barr family mainly now by email with Bow. I have not seen Bow since about 1978 when they visited us in the Uk but I have seen a few photos and I think he lives on W Coast USA probably Calfornia, married with a son and daughter and I believe working as a librarian. His mum Del is still alive but has had some serious illness recently. Best wishes from me and regards to Geezer if you speak to him. Simon

Simon Brindley (E69-75)

15 Sep 2014

Jenny Jackson, please contact me and then you can attend our very own reunions. We ex Windsor students are scattered all over Aust. & N.Z with the higher % living in Adelaide.

Ellen Brandon-Warnaby (B59-62)
Representative, Windsor Society, Australasia

17 Sep 2014

Alan Pembroke - I remember your name very well along with all the other name you mention in your post. We were contemporaries at WBS, although I was in Hillsborough House.

Nice to see you posting on here.

Dave Naylor (H64-67)