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5 Mar 2014

Hi All, does anybody know any news on Miss Blackman who was an English Teacher? She taught me a lot about morals and ethics - I hope she is still out there teaching because her principles were second to none. Thank you Miss Blackman.

iZZi Forbes (E72-75)

6 Mar 2014

Rina Blackman went to Lima in PERU and became the principal of San Sylvestre Girl's School.

Colin Hawthorne (M74-79)

6 Mar 2014

Rina Blackman was indeed a great teacher and a lovely person. She left WGS to go to Lima, Peru. Unfortunately I have no other news of her.

Rae Mitchell (nee Cleverly) (M77-81)

10 Mar 2014

Hi Brian Hawkins, Yes it was a shame we were not left with anywhere to run. It was one of many 'adventures' I had as the son of a serving soldier. When you reflect on how unusual (in a nice way)the Windsorite pupils were I feel privileged to have met such fine fellow pupils and staff. We all achieved against the odds. Can you imagine school pupils being allowed to play against/with adults now. The responsibility we were allowed to take was immense. My managers could learn a lesson or two about delegation and trust from our experiences. We looked after each other.

John Keil (B72-74)

10 mar 2014

for the people looking for Rina Blackman (married name Rina Bayly)
have a look at the 2 links below

Phillip Doust (S77-78)

11 Mar 2014

Hi guys, thank you for your responses regarding Miss Blackman. It was great to read that she progressed to 'Headie' - I believe she would have continued to inspire her pupils with excellent results.

iZZi Forbes (E72-75)

16 Mar 2014

Not sure if there is anyone out there who remembers me. Me and Andy Ranson were in the school rock band. ?

Daniel Thomas (B76-79)

19 Mar 2014

Rae contacted me and told me about the site. It's so wonderful to read "old" names like Izzy Forbes...yes, I remember you! Boarding school life was not easy but you students had such great spirit...noisy too! I recall Rae, Colin Hawthorne, May McDade, Brenda Lean, Kay and Brenda and Miss Waldron, of course! She had me doing night watch to catch the Windsor boys sneaking in for a visit. They always ran faster than we did!
I live in Lima, working at a private girls' school. Sadly I lost my husband of over 30 years but I have two sons and am a Grandma and adore the role. I keep "young" with my work as well.
I'll record some memories of WGS.....they are pretty fresh but I find it hard to remember yesterday! Thank you for the really kind words. The buildings were horrid but you students brought them to life!

Rina Bayly ( Blackman ) (M71-78)

20 Mar 2014

Yet another of my colleagues from the 60's WBS Staff has died after a short illness - Barry Morris. I was able to attend his funeral a week ago in Tenterden (Kent) and meet up again with Jean, and their children Judith, Sarah and Elizabeth. Our condolences will be shared by many colleagues and boys whom he will have taught. Requiescat in pace.

John Fielding (B61-69)

21 Mar 2014

So sad to hear of the death of Barry Morris. I travelled together with him and Jean as newcomers to WBS in 1960 in the days of the Hook of Holland troopship and the Soest military train.They later moved to the newly-opened Osnabruck school where we visited them a couple of times. Fond memories. Our sincere condolences to Jean and the family.

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

20 Mar 2014

This is for you, Izzy! I started in Edinburgh and recall the meningitis scare. We had to send you all work supervised by Lillie Devine, I think and Miss Maynard. Mr Dunne catered for you,, I think. Huge relief when you were all "set free" and back to normal.
Moved to Marlborough and also had a chance a couple of years later to move out and live in a flat about 20 mins drive from school. Still did duties and found weekend duty tiring. Pearl Waldron would not let the girls sit in their beds...what do you do with about 80 girls and one small common room? Swimming helped and every chance I got, i took a big group to the pool....the rest sat on their beds!!
Geoff Hern and I did the rambling club and trekked on Saturdays...great fun. I ran the 6th Form society for a couple of years, recalling one horrendous time when we were supposed to go swimmming in the indoor baths in Hamm but they were closed so I let my girls look at the shops. One girl was caught shop-lifting....diplomatic strategies came through in abysmal German and she was let off with a caution. Reporting to Miss Brown, I told her I had very bad news. She thought a girl had drowned and was mightily relieved that it was "only" shop-lifting. "Thank God for that!" and I walked away unscathed. Never again - a huge learning curve for me!
I loved the swimming activity and even taught a little fat girl called Brenda to duck dive by aiming her nose at her belly. She found that easy and her laughter accompanied her all the way down. Yes, good times!

Rina Bayly ( Blackman ) (M71-78)

25 Mar 2014

Hello to all ex wbs lookin for Leslie Kent. We were both day students who traveled by bus from Soest daily.We both loved playing table tennis during our school breaks. During our summer hoildays me and Leslie went bird watching all over Soest. My father was in the Royal Irish Rangers. Any tips or help is much loved.thank you all. What a great school.sadly missed

William O'Connell (H70-73)

27 Mar 2014

Sorting through old photos, I have come across a few from WGS in the 70's. Will scan to Bill after this weekend.
A few more memories: "God be with you till we meet again" at final assembly, followed by Concordia; Mr Dunn's re-structuring of the dining facilities to provide various serving areas - curry was my favourite while most students went for sausage and chips; school birthday party celebrations with staff alternating with Sixth formers to put on shows; the one-act play festival; Dracula Spectacular joining forces with WBS; privs; carols in the Church in Hamm; bratwurst in the Kurpark; the day girls, mostly Americans whose families worked for....was it Roche? Draper Read, the U.S. counselor; the horrendously untidy staff room table in WGS; new girls crying, so homesick; the forlorn faces as visiting weekend girls were sometimes not visited - Mr Dunn coming to the rescue with masses of chips and mayonnaise, helping to distract from the painful moment of not being collected and duty staff jollying them on with a "Let's watch a film together." There were really hard moments and heart-breaking moments but there were times of great fun too and giggling after lights-out. The duty book in Marlborough - a memorable entry by Pearl Waldren "Found Heather ?????? sitting on the window-sill...she thought she was a plant pot." Heather had quickly dropped the sneaky ciggie she had been trying to smoke.
Another entry " Girls very noisy and silly...full moon?"
Escort duty at beginning and end of term. The train to Berlin...the engine changed from West German to East German to ride through the Eastern corridor, doors locked and passengers served a soft boiled egg and brown bread and butter! Forbidden to look out of the windows at the East German guards.
Some memories of a memorable time. Photos to come.

Rina Bayly ( Blackman ) (M71-78)

30 Mar 2014

Rina, the Americans came from DU PONT.

Colin Hawthorne (M74-79)

31 Mar 2014 (Preview)
Don't know if this is allowed but the link may pull at a few WGS heartstrings.

Rina Bayly ( Blackman ) (M71-78)