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7 Dec 2014

Hello to all former students of a great school.there must be someone out there who was a day pupil from soest who like me traveled weekly to wbs.Does anyone rember Leslie Kent, Adolf Cadosa, Gus Ingam, .my father was in the royal irish a day pupil at hillsborough me and Leslie Kent loved our table tennis during our break time.anyone who may rember us would love to hear from you.many thanks.

Billy O'Connell (H70-73)

8 Dec 2014

I guess that I will have to own up to being the self-appointed Chairman of the Geoff Hern Appreciation Society. I wouldn't say he quite bribed me with the School Maths Prize in 1967, but it did spur me on to get my Maths Degree at UCNW, Bangor followed by my MSc in Operations Research at Liverpool University. My wife and colleagues joke with me how my sharpened mental arithmetic skills can still outrun their use of a calculator, so I guess I also have Geoff to thank for that.

Not retired yet, can't afford to, so I am still plying my trade here in sunny Cape Town, South Africa.

Great to see some of my peers at Edinburgh contributing to the site.

Thanks to all the conspirators (teachers) including Mike Capey, Rev Fielding and others who contributed to making my life such a rich experience.

Michael Wilson (E65-68)

10 Dec 2014

Thanks to Gerry mills who made me aware of this web site hi to Mike Downey Ralph Bennett Paul Sayers and anyone who remembers me from the 60s I have some very good memories of 40 plus years ago at Windsor particularly the D of E gold award bike ride to the Harz mountains. Mike Downey coincidently i have my elder brother who has lived in Newbury Port just north of Boston USA for the last 35 years maybe we can meet up when i come over next year. Gerry and I intend to meet up in the New Year some where in Essex if anyone else is interested.

Paul Clay (M64-68)

11 Dec 2014

Haven't been on here for ages- good to read so many lovely posts. My sister, min,told me about Andrea Sperling having posted. Andrea,if you see this,I remember lots of happy times playing with you. So sorry to hear about your Dad-.its rubbish isn't it?
I would love to hear from you ,
Whilst I have the chance, I would like to wish all of you a very happy Christmas and a healthy 2015.

Virginia Street ( Kitchen) (M71-79)

11 Dec 2014

Looking for anyone who might remember those days ,or me

Ray Angel (B53-56)

12 Dec 2014

I am sad to report that my Mother Delyth Jones died peacefully at home in October after a 4 year battle with Alzheimers. She was predeceased by husband Haydn in 2005.

As she lived in Hamm from around 1959 and in WBS itself from 61-81, Windsor was a major part of her life. Thank you to those on here who were a part of that life.

David Jones (H71-78)

12 Dec 2014

Hello to anyone who remembers me from my short time in Marlborough. Just found the site and happily wasted an afternoon skimming through the last few years worth of posts. Great to see so much from Mr Hern, who I recall trundling around the school on his trusty bike, wreathed in pipe smoke. I don?t think I had you for maths but you certainly kept us in line as duty housemaster. Virginia, I remember your dad well, always firm but fair and a great supporter of sports. As a lowly first year and new boy at the bottom of the pecking order, playing in the House and School teams certainly built your ?street cred? and helped you survive the rigours of big school and living away from home for the first time. I saw an earlier post saying you were going to load some of your Dad?s photos/slides somewhere? Could you provide a link? I?m sure I remember attending a slideshow he organised one evening. You may also remember Amanda Gibbs ? daughter of the PE teacher? We met up in Winchester, boarding at the same 6th form college in 1977-79. Off to the garage now to dig out a battered old diary and trigger some memories and names . . . . Thanks to Bill Craswell for keeping this site going and Happy Christmas to all and best wishes for 2015.

Steve Brewster (M72-73)

13 Dec 2014

David Jones - I am saddened to hear of the death of your mother Delyth. I was in Hillsborough during your father's time as Housemaster and knew both your mother and father well. In fact, I used to baby sit for them on their nights out. They were both lovely people, for whom I had the utmost respect.

Pleae accept my sincere condolences for your loss.

Dave Naylor (H64-67)

14 Dec 2014

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

David Creighton (S63-68)

15 Dec 2014

I have not looked in at the site for a while and have just done an 18 month read up! My memories of WBS are very fresh in my mind and include all of the sport we played - Caernarvons excellent rugby team which in my early years contained Geezer Butler, Terry Leahy et al and later those of us like Steve Mayne and myself. Also doing school shows - Dave Jago, do you remember The Mikado? Also the awesome teaching staff including you Mr Hern although I never quite got differentiation and integration!!! We had a great house and deputy master in Mister Mackay and Mister Rhodes. Mr Hern, I also remember the integrated football games with the local German schools although we seemed to get beaten fairly regularly. Sorry for the small ramble but reading tonight has bought back a lot of memories.

Kevin Morgan (C73-76)

16 Dec 2014

I would just like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new yr .
if anyone remembers me , please get in touch

William Whitefield (M71-73)

16 Dec 2014

Paul Clay finally surfaces thanks to Gerry Mills!! Yes Paul, it would be terrific to meet you in Newburyport! Just say when? Wishing everyone who went to WBS/WGS all the best for the New Year but especially those from the 60's....Paul Sayers, Paul Clay, Gerry Mills, Ralph Bennett, Mike Waters, Bob Nicol, Alex Coren, Mike Hutchinson, Barry Garfitt (where is he?) and of course Chelsea's number one fan....Mr. Hern!

Michael Downey (M65-68)

16 Dec 2014

Dear David Jones, Please accept our condolences on the death of your Mother. You may or may not know that annually, from 1970 onwards, at this time of the year and without fail, she and I will have exchanged greetings. Just now I am contacting a host of friends amongst whom were numbered your Father, Haydn and your Mother, Del. Memories of them, of you and your sister, remain indelible! Requiescant in pace. I was School Chaplain in 60's.

John Fielding (B61-69)

17 Dec 2014

Condolences to David Jones and his family on the passing of their mother Delyth Jones - Windsor Society Australasia.

Ellen Brandon -Warnaby (B59-62)

17 Dec 2014

Seasons Greetings from "Down Under" and the "Land of the Long White Cloud" - Windsor Society Australasia.

Ellen Brandon -Warnaby (B59-62)

17 Dec 2014

Dave Jones So sorry to hear of Del's passing. Laura and I both remember her as a live wire, always full of life and fun.
Strangely we had only spoken last week about meeting you in the 1980s in Sparkford near here. You were driving back after the weekend, saw us on our bikes, stopped the car and leapt out. What a coincidence that was in the middle of Somerset!! I remember great days in the Sauerland too and still have a close-up taken by you in the hills near Hirschberg of my finger up my nose - my usual reaction if somebody tried to take a photograph of me.
Michael thanks for your kind words but you might have trouble as Chairman finding other committee members - modest as usual you see. How about doing the problem that I set in November? Take it to the beach when you are sunbathing in 'sunny' Cape Town. Thanks too to Steve for remembering me, I well remember you too and I thoroughly endorse your feelings about PMK - one of the old school, firm, fair and very easy to work for. One of his favourite phrases, which maybe could apply to the world today was 'everything is going pear-shaped'
Happy Christmas and healthy 2015 to all and especially to Bill for doing such first class job of keeping the site going in spite of the fact that the society, understandably after all this time, seems to be on its last legs.

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

18 Dec 2014

Merry Crimbo and a Happy New Year to one and all

Peter Robertson (B63-66)

19 Dec 2014

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and 2015 will be a happy and healthy one.

I am hoping in 2015 we are going to hear from the committee in regard to a reunion. Maybe you can also tell us the status of the society, is it worth paying membership?

Best wishes to you all.

Steph Southall (B78-80)

19 Dec 2014

I would like to wish everyone merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2015.

Murray Matthes (S64-65)

19 Dec 2014

A Merry Christmas To One And All.Plus A Happy New Year,and may England win the rugby World Cup.cheers

George Coughtrey (S61-64)

21 Dec 2014

Hi guys,
Last time I posted a message was in January when I had to announce the passing of James my brother and soulmate.
Its been a hard year to get thro without him as we spent so much time together and the approaching anniversary holds only sadness for me and our family.
I really appreciated the messages from everyone and expect to now get back in touch with good friends Paul Clay and Gerry Mills in the new year.
I have only good memories of my years at WBS and still exchange Christmas cards with Geoff Hern,Paul Sayers, Gerry ,Mo (Rankine),and Pia (Ayres) some others have dropped off the radar including Jacqueline Stafford and her brother Philip.Hey where are you ?
I now live in Bideford Devon with my long suffering wife Theresa.We moved here in February to be close to our 4 grand children and youngest son; having retired from a career on the edge of the legal profession in December.
Seasons Greetings to everyone out there.Good health and happiness in 2015. Ralph

Ralph Bennett (M62-68)

22 Dec 2014

A very Merry Christmas to all ex-windsorites and the very best for the new year. For anyone that can remember me I lived above the dining block as Dad was the catering manager at WBS from 1966 until he died in 1982. Happy times.
Angie O'Neill nee Rowell now living near Los Angeles, California.

Angela Rowell (M70-77)

22 Dec 2014

Tim Girvan, your name rings a bell. My parents Stuart and Elsie 84 and 82 are still alive and living in their own home in Rothbury Northumberland. They remember their time in Hamm with great affection and we still talk about it a lot. Yes Mum could be strict and that eyebrow worked miracles. I remember being at Greenwich about 20 years ago with her and there were some teenagers making a lot of noise in a queue. No one dared say anything but she turned and gave them the eyebrow and they shut up! I will pass on your name when I see her just after Christmas.
Geoff Hern, greetings. I seem to remember an E type hairy was a particularly severe case of the hairy?!

Simon Brindley (E69-75)

23 Dec 2014

David, I am sorry to hear that your mother has passed away,both of your parents played an important part in my life during my time at WBS. Hillsborough House was a happy home, away from home, a credit to your parents. Ian H22

Ian Westby (H62-65)

23 Dec 2014

Very sad to hear recently of the passing away of Barrie Cummings. He was on the staff of Windsor Girls School in the 1960's.

Mike Capey (C63-70)

24 Dec 2014

A very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all ex Windsorites from sunny South Australia it is going to be a very pleasant day a nice 28 deg

Maureen Press (nee Pulford) (B63-67)

24 Dec 2014

A Merry Christmas and a Happy, prosperous New Year to everyone on here. and a raised glass to absent loved ones. Ken Gleeson B74

Ken Gleeson (B72-74)

24 Dec 2014

Christmas Day is in full swing in Australia. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

David Naylor (H64-67)

26 Dec 2014

So sorry to hear of the passing of Barry Cummings - he was an inspirational art teacher, who taught me to A level and encouraged me to continue painting after I left school. He left Windsor to go off and become, I think, Deputy Head at Hohne? It wasn't just art he taught us, but an appreciation of the music of Tom Lehrer among other things. Through him, I learned about stage lighting, theatrical design and set building, (which eventually led to a career in he theatre), as well as putting together the school magazine. When I left school, I followed his advice and bought myself oil paints, which has given me a house full of paintings :-) My condolences to his family - I remember the two "little girls" who will be quite grown up by now.

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

29 Dec 2014

A Happy New Year to all that know me and to those that don't. I was there at Windsor and as only those that were there would know it had an affect on the rest of your life. Mine has turned out good as I hope it has for most. I look forward to reading all the posts next year. All the best in 2015.

Chris Bowyer (E74-76)

30 Dec 2014

To all Health and happiness for 2015

Ann Woods (S60-66)

30 Dec 2014

Anyone who was at Windsor School in the 1950s will remember Miss Jones (Marjorie, but I would never dream of calling her that, even after more than 20 years of exchanging news and cards at Christmas!)
Sadly she died last June following a stroke. True to form, although in her 90s, she had been playing golf the day before!

Gill Walker (H55-59)

31 Dec 2014

At last able to place posts again (new computer), a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all ex Windsorites from sunny Sydney, be sure to watch the fireworks tonight.

Patrick Impey (S62-64)

31 Dec 2014

I'd like to everyone A Happy New Year,and everyone in sandringham and Kensington c

George Coughtrey (S61-64)