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01 Nov 2014

Anybody there between 1971 to 1975 who may know me love to hear from you

Paul Stewart (B72-74)

03 Nov 2014

When I left in 68 I was just starting out. Now I've retired and its great to see the likes of 'Hairy'Herne and Mike Capey, both of whom taught me,posting on this site. Anyone from those laid back fun years remember me? Obviously I was Caernarvon oriented with Murray Phipps and 'Pop' Greer the Housemasters in my time.

Mike Cross, C100. (C64-68)

04 Nov 2014

Well at least we did not get through October with no comments. Even JJF came out of the woodwork. John, Sad to hear about Betty Watson but I lost touch with Granville soon after he went to PRS. I remember Alec Webster but it is strange that you recognised him but he did not know you. It has always been a problem for me at reunions as the students have changed more than we have. Alec was one of the many I taught over the years who were better mathematicians than I was. Thanks for the birthday greetings. Linda - now I expect you to remember in future as it is also your birthday. Hope you had a great day too! Thanks too to John, Bobby and Dave for the birthday wishes. David Jago trying to cast my mind back did you do a small project on the history of Pi? Or is my memory confused after 40 years?

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

04 Nov 2014

I've just checked back through some old posts and found Pete Bull was
looking for me back in 2001. We had a bar and smoke room in the cellar of the Edinburgh/Balmoral block which was well stacked with beer and fags. Dear old Chris Fulford was aware of it but never caught us. Great days.

Mike Cross C100 (C64-68)

05 Nov 2014

A big hello to Iain Sanderson and Mike Downey who I see have posted messages here. Would be great to catch up with you both.

Gerry Mills (M65-68)

05 Nov 2014

Hairy Hern got me through my O level maths and D of E award. Good memories of my time at WBS.

Brian Davies (E68-70)

06 Nov 2014

Not a big problem in the scheme of things but It still puzzles me as to why I was called 'Hairy' Hern. It couldn't have just been the beard because I did not have that until 1969. Or was it because I used to throw 'hairies' when I was annoyed? Any ideas anyone? Any printable ones that is.

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

I have often wondered if teachers all knew their nicknames and what they meant. - Bill

06 Nov 2014

Geoff: Not sure whether I did a project on Pi – my memory for such things is terrible, and I suspect you remember much better than I do – but it’s certainly the sort of thing that would have interested me. I’m pleased that my message for you was posted on your birthday – a nice bit of serendipity. As an early Christmas present, here’s a solution to a maths puzzle you posed on this site some years back (I’ve been browsing), which as far as I can see I don’t think was ever completely answered. The question concerns Pythagorean triples, first of all of the form (3,4,5), (5,12,13) etc., and then extending to triples starting on even numbers. The challenge was to give the general expression for these.

Let’s call them (a,b,c), such that aa + bb = cc (avoiding a superscript “squared”, which I don’t imagine will render well on this message board). Let’s also specify that c=b+d, where d is a constant. That gives us

aa + bb = (b+d)(b+d)

= bb +2bd +dd

Thus aa = 2bd +dd

and b = (aa-dd)/2d

Since c= b+d,

c=(aa-dd)/2d + 2dd/2d = (aa+dd)/2d

So the generic form of the triple is (a, (aa-dd)/2d, (aa+dd)/2d).

If a is an integer in the form a=2nd+d, where n is 1,2,3..., and d is an integer, then b=((2n+1)(2n+1)dd –dd)/2




...which, since n and d are both integers, is also an integer – and therefore so is c (=b+d).

So, if d=1, there is an integral triple for each odd number starting with 3. If d=2, there is an integral solution for every even number starting with 4 (the first one is actually the same as the first “odd” triple, ordered differently, but then they diverge). If c=b+3, there are integral solutions for a=9, 15, 21, 27 etc., and so on.

It’s already been spotted that for the odd series (d=1), aa=b+c. More generally:

(aa-dd)=2bd and (aa+dd)=2cd

so 2aa=2d(b+c)


Thanks for setting the question! Hope I don’t qualify for any sarcastic acronyms…

And apologies for cluttering up the board with maths, but I think Geoff likes it!

Many thanks and best wishes

Dave Jago (David at school, but Dave for the past 40 years…) (H72-75)

06 Nov 2014

I've only just discovered this site and am delighted to see Geoff Hern is still a driving force. My eternal gratitude to you Mr Hern for making maths come to life for me and great memories of D of E award scheme. My condolences to my very good friend Ralph Bennett for your sad loss earlier this year. Last I heard from you was just before Xmas when you said you would be moving to Cornwall. Please get in touch as I have no direct contact details for you any more (my laptop was stolen in a burglary back in March.)

Gerry Mills (M65-68)

08 Nov 2014

Its now a year since I last heard from Maureen Schulenburg (Light),so I have to assume something has happened,i hope not.i have sent various messages to no avail.i will send a Christmas card,and hopefully get a reply.regards to all.George

George Coughtrey (S61-64)

08 Nov 2014

Gerry Mills, great to see your name after all these years! I have only seen two people since I left WBS! In 1969 I met up with Paul Clay while I was playing a squash tournament in London. I am in touch with Paul Sayers (we have visited each other) and have been in contact for about 15 years now!

I always look for the postings of people from the 60's! What happened to Pete Larner, Mike Waters, Barry Garfitt, etc etc!

I hope you are well! I live just north of Boston, USA.

And as usual, its always tremendous to see/read the postings of Mr Hern!!

Michael Downey (M65-68)

09 Nov 2014

To Geoff Hern. Just a short message. I didn't want to be the one to post this, as I am a coward, but "Hairy Hern" was indeed named after the powerful image you portrayed. If you remember me I'd be surprised but we did go off canoe camping in about '69, a great weekend away even though it rained most of the time. One of the things I remember was your thick glasses and the way you would point at one boy in the class, shout "you boy" but look at another, very hairy...

Pat Docherty (S66-70)

09 Nov 2014

Mike Downey: Hi Mike, good to hear from you. I actually had an email from Paul Clay earlier this year. He's in Norfolk now. I never got a reply to my last email to him and unfortunately as I mentioned in an earlier post my laptop was stolen with all my contacts, so have not been able to re-establish a connection. Pete Larner is a name I remember but cannot fit a face. Back in '69/70 Ralph Bennett and I went down to London and had a meal with Mike Waters who was in the Met.police. Not heard from Mike since. Ralph and I shared digs in Chelmsford for a year or two when I worked for Barclays and he was at Marconi. We both married within a year of each other and I moved to Southend on Sea. We exchange Xmas cards. So what took you to Boston?

Gerry Mills (M65-68)

10 Nov 2014

Just seen the post from Pat Docherty. All is now clear even though I cannot imagine that I was that 'hairy'. I remember two weekend canoe jobs Pat, if I'm right I think that you were there with Ian Potter another Sandringham lad. I believe he became a Harley Street dental technician and very sadly died far too young.
Great to hear from Mike and Gerry and thanks for your kind words.
Dave - P. & E. is all I can say - that is probably the most comprehensive answer I have ever received to the Pyhagorean Triples question which I first asked in Room 8 over 40 years ago. It's an old chestnut of mine and meant to show that, at different levels, anybody can have a go. Euler, by far my favourite mathematician, always used induction to search for pattern then to guess and finally verify which I, in my own small way, always tried to encourage people to do. Have a go!! Don't always just wait to be told what to do. I had over 350 of these open-ended questions (none original) by the time I had retired. At the risk of boring everyone else try this one Dave. What have (74 squared + 33 squared) and (93 squared + 21 squared) in common? At first just by looking for patterns then see where you can go from there. No algebra needed until you prove your guess.
By the way what did you end up doing as a career? Must have involved 'sums'.
'There he goes again. More Maths' I can imagine Christine and others will say but that's me folks!

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

11 Nov 2014

To 'Hairy Hern', wow I'm impressed. Yes I was on the canoe trip with Iain Potter #Potts# and although it rained much of the first day we had a great time. Potts and I stayed good friends after leaving school in July '70 and I was very shocked when his wife phoned me with the sad news of his untimely demise. He was only forty, to make matters worse I didn't go along to his fortieth birthday party because he told me I had to behave because there would be professors there , #if you remember rightly, this would be very difficult for me#, so I stayed away only to find out that these professors were sitting waiting for me to turn up because they had heard so much about me! Also I think you should join Facebook where all your fans are waiting to talk, on a more personal level, to you about their great experiences of a wonderful time in Hamm.

Pat Docherty (S66-70)

18 Nov 2014

Wow it seems as if I have done it again. Set a simple Maths problem and since then no further postings apart from Pat and he, of course, ignored the problem. Glad however that I got the correct canoe trip. Yes it was very wet and Potts was forced to do his first ever Eskimo roll when he capsized. A scary moment for all. Like you Pat I was stunned to hear of his death. Completely out of the blue and you seem to have been close friends. Facebook? Still don't know. How easy is it to leave if I decide that it is not for me?

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

19 November 2014

To Mr Geoff Hern, I'm so impressed with your memory, however it wasn't Pott's first eskimo roll, the problem was he had one of the tents in his canoe and when he put his spray deck on, he tucked the two little tags that you use to take the thing off inside the deck so when he went over, the balance of the canoe was out and he couldn't get out, couldn't do the roll so along comes some hero in a two man canoe and saves the day! As for maths problems, despite starting my career as a mechanical engineer, maths was never my strongest subject. As for Facebook, if you decide that it's not for you, you can just ignore it. However I would strongly advise getting help from someone who can guide you through security so that the only people that can see your site are your 'friends', you can then make friends with anyone you wish and I'm sure there would be lots of ex-pupils you would dearly love to be your 'friend'. Also have no fear about any bad that may happen, you'll find your friends very defensive and that person would be severely chastised. Go for it!

Pat Docherty (S66-70)

20 Nov 2014

Roland Alan (Moose) Marshall - Balmoral 1959-1962
We received notification yesterday from Jon Marshall informing us of the passing of his brother Roland Alan Marshall better known as Moose in New Zealand following a long battle with cancer - he was 71.
Moose passed away on Monday 17th November, his cremation took place Wednesday 19th November at KiriKeri Crematorium.
Born in Okehampton, Devon, England. Moose was a former pupil at Roosevelt House, King Alfred School (KAS) Ploen. Both Jon and Moose transferred to Windsor Boys School following the closure of KAS
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jon and his family on both sides of the Tasman

Ellen Bandon-Warnaby
Windsor Society Australasia

20 Nov 2014

RIP Moose and I'm thinking of all of the Marshall family.
On my arrival at WBS as a very young 10 year old it was Moose who allocated me my bed, locker and drawer space in Balmoral (Edinburgh was yet to be formed). He then ticked off my kit list using the word wunderpants in a German accent and showed me how to make my bed properly.
He made a quiet impact on me as the youngest in the house, telling me to stand up for myself when necessary and not to go looking for trouble.
Wise words.

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

21 Nov 2014

I'm shocked and saddened to hear of Moose's passing at such a young age. I knew him from KAS (Roosevelt House# and then onwards at WBS where he was one of the basketball "stars" as well as other sports and somebody #along with others) we all admired as Juniors. My brother John and I are still in touch with Andy Marshall his younger brother but have not heard from Jon Marshall for sometime. On behalf of my family back in the UK we send our condolences to his family at this sad time

Mike Hill (B60-63)

27 Nov 2014

To Simon Brindley. I was at Hamm primary with your mum 1975ish, I remember her as being very strict.She had two tricks to keep us under control.She claimed that her nose itched when she was about to get angry. When she saw us missbehaving, she would give it a little scratch.We soon got back to work.The other was her amazing ability to raise one eyebrow.I also remember once comming to your house to see your fathers Congos does he still play? Hope you are all well

Tim Girvan (H76-77)

30 Nov 2014

Hi - as you can see I was at Hamm and was wondering if anyone had knowledge of any school photographs? Rugby, prefect, house etc. This time is a bit of a blur at the moment but happy to renew friendships.

Andrew Reed (C62-64)