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01 June 2014

Just to let anyone who remembers me that I am still alive and kicking. Living in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. Would like to hear from Rob Locke who I shared dorm with in Edinburgh House. Used to be a member and in early days of society I attended the reunions in Newbury and Hamm. I live close to Bob Jordan and keep in touch now and then. Best wines to all. David

David Appleby (E62-67)

David, as you live near Bob why not pop in and ask him what he is going to do about the Windsor Society - lots of people on here would like to know.......

03 June 2014

Message for Wayne Barnes B65-67. Please ask your brother living in Australia to get in touch with me. The Windsor Society is a very active group in Ozz with many of its members having been in Balmoral House. Your brother can contact me at or 0488747592.

Ellen Brandon-Warnaby
Windsor Society Australasia

04 Juner 2014

Hi Wayne- I am pretty sure your dad and mind,peter kitchen,would have been colleagues? He was at WBS ftpm 1958-1981, Marlborough housemaster and lsnguages teacher. I think Avril may be the same age as me- bigness 1960. I definitely remember her name! Good to hear you are well now

Virginia street nee Kitchen (M71-79)

08 Jun 2014

Small world time - I've just discovered that a delightful lady who lives down the lane from me attended WGS! We've known each other for about 10 years. More details will be forthcoming.................

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

10 June 2014

It's great when that happens, i'm from Kent but many years ago on a very rare visit to see my cousin in Haddenham Bucks, she introduced me to her best friend who just happened to have popped round while i was there, my cousin told me that she used to attend a boarding school in Germany which turned out to be WGS and she was there during my time, it was a very pleasant hour but that was all i've seen of her since, if my memory serves me right her name was Jackie Heywood, All the best

Ken Gleeson (B72-74)

10 June 2014

First ever look at the Society page - so giving this a stab in the dark to see if anyone out there rembers me from WBS 1979 - 1982?

Paul Crawford (C79-82)

10 June 2014

Bobby Hoffman's post about Draper Read brought more memories. i am sad he passed away in 2002. We had kept in touch for quite a while but then lost contact.
Draper was such an exhuberant character, full of life and fun. He would organise dinner parties and we took turns to host, always ending with much raucous laughter. There was one spectacular era when we had German lessons taking turns in differnt flats. Draper would set up champagne and strawberries and we found our German became more fluent in reverse proportion to the amount of champagne left in the bottles. I don't recall any German so I suppose that measn I am sober! Good times with Draper.

Rina Bayly ( Blackman ) (M71-78)

11 June 2014

I was born in Windsor Boys School my Dad was a housemaster . teacher at the time

Rosie Cate (C63-70)

13 Jun 2014

Appleby, nice to know your still alive. last time we met was newbury reunion how is everything ?

Paddy McMurray (E65-67)

17 June 2014

Message to Pamela Ross: Hi Pamela my Sister, Isobel (Issy) McCutcheon was at WGS from '64 - '67, in Hillsborough House - and a keen hockey player, I wonder if you knew her? You may have met at one of the reunions. She now lives in France near to where Mr McMurray lives - she is in Sauveterre, not far from St Emillion. I was at WBS in Sandringham House from '65 - '67. Have only fond memories and enjoyed the reunion back in Hamm around '95 ?

Charles McCutcheon (S65-67)

17 June 2014

Charles McCutcheon - your sister's name rings a bell, but we weren't in the same class so I didn't know her very well, although we may well have played hockey against each other in the inter-house tournaments. I can't say I only have good (happy?) memories of Windsor, but even the bad things helped me to become the person I am now, and probably made me stronger - from a shy little person, into a more self-confident one. Yes, I went to the Hamm reunion in 1995, and did some filming at the Girls' School, which I have put together into a short film clip - I showed it to Bill when we went to the Milton Keynes reunion last month. I also have film clips from other reunions, eg Newbury, and I took a lot of photos at school. At least, it's a lot compared with what other fellow pupils of the time seem to have. Film was black and white and expensive to develop, and indoor shots required expensive flash cubes - I suppose the snap-happy young of today would be unable to comprehend!

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)