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1 Mar 2013

Hi George, i'm pleased to say that i brow-beat my wife into liking my stuff when we first got together, but i occassionally find the likes of the Bee Gees and soppy love-song compilations have been left in the CD tray while i've not been around to censor the situation, i'm not sure that my sound system would know how to handle Engelbert though, All the best, Ken

Ken Gleeson (B72-74)

2 Mar 2013

I left in 1970 and Stuart Brindley was the chaplain. I last saw him at a Newbury reunion - I think about 12 years ago.John Fielding, his predecessor, we still keep in touch with.

Sorry to hear about Brian Kingston. I remember playing bridge with him, and he had an Opel car with an extraordinary (Well, it seemed like it then) dashboard!! He and Mary went to Worksop, i think, after Hamm and we exchanged Christmas cards for some years

I remember him as a kind and generous man.

Mike Capey (C63-70)

9 Mar 2013

I am sorry to hear of the death of Brian Kingston. He taught me 'A' Level Applied Maths for two years. I was an appalling student, however I did manage to scrape through, with his help. Mr Kingston was a very heavy smoker, in those days, and I was cast as him in a "Prefects' Christmas Review" in 1966

Condolances to all his family from a very grateful ex-student.

Dave Naylor (H64-67)

9 Mar 2013

These short video extracts may bring back memories, not least for teachers at Hamm. They come from a 1965 recruitment film seeking teachers for army schools worldwide (Hong Kong, Aden and Malta are highlighted). There are several shots of WGS and WBS (including a quick glimpse of Rev John Fielding in the background during a prize giving) in Film B. Delightful period pieces. I wonder if any of the teachers who drop into the site remember them!! HT to Barbara Simpson who found the links. and

Steve Green (C66-69)

10 Mar 2013

I believe Johnny Walker (Chemistry) is also in the prize giving video clip

Bobby Hoffman (E69-75)

12 Mar 2013

Many thanks for the links to the Youtube clips on forces schools! I recognised Mr Wylie, also Miss Evans - although whichever girl she was talking to had her back to the camera, so not sure who that was. I also saw a friend of mine in the final section, pupils talking about their future - Barbara, not sure about her surname, but she was in my class, and in Caernarvon House. Great fun!

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

14 Mar 2013

I am sure this has been asked previously, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Can anyone remember "gaffers omelette" and or "gaffers pie" ? If so would you like hazard a guess what they were and or contained or even better recipes?

Max Penfold (C65-68)

15 Mar 2013

Max Penfold: It's been a long time since you surfaced.Try running 'Bauernfrühstück' through google and a translating site for several gaffers pie recipes.

Ted Radford (M65-67)

16 Mar 2013

Hi bobby,a gaffers omlette consisted of bacon ,potatoe and eggs.the gaffers pie consisted of the above but in a pie.i stil eat the stuff now,home made of course.regards george

George Coughtrey (S61-64)

17 Mar 2013

Hi, would love to catch up with any other girls from the school during Jan 1977 Yr 4? and Jul 1981 end of Upper Sixth. I was a boarder for a few months then a day pupil for the rest of the time. My Father was the Head Teacher of the Primary School within the grounds and has a lot of memories of the teaching staff at the School. Very friendly with Mr Dunn who was responsible for all our great meals! Would love to find Jackie who was my running partner during athletics and always beat me hands down at 100m.

Wendy Thomson (C77-81)

23 Mar 2013

Well the Windsor Wiggles and Wobbles from 'WBS and WGS GROUP CHAT' group on Facebook are here in the Punchbowl in York for our mini reunion. The third in a series of mini reunions around the country. Join us on Facebook

Robin Ellwood (M67 -68)

Hope you are all having a great time - BillC.

24 Mar 2013

Sorry - I had hoped to attend the mini reunion in York on Saturday, but my daughter has come home for the weekend, so I had to knock it on the head (hadn't seen her since Christmas). I hope you had a good time?

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

24 Mar 2013

Hi all, trying to track down Jane Gysin and Garry Crabtree which were with me through most of my time at Windsor... any info appreciated ... thanks

Simon Peacock (H79-82)

25 Mar 2013

Really enjoyed the mini reunion at the Punchbowl pub in York on Saturday. The weather didn't put many off, thankfully. It was good to see old friends again and make some new ones. Memories, laughs and drinks all round. I would definitely recommend attending one near you. As Robin said, they are monthly and happening in different locations around the UK. Well worth having a look on the Windsor Chat site to see where and when.

Pat Innes (nee Aris) (E74-76)