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22 Oct 2014

I cannot let October pass without wishing all at Windsor every happiness.(Surely a blank month can't happen -yet!!)

We are just off (this Friday)on another narrowboat trip for a week with former Caernarvon Housemaster Bill Greer (1965-69, now aged 87!) and his lovely wife Kay. If you see a boat called Wild Hemlock somewhere between Braunston and Coventry- then that's us!
We will talk, as we always do, about great times in Hamm.
A few days ago the Padre, John Fielding was in touch by e mail, and we are planning to see the Ross's (P.E. during the 60's but later too) and Brian and Polly Birkby very soon.

Mike Capey, still playing golf and the organ, and still boating (aged78) (C63-70)

26 Oct 2014

As I see plenty of others have done before me, I?d like to post a note of appreciation to Geoff Hern. As a forces kid one comes across a great many teachers along the way; in my memory, you stand head, shoulders (and beard) above the rest. I?d like to say thank you for encouraging and nurturing my love of maths, and for instilling a sound grasp of the subject that has stood me in good stead throughout my life. WBS was a bit of a mixed experience for me, but your maths lessons were an unalloyed joy. You might be pleased to know that when I was tutoring my daughter for her 11+ recently she would shriek with exasperation at the sight of a picture of a window with an arrow pointing through it. (She passed with flying colours). I hope you are well, and enjoying a well-deserved retirement. Best wishes, and thanks.

David Jago (H72-75)

26 Oct 2014

Just helping to fill the month. Hi to one and all.

Peter Robertson (B63-66)

29 Oct 2014

For some days now I have been wondering whether we were going to get through October with no postings. Then Mike Capey came to the rescue. Can't match Bill Greer but today I'm celebrating, if that's the right word, my 79th birthday so I'm at least ahead of you Mike. Then I saw the post from David Jago. What a great Birthday Present after all these years. Very many thanks David for the memories, your thanks and for taking the trouble to post them. You even remember the 'throwing marks out of the window' diagram. I was still using that and other silly pictures as well as the many abbreviations when I was asked to do a bit of teaching in 2007-9 after retirement at a local girls' school. The old ones were always worth dusting-off and using again I found.
Let's increase the postings in the run-up to Christmas - we need to keep Bill busy.

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

29 Oct 2014

Many Happy Returns Mr Hern.

John Keil (B71-73)

30 Oct 2014

Happy Birthday Mr. Hern

Bobby Hoffman (E69-75)

30 Oct 2014

Greetings and all good wishes to my former colleagues who have been contributing to this valuable site, and in response to Geoff Hern's prompting I felt I had better make a contribution before October is out! It will be of interest to you, Geoff, to know that Peter Watson was in touch with me earlier this year with the news that his mother(Betty) had died. Granville was, of course, Head of the Maths Department in my time at WBS. I have contact details should you wish to have them. Interestingly, some months ago, in an exchange of messages, the name Andrea Kilsch, presumably a daughter of Gerd Sperling came up. It was of special interest in the light of the fact that I had, over many years,sent the traditional annual Christmas greetings to Gerd and family, to an address in Soesterstrasse. It was a privilege to have known him. Do you remember teaching a fellow called Alec Webster in the 60's. He was quite a bright mathematician and I have an interesting story to t
ell about an encounter in the street that I had with him, in which I recognised him but he did not recognise me!! That is for another time. To you, Geoff, and my old friends Mike C., Bill G., Dave R.,
in the words of the Scots entertainer, Harry Lauder, I say ( sing !)
"Keep right on to the end of the road....I'll be there, at the end of the road" !!

John Fielding (B61-69)

Addendum - Birthday greetings to you Geoff, and best wishes also to Brian and Polly Birkby. JJF

30 Oct 2014

Happy Birthday Mr Hern. It was also my birthday on the 29th, I never knew we had the same birthday. I hope you had a great day.

Linda Lecun (B76-79)

31 Oct 2014

Just crept in before October is finished. Happy Birthday Mr Hern, it is a pleasure to read your posts on here. To Mr Capey and Padre Fielding, welcome back to the site and it is great to hear about your escapades. The weather has turned towards summer down here in Melbourne after a cold and horrible winter. Keep well everyone and Happy Halloween.

Dave Naylor (H64-67)