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4 May 2013

Michael Wylie, Headteacher at Windsor Boys School in the 1960's died just ten years ago this month -the 29th.

He was a great influence in my life; I believe he was in many others- teachers as well as boys. I remember him with much affection.

Mike Capey (B63-70)

8 May 2013

Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a Windsor School scarf? I had three stitched together but lost them a few years back but would dearly love to have another.

Robin Ellwood (M67-68)

19 May 2013

I am not, shame to admit it, a regular reader of the many interesting messages which so many of you manage to post here. Paying one of my irregular visits to the site I have not seen any mention of the following item which I am sure will sadden many of you.Earlier this year I attended the funeral of Crispin Jones, s/o Brangwyn, who died quite suddenly here in Jersey where he had been living for some years. I used to see him regularly a few years ago and exchanged greetings with him but I had not seen him for several years and his death came as a shock to me. Needless to say, apart from his mother I was the only representative of WBS at his funeral. Some very moving tributes were paid and the short service was very moving.

Jack Worrall (B68-76)

23 May 2013

To Steve Green: What are these books you have of mine - you sent this message in 2010 i think?? I'm intrigued, but don't need them returned (I think!)

Seeing Bill and Kay Greer shortly in Shrewsbury - then on a narrowboat in August..

What are you up to ?

Mike Capey (WBS 1963-70)

25 May 2013

Greetings Mike Capey! A hasty recheck of my bookshelves reveals a copy of The Pacifist Conscience with a "get out of jail" inscription "With thanks for returning all History Department property, July 1969" in your inimitable handwriting. It sits next to Bismarck by AJP Taylor History Prize 1967.

I'm now mostly retired after a 35 year career with the British Council ( see ). Your history teaching led me to a not yet finished doctorate under John Saville at Hull (student politics intervened). Now my main focus is as a member of the selection panel for European Capitals of Culture as a nominee of the European Parliament. Watching the Facebook pages of WBS/WGS comes a close second having posted to it several copies of Concordia. I'm in contact with Bill Gent.. we met up again recently. Send my regards to Bill Greer; haven't forgot his catchphrase of "love em firmly"

Steve Green (C66-68/E68-69)

30 May 2013

Dropping Into the site as I occasionally do I was reading John fishers schedule for the school day. One thing missed of importance the rock cakes and insipid hot chocolate which had to bought over from kitchens every evening. The drink we suspected was laced with bromide to curb the natural desires of adolescent young men!

Mike Adkins (B67-70)

30 May 2013

Greetings Mike Capey. My second attempt at a reply. A quick recheck of my bookshelves reveals a copy of The Pacifist Conscience inscribed in your inimitable hand "with thanks for returning all History Dept property. July 1969" Looks like my "get out of jail" card. My WBS diary also shows you paid up for the babysitting! Reasonably retired now after 35 years with the British Council.(search me on connectcp website for more background). Main interest now is as member of selection panel for European Capitals of Culture as nominee of European Parliament. Had a very enjoyable day recently with Bill Gent. Well remember Bill Greer.. wasn't he the source of the "love em firmly" policy? I think the Windsor Soc is now effectively defunct so not sure how to swap emails (unless you are on Facebook with its flourishing WBS/WGS groups.)

Steve Green (C66-68, E68-69)

31 May 2013

Refering to the comment above, is the Society now defunct?

If so, could somebody say as much as I keep banging on about paying subs, organising a reunion etc etc!

If not, if its just new members you need, also just say so, I'm sure you would have quality volunteers crawing out of the wood work!

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

31 May 2013

The comment about the Society being defunct includes the words "I think" and is the thought of one person. I have posted the whole message because I never alter anything that is posted.

The Windsor Society is not being wound up. Many people like to read and post to this site despite the prominance of FaceBook. There is a problem with people being able to pay their subs online - Malcolm has decided to stand down and I am not prepared to handle the subs as well as the website. If anyone is interested in taking over Malcolms vacancy I will reopen the links.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

31 May 2013

Recent messages regarding the Windsor Society maybe need some debate? I think one of the problems has been, no newsletters, no reunions - this gives the impression that nothing is happening. Should the website be used to kickstart a renaissance? I agree, there is a lot going on with facebook, but that has a tendency to be "ephemeral", eg on-going chat, etc, whilst this website has a more "permanent" and easily navigable set of data. Should there be a page on this site where the Windsor Society committee can post messages? This then excludes any members who aren't on line, but currently, since my membership fee over the last few years seems to have given me no benefits, I see no real reason to renew. Perhaps other regular visitors may have some points of view to share, or committee members might wish to comment?

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

31 May 2013

As Steve is confessing - I still have a copy of The Red Badge of Courage from the sixth form library. Also thanks to your teaching, Mr Capey, I was able to support my daughter in her A level history AJP Taylor and all that - she will end up with a better grade than her dad and she is off to uni of East Anglia to study history.

Mike Adkins (B67-70)