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01 Aug 2014

Hello Mike Capey Good to hear from you. Yes of course you are correct I did mean Brian Birkby, I don't know how I got that wrong, and yes I do also remember Bill Greer. I am not surprised Brian remembers me, he put me up to some pranks like playing a pop song over the PA, I think it was " Let it be Be" as the Headmaster existed morning assembly. Yes, I do currently live near you, only a few miles away in Thetford; perhaps we could meet sometime! My biggest memory of you is you playing "Lilly the Pink" on the St Boniface organ as we left chapel. Can you still do it?
DAI NEWMAN Well, I never thought I would flush you out! I always wondered what happened to you, Chip Coggins and Mike Gardener. I also remember the names you mentioned along with Geoff Hern , David Roberts (Both of which we had different names for them in those days!!# and many many others.
Regards to you all

Trevor Cardy C172 (C68-72)

02 Aug 2014

When Mr Hern posts a message you know the Windsor site is alive and well! From my perspective he has been the heart and soul of the site, as he was at school. Always involved and helping! The one person who's messages I have missed is my good friend Ralph Bennett! Hopefully, we'll hear soon from him after his sad loss.

Best wishes to everyone from the sixties!

Michael Downey (M65-??)

04 Aug 2014

Thanks to Ellen Warnaby for the update on Mr Houston and also to Tiny Latham for the news about Miss Ellis. Yes,I remember you Tiny Latham, "sports supremo" of Sandringham 1957.As I recall my last term my room mates were Peter Buckley and Michael Barnacoat and you were next door with Nigel Frith and Mike Healey. However,the past 57 years may have played tricks with the memory.Does anyone know of any film footage of Windsor School 1950s/1960s available on line from sources such as Youtube,Pathe,etc? Best Wishes.

Geoff McPate (S53-57)

08 Aug 2014

Geoff McPate - there are a couple of films on YouTube, called, I think, "School is Everywhere" - parts 1 and 2 - which were perhaps recruitment films for teaching staff for forces schools. There are a few clips from Windsor in amongst schools from elsewhere around the world.

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

06 Aug 2014

The request for films showing WGS/WBS reminded me of the SCEA film shown to new teachers at Eltham Palace in London - it was entitled 'SCHOOL IS EVERYWHERE'. I am pretty sure that the Hamm schools figure in this old B&W movie.

Colin Hawthorne ( M74-79)

08 Aug 2014

Thanks Pamela & Colin for the info. on the film "Schools Are Everywhere Parts A & B" available on Youtube. Yes, there are one or two Windsor clips in Part B. I note Youtube also has "The Windsor School Floods 1957" by Mike Greenwood from a film by John Howard and "The Chapel of St Boniface"

Geoff McPate (S53-57)

09 Aug 2014

This is a message for Mike Capey. Well done in outing yourself as an Accrington Stanley supporter. If you are ever in the town and walking down Abbey Street, pop into the barber's shop and send my regards to my father-in-law. He too is a life long Accrington Stanley supporter (and proud of it).

Jim Alger (S77-80)

11 Aug 2014

Dear Mr Hern, dear Virginia (nee Kitchen), wow, I am so exited that I found this page some days ago. But I better should start at the beginning: My name is Andrea Kilsch, nee Sperling. ... I am sure that you do remember my father Gerd Sperling, who worked as an office clerk at WBS Hamm for many many years. Unfortunately he always was too lazy to keep in touch with you and your colleagues. Therefore my mother and I also did not know how to contact you. Sorry for that. But now ....lots of memories are coming into my mind reading your messages and getting to know that some very nice people already left us as there are Jack Worell, Dr. Carey, already long time ago Alec Hawkes (do not know whether Margret is still alive - probably not?), Ken Goatcher, Don Theaker and many more. Virginia, sorry to hear that your father also passed away in 2007. But let me tell you something strange: my father was of the same age as yours, he left us the same year as yours and the day your father died was the birthday of my father.-
Puuuh, soo many years went by and suddenly things are alive again. Amanda Gibbs, John Leighton (??), Haydn Jones, Johnnie Walker, Sue Marsden, Mr Taylor, as matrons Ilse Schidlof, Inge Dohle. Memories are made of this names! So, now I'd better stop, sending you my best regards and please give my love to your families and everybody who might remember me and/or my father.(Sorry for my bad English, I definitely need some more practise)

Andrea Kilsch (nee Sperling) (B61-70)

12 Aug 2014

My name is Robert Hankin. I was a pupil at Windsor boys school at a time that coincided with the launch of the Russian Sputnik, which we listened to, beeping, on the radio in the science lab.
I was in Marlborough House (M10) and shared a room with some of the following boys. Jones, O'Shea, Pinker, Mario de Celis, Greenacre and others. The housemaster at the time was a Mr Schofield. He was lamenting the loss of one of the boys, a certain Nick Goad, who was one of his 'favourites', at the time. I remember one of the prefects, a boy named Eccles, who was severely caned for dropping his cricket bat. That wouldn't happen now. There were 'duty' masters who came round at odd times to keep law and order. I remember Hairy Hearn and a Mr Jones, the chemistry master, and a really nice guy called Mr Robinson who taught us english. I recall starting off in 3c and finishing in 4b. Unfortunately my father was posted and I left to go to Sundern school which was a dreadful end to my education. I joined the CCF and later transferred to the Air Force section. That was a good fun time. I was also in the model railway club located in the basement of the House. My extra curricular activities included the maths club, and the chess club. I once represented the house in the internal school chess competition but have forgotten most of my strategies in the mean time. I escaped the dreariness of Sundern by joining the RAF at the first opportunity, in a junior position and, when I reached the SNCO level, left to join the NHS as an Estates Officer. I am married with two sons and now live in Truro, Cornwall. Today I am off to visit my eldest son and his wife in Kent where they have recently bought a half million pound grade 2 listed house. I would never have believed that if you had told me all those years ago. My brother Leslie, who attended the Duke of Yorks Royal Military School in Dover, was, until recently, a senior lecturer at Liverpool university and My cousin Chris is a Professor at Imperial.

The above is not of any great historical value but might help you fill in a few holes in your map of the history of the school.
Regards Rob Hankin, Truro.

13 Aug 2014

Andrea Sperling now there's a name from the past. I often think of your father - he introduced me to stamp collecting and would buy all the new German issues for me. Being a stamp collector, although not a too serious one, has meant that I devote a lot of time since retirement to selling stamps on behalf of the local Hospice here in Yeovil. Herr Sperling, as he was known to me, was at WBS when I joined in 1960 and was still there when I left in 1980. A real stalwart and WBS would have been impossible to run without him and others on the Admin side - anytime I needed something he would get it for me from books to anything on the many WD inventories which he seemed to know off by heart. Firstly in the Maths Dept and later more often for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Next door was Herr Birnbaum and it was always a joy to go into their offices. Plenty of banter and dry humour.. I have great memories of you too Andrea. Dare I say it as a sweet little girl, always smiling and often around the school. I remember coming back in the 1980s and crossing Soesterstrasse to your house. Sadly your father was not there but you and 'the smile' were. Apologies to others if this is a bit sentimental. Put it down to my age and the fact that Hamm was a good part of my life.
Thanks Mike Downey for the compliment - although Bill the entries, including Mike's, between August 1st and 8th seem to be missing on the site or is it just my lack of computer skills? Trevor and Rob - I knew that I was 'Hairy' Hern but never really understood why as I had not even grown the beard in your time Rob. By the way Mr Robertson (not Robinson) was the English teacher you have fond memories of - as my wife says of me 'always the teacher' you see.

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

OOps well spotted - forgot to sync my home PC after posting stuff while away on holiday, have put it back now - Bill

15 Aug 2014

Eugene McArdle, Sandringham, and twin brother Peter, Balmoral. Around 1959 to 1961/2. Sister, Nuala at the girls school. We were there when the Ogilvy (?) boy passed away after a cross country event if I remember correctly. Now living in Cairns, Australia. My brother Peter still in cold wet soggy England.

Eugene McArdle (S59-62)

15 Aug 2014

Maureen light is now Maureen Schulenburgh but where she lives I don't know

Ann Woods (S60-65)

16 Aug 2014

More names for the WGS prefects photo - 3 could be Michelle Hall, 9 could be Hazel Cheyne and 11 could be Julie Beaumont. Don't know nos 6 or 15 - sorry! I think I still have the negative for that photo too!

Hugh Ritchie (S78-81)

17 Aug 2014

Hello Ann Woods,what made you comment on Maureen Light?.We've been E mail mates for a few years,but she stopped sending messages last October,her last message being that she had a serious hand accident.i still send the occasional msg,and had reply from her daughter telling me she had gone away.she is married to a german,and lives there too.if you saw the brilliant pictures Pam Ross had put on Facebook,you'll see a picture of Mo.Anyway,i do recognise your name from sandringham,so we must be roughly the same age.regards

George Coughtrey (S61-64)

18 Aug 2014

Yes, I too remember that sad day when the lad passed away during a cross country race. The school was very subdued for a long time afterwards - not the sort of thing that was expected and it must have been terrible for his family, not to mention the staff and others in more senior positions to us plebs.On a much happier note, my eldest son has just rolled up in his 1966 MG Midget. This brought back more memories of Geoff Herns little green jobbie at school, not to mention 'Boff' Barnes Rambler? basketball court station wagon along with The LoftyMobile, Mr Lofthouse's Citroen 2CV. The LoftyMobile was a grey, corrugated strange sounding beast and we were convinced at the time that it was a home made car.....
Dick Joliffes Renault Floride and did Mrs. Joliffe drive a Fiat 500 as well? He used to get us making bits for the Fiat in metalwork lessons.......
Then the episode of 'Swish' Cutlers new Volvo. The proud owner was somewhat dischuffed when a few of his house students advertised it for sale on BFNs Small Ads programme - I wonder who would have done such a thing......

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

25 Aug 2014

Just letting you know that my mum Janet Carr Matron in Caernarvon House WBS the only english matron at WBS at the time passed away on July 18th. She loved her job in Caernarvon often talked about her matron duties (bath books etc) as well as often having members of Caernarvon house 6th form at our house as well as staff. She always remembered having Three Times a Lady played at her leaving do in 1979. Needless to say she also bowed out of this world to the same tune.

Steve Carr (S76-79)

25 Aug 2014

Steve, so sad to hear of the loss of your Mum. Please accept our condolences.I was a Caernarvonite but in the 60's, I had no idea that there had been any english matrons at the school.

Bill Craswell (C62-64)

25 Aug 2014

Trevor Cardy- I may have a tape or two you recorded as well , when I played with Bow O'Barr , Baz Timmons ,David Sellers and the Marsdon Bros. Recorded Summer 1971 ,I believe ...Also have a couple more recorded in 73 ,with Bow, Terry Horner and Mr. Thompson , but thats after the time you left ...(I was a hanger on in Germany for a year or two , after leaving WBS, working at Kloster brewery ,or DuPont )
Dp you have any tapes of the Windsor Yanks in the 69-70 school years ?
I remember as 4th years , Jacks Union got a gig somewhere else , and we were the only other group with enough gear to play the 5th/6th . Our only other experience was a couple evenings at the Friday night "Youth Club" over by the Barracks . Kind of terrifying at the time , but we split the social with Mike Gardener,Dai Newman and one or two other Caernarvon lads . We certainly weren't Jacks Union ,but it was fun ...
The Windsor Yanks have our own Facebook group , and is fairly active . A reunion is in the works for October in South Carolina . Cheers

Bruce Kolesar (C67-71)