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02 May 2014

Could I just ask (although i do enjoy reading through the posts) if the Windsor Society does actually still exist!?

It would be interesting to know as Im sure like me others are holding back on subscriptions!?!?

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

Only Bob Jordan knows the answer to that question, well what about it Bob?

03 May 2014

Message for Peter Hayes, Balmoral House. Please contact me - lost all emails and your address when computer crashed end of last year.

Ellen Brandon-Warnaby (B59-62)
Windsor Society Australasia

04 May 2014

Iread the messages so often, some are so bitter (izzi) but most are happy memories. no one Iknow seems to use it. perhaps we are old and all dead . Ihope not. on a happier note does any one (other than me ) remember the dom sci flat over the gate house at the girls school ? I had the great honour of being invited by Joy Naismith (I know you read this) and Sue Shore. where is Siggi Willoughby, Maggie Walls (sorry (where are ) ) Im still resident in france 20 ks from St Emillion. my maths teacher was not Hern, anybody know who it was.

Paddy McMurray (E65-67)

06 May 2014

So Bob Jordan, do we still have a Windsor Society or not?

Is so, can we move forward with planning some events, recruiting new people digging out subscriptions etc?

If not, heyho, it was fun whilst it lasted!

But Bob, we do need to know!!

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

06 May 2014

Paddy MacMurray - you were obviously at Hamm when I was, I didn't know a lot of boys (I was shy!# - but who knows, we may have been to the same events - certainly the combined Carol Service? I agree - most of the people I knew at school don't seem to use either this site or the facebook sites. Whether others in my age group are less computer literate, or busy doing "more interesting" things with their lives, who knows. I did meet up with quite a few at the earlier reunions. But I did spend a weekend in the Dom Sci flat, along with my mate Sue Fulluck. You had to prepare all the menus etc in advance, and shopping list for the items you were going to cook. We didn't invite any boys #didn't know any# - but during that weekend I was playing hockey for the school, and suffered an injury to the leg above my ankle during training. Being in the Dom Sci flat meant I had access to ice to put on it to get the swelling down overnight so that I was able to actually play in the match, which is my most vivid memory of the weekend! And I still have a bump on my leg where I was hit on the leg with the hockey stick that day. It led, of course, to the inevitable trip to the Doctor - "Now then, Toots, let's take your blouse off and listen to your chest" and a bottle of iron tablets, which they happened to have in excess at that time.

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

06 May 2014

Can anyone help with the contact details for Wyn Carroll?

Winston Grosvenor (H67-70)

13 May 2014

Its a bit sad to see this website going backwards.I am sure if I was 12,000 miles nearer I would offer my services.I hope that someone who is in a better position will help.By the way the oldies "are nae deed yet".

Gordon Scott (S54-56)

15 May 2014

I saw Rina Blackman's post in March where she mentioned Draper Read, the U.S. counselor. DuPont felt it was important for the US students at Windsor to have the equivalent of a US High School education, so they had a counselor to make that assessment and provide some US specific courses (I don't recall having attended any of the US courses). It was all somewhat ironic as the British education was significantly better than a typical US high school; and the US-tie seemed completely irrelevant to the education we were receiving, the environment we were part of. But Draper Read would do some sort of assessment and for those of us who completed the 6th form we also received a diploma from Brandywine High School in Wilmington Delaware (home to DuPont). So I have the diploma - never been to the school. Draper died in 2002 ? I was passing through State College, Penn in 2001 (where he returned after Windsor) and stopped to say hello; his health was failing, he had recently had heart surgery. But he seemed pretty much the same and I think his time in Hamm was still special to him.

Bobby Hoffman (E69-75)

21 May 2014

I remember Paddy MacMurray. I was looking on Google Earth and I see that only the Canteen Block is still there. All the others are long gone. It looks like the site is being redeveloped as a light industrial site. Good use for it really.

Les Thomson (E65-67)

23 May 2014

My father "Syd" taught sciences from 1954 to 1967. He can be seen in"Boys day out at Plon" back row first right towering above "Stack" and another gnome from the science department. My brother Alan was captain of cricket and a school prefect.He now lives in Australia. My sister Avril was born at Bmh Munster, and attended Hamm infants.She now lives in London. After a very successful early career I got a bit unwell but chemo has saved me and currently recuperating London. Greetings to all who know the Barnes family.

Wayne Barnes (B65-67)

23 May 2014

Wayne, I remember your Dad as a very colourful character who used to take us for science and also basketball. He was Canadian I think and we called him "Boff" Barnes for some reason. I once saw him reset a students dislocated finger in a basketball session, student yelled out then it was all ok. Another time I am sure that your Dad spotted us in town out of uniform having gone over the fence we were panicking but he didn't say a word back at school.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

23 May 2014

Pamela Ross, i remember your name. my big passion at windsor was hockey and i did an umpire exam which involved umpireing 2 girls school matches at a tournament at the girls school, so im sure we met.Les Thompson i remember. the best bit of all was the journey on the berlin military train, did we have fun or what.

Paddy McMurray (E65-67)

23 May 2014

Well, Paddy, I was passionate about hockey, too, and never minded getting up early on a Sunday morning to practice. As well as playing for my house, I was in the second eleven for several years, as well as playing occasionally for the school (once in a match against a German women's team, who were a bit rough) - so we may well have met - the first and second elevens would play each other on a regular basis during the winter period. I was very shy at school, and didn't know a lot of boys. Of course, I have made up for that since ;-) I had hoped to continue with the hockey when I went to University, but other things got in the way.

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

23 May 2014

Great reunion again this year in Milton Keynes!Lovely to catch up with so many lovely people. as always! So great to chat to Bill Craswell All on the site ,Bill doesn't run the society, he just maintains it! Any problems, with any issues contact Bob Jordan Cheers Bill,hope to hear from you soon!

Julie Preston (E79-81)

Yes excellent reunion well done Jed & Co. - good to see you all again.... Bill

28 May 2014

Wayne Barnes, I remember your Dad, "Boff" Barnes for one very good reason. It was he who got me started with basketball. I was not good enough to play in the school team, so he arranged for me to learn how to become qualified referee. He arranged this through the Canadian Army. Thanks to him, I went on to have a successful 20 years as an International Basketball Referee. I officiated all round the world at the highest level of the game. Another example of an opportunity that arose from being at WBS

Dave Naylor (H64-67)

28 May 2014

Wayne, I too remember "Boff" and "Little Boff" and the replacement of the dislocated finger. Your Dad also introduced me to the collapsing can experiment and the spontaneous ignition of phosphorus - don't think they are allowed to do that in schools anymore. Your Dad was also a mean guitarist who taught some of us some jazzy tunes up in the physics lab on rainy afternoons. Have you still got that big guitar? BTW - just got back from a cruise up the Rhine where we were overtaken by a massive barge named "Concordia" at Dusseldorf!

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)