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3 Jun 2013

I only visit the site once in a blue moon and have just read the post from Izzy Forbes "It always amuses me when there is mention of the escapes from Windsor. It is a miracle that there wasn't a mass exodus with the draconian regime in there!" I was the little toerag who escaped on a cross country chit when i was 10 years and 7 months old and walked all the way home to Dortmund. I retraced my steps on Google Maps last week and discovered that I had walked 27 and a bit miles in 9 hours. - Whoopie, I did a Marathon in one go without knowing it! Stupid boy - I followed the route that our parents drove. Had I checked the maps beforehand I would only have needed to walk 22 miles. The reason for me leaving was that after 2.5 terms at WBS I was fed up with my life being run by bells. On arriving home safely I discovered that half of BAOR and the NRWP Polizei were out looking for me. I was given a big mug of tea with an egg banjo, sent to bed and returned to school at 08:30 hours the following morning. Mr. Benyon was somewhat dischuffed that I hadn't talked to anyone re my dislikes and packed me off to sick bay for a rest under Sister Malloy's beady gaze for a few days. I then returned to the system and continued to soldier under protest. On leaving school in 1965 it was suggested by one of the staff that I should apply for the SAS ................I didn't.

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

3 June 2013

Sharon Bullock; I remember you but have only just seen the message you left in Dec/Jan. Did you get to hear from any of those people you mentioned? I did have contact with Tracey Walker for a while.

Rae Mitchell(nee Cleverly) (M77-81)

4 June 2013

Ref Malcolm Graham's message of 03/06/13 and another name from the past. Prior to going to Hamm in 1971, I was at Hipswell School in Catterick from 1969-1971. One of the teachers was a Mr Benyon. Soon after starting the school at 11, during one of his lessons he had to leave the classroom and told us to carry on working quietly. He said he would know who had been messing about and said he would "keep an eye on us". He then proceeded to take out a glass eye from one of his eye sockets and placed it on his desk at the front of the room! His way of keeping an eye on us!! He had been a pilot in the RAF in WW2 and lost one during a battle. Presumably the same Mr Benyon!!

Kevin Parfitt (H154)(H'71-73)

4 June 2013

Just read back a year or so and came across some of John Bartletts posts which reminded me of the happier times at WBS 1963- 1965 when attempting to play guitar. John Rankine, Gordon Seabrook, Ken Caley, Tich Johnson and his red headed mate in Hillsborough, Dave Naylor are names that come to mind. Mick the Bass I can't remember, but I sympathize. I was the one who ended up playing "bass" on the bottom four strings on a Framus Black rose which was kindly lent to me by someone before I got my own Framus Strato. Gordon Smith and the physics teacher, Boff Barnes, taught us some chords and tricks (I can still play a passable version of 'The Lady Is A Tramp' in chords, thanks Boff). Played a few socials and dances at school. The one I really do remember was a prefect / staff do in the music block in the summer of '65. We played pretty well as I remember and there was a new young maths teacher, (a Mr. Roberts?) who got slightly mellow on the Dortmunder Hansa and then sneaked a few bottles for the band at the end of the night. I sold that Framus Strato just before we came home to the UK in July 65 and you are not going to believe this, but I found it again on two months ago. Yes the very same one. I bought it and have now nearly finished refurbishing the beast.

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

4 June 2013

Hi All, Just came across this web site and wondered if anyone remembers me. My name is Jonathan Matthews or AKA Mathes and was the Head of house in 1976 in Hillsbourough. I have also just come across some 96 pictures taken of the old school in 2006 and was destressed to see that most of it then was dis used. Very sad when I am sure we all have some very fond memories.I certainly remember the forced march to the Church each Sunday :) . Anyway if anyone remebers I would love to hear from them.

Jonathan Matthews (H71-75)

4 June 2013

The Windsor Society Australasia is alive and well. Paid up members receive a comprehensive news letter three times a year whith contributions from its members who not only share their school experiences but also their story as to how and why they came to be living in this part of the world and lots of photos too - former teachers living in the UK contributing their experiences as well. We have biannual reunions not that easy as most of us travel by plane to get there and Adelaide members get together over lunch or dinner twice a year. Sadly the truth is Nic Cuthbert (B73-77) there isn't and army of quality volunteers crawling out of the woodwork and Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)hit the nail on the head "no benefits" for her membership fees. At the end of the day people want 'take home value' for money. It only takes a hand full of people to keep an organisation going but more importantly a membership base who want the same thing. The Windsor Society Australasia newsletter is available to all paid up members.

Ellen Brandon-Warnaby (B59-62), Representative, Windsor Society Australasia

5 June 2013

Any other sandringham inmates of my era out there?

Howard Morrison (S63-66)

5 June 2013

Howard Morrison ! Now there's a name I remember well. Have been looking on this site for years for other people from our era. I'm living in sunny OZ, been here for 40 years. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Patrick Impey (S62-64)

6 June 2013

Kevin Parfitt, Mr Benyon was the headmaster at the time (I think I've got the name right - so many schools and a long long time ago, I apologise to all if I'm wrong)and he used to teach us English in 1A, too. To me at that young age he seemed very straight and tough with no apparent sense of humour, so I would be mildly surprised if it was the same man particularly, as from what you say, he moved from being a headmaster at WBS to a teacher at Catterick. Can anyone else shed light on this?

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

6 June 2013

Hi I attended windsor boys school from78-82.would like get in touch with anyone that remembers me

Mick Stacey (?78-82)

6 June 2013

Me Again. Following on from my recent first post to the web site, out of morbid curiosity i thought I would do some more research on my beloved school. I ended up being rather distressed to eventually see on google maps a completely flat area were my beloved school used to stand.So very sad. Ok that said and for those out there that do remember, was that school so beloved. I went there from Berlin aged 13 so I guess luckier than many poor boys who were there at 11 years old. My years as a third and fourth year at that school were (to be honest) a total misery. The bullying was absolutely every where and being a boarding school you just couldn't escape it. In my 5th year things started to change and in Hillsborough house I became the coke monitor (laughs) selling coke to all the kids that could afford it. The best bit about that was I ended up in a room with just two other kids, one called Kevin who were my very good friends. I then became a house prefect and school prefect eventually becoming head of Hillsborough house. Looking back I wonder that one kid could look after 80 other kids with practically no adult supervision at all. I practically never saw a teacher and with my house monitors had to wake everyone up, get them ready for school and then take care of them when they got 16!! I still can remember the first day of the autumn term walking backwards and forwards down that corridor hearing the 11 year olds crying that being their first day ever away from their parents. That was cruel. OK I am not going to bore anyone to death who reads this. I am sure you all have your own memories of WBS. I personally could write a complete book about the place and what I did. I was there for best part of 5 years.I guess one thing we should all consider is that whether you like it or not, anyone that went to that school is now getting on (hell im 55) so I guess it will eventually become a thing of the past but for as long as I live, WBS will have a very happy place in my heart. Ohhh i forgot something ...incredible as it may seem I actually have a 100% copy of Concordia for one of the years I was there. You know I think I might pdf it and if your interested I can send it to you.....its got all the house pictures in it but I apologies,without going into the attic i can remember what year it was 74 or 76.Sorry for rambling on.... I made some dear friends at that school but as with Army/Air-force life, i lost touch with all of them...... but who knows..perhaps someone in Hillsborough house during my sentence there :0) remembers me. Jon Matthews AKA MAtthes... not sure how...but head of house 75 or was it 76 :)

Jonathan Matthews (H71-75)

7 June 2013

Hi Jon, I certainly remember you, I was in Hillsborough as well, I think you must have been head of house just before Kelvin Neighbours, wonder if you can remember some of the younger lads like John Gay, Steve Pegram, Bob McCormick, Rob George etc etc

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

7 June 2013

Brilliant post Maths, I was there at the same time as you though i was a couple of years younger than you and a Balmoralite, I think the place must hold something special to all of us on this site, and yeah,the photo's showing the demolition saddened me greatly, once i got over the first few weeks i loved the place, having left there at fourteen i would have liked to have finished my education there, also i can imagine that the place was even better the older you were, more priviledges and generally being more knowing, if you get my drift, plenty of scope for getting into more mischief, All the best,

Ken Gleeson (B72-74)

8 June 2013

hi howard,what are you upto now ,look forward to reading about you.

George Coughtrey (S61-64)

9 June 2013

Hi all, I vaguely remember doing binary numbers at school but can never recall the reason we were given for learning them!!! Can anyone help here please??? Definitely don't think it was to do with computer lingo for some reason. Cheers.

Izzy Forbes (B72-75)

9 June 2013

I recently joined the facebook site WBS/WGS Concordia but I think most of the people on there were pupils before me My name is Fiona Long and I was a boarder in St James from January 1974 – August 1977 . I do remember having a stern faced german Hausmutti who was really just a pussy cat. Miss Beetson and Miss Walsh shared accommodation attached to St James and I think we shared our block with Caernarvon? Miss Brown was the headmistress . I can only remember some things but as I look through the FB pages so much more has started rushing back to me. I didn’t find it easy to begin with, and to be honest tried everything I could to be expelled, from smoking in the school block, dorm visiting after dark, night time excursions to the boys school and the list goes on!!!!! I did settle but very slowly. Found I had a gift in sports and played netball and hockey for the House and for the school. I do believe that without sites such as the one already mentioned and of course your own, my memories are flooding back.

Madeline Johnston, had a sister called Jackie; Sharon Holder, sister called Donna; Kimberley who was a twin (we smashed our entrance door through sheer adrenalin after winning a pretty hard game of hockey!!) A girl called Helena ?? she was in the house past the netball courts can’’t quite remember Hillsboro I thin Sue Spinx who had a white streak through the middle of her hair, amazing sports woman. Sue Knox who I think was a Senior House girl?

Fiona Long (StJ74-77)

10 June 2013

Mathes. What a brilliant post, having read loads of posts over the years you capture the essence that was Windsor for so many of us, the Concordia annual with the house photos was in my collection prior to being dumped by my dad as they were just cluttering up the attic and I would love to get a clear quality pic of Marlborough house however I think you will have to load it on here unless you can get it on the Windsor school group thats on Facebook , anyway great post and please post where you upload the house pics if you can. Gillers

Gez Gilmer (M73-77)

11 June 2013

Hi Patrick Impey, In summer term 62 I was in dorm 20 with you for half a term before being moved down to dorm 3 then, in Autumn term 1963 to the infamous dorm 4, where I remained until leaving in the summer of 1963 and returning to England. What part of Oz do you live? My daughter has lived in Perth for 12 years and we have been over 3 times and done a bit of travelling around. This spring we drove up to Monkey Mia and the surrounding area. I live just outside Ipswich where we ended up after leaving SHAPE in Paris. It's good to hear that you're OK. I have posted to your brother Peter a couple of times. Where are all the 60's people??

John Bartlett (S62-63)

14 June 2013

To Mike Adkins. Thanks. Your daughter has chosen well - at the UEA. I have a granddaughter just completing her first year there. We live just a few miles away. Best wishes.

Mike Capey (C63-70)

15 June 2013

Hi John, good to hear from you again,I think we have corresponded a few times over the years.I live on the northern beaches of Sydney,3 kids one married.I had contact with Paul Roper a few years ago, do you remember him.

Patrick Impey (S62-64)

16 June 2013

Looking for Melanie Anne King

Donna Tranent (StJ76-78)

17 June 2013

In reply to Jack Worrall's post of 19 May 2013: I remember Crispin Jones ; we were both in Mr Fox's 1AF in 1969. Please pass on condolences to his mother. I also remember his father Brangwyn; I still have a copy of his German book "Lustiges Lernen".

Bobby Hoffman (E69-75)

20 June 2013

Met up with Gordon Smith last Sunday. Played guitar together again - first time since 1965. Where have all the years gone? Gordon thinks it was Kai Edwards who owned and lent me the Framus Black Rose....... Stuart Helm was another member of the band in 1965.....

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

22 June 2013

Hey Malcolm, Nice to read your posts on here and remember the name of our band members. Stuart Helm was one I had fogotten. The band was called "Bash St". I relished those days and the music we played, practicing in the Music Block and playing at socials. I remember Gordon Seabrook, you and I had a get together when I came over to the UK (was it 2006?)..great day.

Dave Naylor (H64-67)

25 June 2013

Wotcha Dave Naylor, that was a good get together with Gordon a few years ago - thoroughly enjoyed it. Are you still in the land of Oz?I had major PC problems just after that meet up and lost all contact details (plus the photos of Bash St that Gordon sent). Perhaps the man controlling this site would be kind enough to pass my contact details on to you?

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

27 June 2013

hi all . some of the posts ive read explain why i havnt been able to renew my membership. so what do i do now? liz , id love to know what the newspaper cutting is. the mick who was mentioned in a recent post , was it mick green? i remember doing a radio program from wbs based on juke box jury with him and two girls from wgs (mo and ?) god all so long ago . im still in the dordogne, 12 years now. any who best wishes to all.

Paddy McMurray (E65-67)

28 June 2013

I was so sorry to hear about george squires. i joined the diplomatic service with him in 1967, i left after 3 years but george had a full career, spending a lot of time in china. he was so young. but we are now losing people .all started with dave brown who was also too young.

Paddy McMurray (E65-67)

29 June 2013

his a belated reply to John Fisher, A couple of points about the daily routine, Lunch - it may be me but seem to remember we had to lie on our beds after the meal. I loved gaffers pie and gaffers omelette does any one have any idea what they were?or better still a recipe. I have a confession to make I was a midnight runner and caused a few problems for my fellow dorm mates. Sorry guys it was fun and I appreciated you silence

Max Penfold (C65-68)