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9 Apr 2014

Not being on the site for a very long time. Alex Coren - I remember you - I am in the 1960s Prefects picture on the front of this site - front left. I still enjoy working as a rapporteur and adviser mainly to European Union bodies - so still traveling to Europe and often in Brussels. I can be reached via linkedIn or Facebook. My e-mail address is quite easy to work out - a dot between tim and scragg and my UK company Quantum Insights is all one lowercase word. Great to see you are very active Geoff - sorry I mean Mr Hern - and still keen on your maths. I regularly see Bob Jordan, Tom Ryan and Ron Daly. Also in touch with, among others, Gordon (Flash) Smith and John and Heather McLaren. Flash was the lead guitar and singer in Caernarvon?s rock band. We all smiled when Flash came back from holiday saying he played with the Beatles in the Star Club in Hamburg?s famous red light district. Turns out that the "Phil Collins" got his break playing drums in Flash?s band "Flaming Youth" - you can check this out on YouTube. Does anyone know the whereabouts of my long lost friends George Carrick and/or Ron Mattherson?

Tim Scragg (C63-66)

19 Apr 2014

Have just come across this website. How interesting to read. Wow.

Rachel Turvey (E77-79)

20 Apr 2014

Hi - this is my first time on the website. I'm in the Australasian branch of the Society but very interesting reading comments from you all. Was thrilled to see the message from Elaine Webster!!!! I remember her well, and Tessa Nolan whom she mentioned!! At our reunion in Adelaide last year it was great to meet so many ex-students and feel like old friends (even though we didn't know one another#. Hello to anyone who remembers me - Elaine, if you are reading this message, please ask Bill for my email address and get in touch. We had many hilarious moments together #school choir, etc) and I'd love to reminisce with you. Such wonderful memories, such a wonderful school, such a brilliant time in our lives.... Donna

Donna Wilson (nee Williams) (H61-65)

24 Apr 2014

Tim Scragg, I remember you and your camera. Your visit to the Stonk Club in Dortmund, too. Pleased you made a success out of the sciences.
Popped in to see Flash Gordon in Holland last year - he's OK and not showing his age as much as I am and he still plays a mean guitar.

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)