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3 Jan 2013

Happy New Year to all you Windsorites, lets hope it is a good one. Lets hope the committee can bring us some news about a reunion.

Steph Southall (B78-80)

3 Jan 2013

Happy New Year one and all. For personal reasons I've stepped down from the committee and will no longer be processing membership payments and renewals. Please contact one of the other committee members regarding joining or renewing your membership.

Malcolm Brunsdon (E67-69)

3 Jan 2013

Happy New Year to all the Windsor Peeps! Great to see the page still going!
Quick question, before i renew my subs... where do the subs go? I appreciate that you guys keep the site going.... Please, please answer the question Bill....
and don't delete my post! It's a question that pops up a lots of "mini reunions"
Would appreciate an answer! Regards to all of the committee for a happy 2013

Julie Preston (E79-81)

Happy New Year Julie - Sorry but I have no breakdown of the Windsor Society accounts. I am not involved in the finances and never claim any expenses for what I do, when the bill for the site comes in I pass it to Bob Jordan to deal with - I suggest you contact Bob Jordan or David Edmondson direct with any queries about the accounts. You will see that I have taken the links down so that subs are no longer collected on this site.

3 Jan 2013

David Appleby and Robert there's two names I remember, maybe we shared a dorm in Edinburgh. I was there at the same time. I now live in Tasmania

Glyn Johnson (E63-68)


The first in a series of nationwide informal gatherings to celebrate
the anniversary years of Windsor Boys and Girls School.(open 60 yrs
closed 30 yrs)

At the Ghillie Dhu Bar, Edinburgh. Saturday 26TH January 2013 from
12:00 onwards.

This is not a Windsor Society event, but all are welcome, for more info and details of future events see WBS & WGS GROUP CHAT on facebook.

7 Jan 2013

Hiya lzzy forbes OMG its been over 40years, would love to catch up, I often listen to Yusef formerly known as Cat Stevens and think of our time banged up in Debs dorm!!!! hope you get this messenge and look forward to the catch up x

Sue Mackay (E71-74)

8 Jan 2013

Better late than never. Just like to wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. Special greetings to all my old Windsorite buddies from the 60s We lost an extremely nice guy and very loved member last year and my thoughts and prayers go out to all his family and friends. RIP Steve ?

Jean Cavanagh (StJ65-68)

9 Jan 2013

Came upon this site AGAIN after many years. Went to the first reunion in 93 with my Sister Jenny. Saw recent post by Dave Appleby who I did meet up with in 93 along with Robbo Robertson(B) and I believe, Paddy McMurray. Saw Glyn Johnson's recent post. Unfortunately Glyn, though your name rings a bell, I cannot picture you. I do remember the following however, Alan Quartermain, Rob Locke, Dave Templeton, Martin Fry, Mick & Clive Burhouse. Mick & I ran the tuck shop for a while sometime during 67/68!! Since I played cricket and football (wasn't into academics to much), I also remember the following from various houses. Ted Browm (S), Keith & Pete Arnold (C), Mike Hedges (H), Phil Stafford (M) Keith? Trevithick, Dave Hodgeson and Keith Buckley. I know I have missed mentioning others for which I apologise, unfortunately, the grey matter is not what it used to be. If anyone remembers me - great. I must get round to renewing membership. Hope everyone has a great New Year. Cheers

Derek Williams (E65-68)

11 Jan 2013

Hi Sue McKay, I am so glad to hear from you - just can't beleive you've been in contact! Fab!!!!! I will contact one of the committee and ask them to pass my E-mail address to you - I tried to find you on facebook without success!!!!! Take care - hope for a good catch up soon. Ring the bell to clear the corridor in case we've got the lurgy!!!! iZZZi F

Izzy Forbes (E72-75)

26 Jan 2012

Is that Sue Mc KAY FROM DAN IN MEDWAY? lived next to me in Nienburg. brother David.

Kevin Adams (B72-75)

27 Jan 2013

Hello everyone,remember me,Brownie from Marlborough House! I remember Barry & Loz Mc Govern,Nige Murray,Monty,Mr Kitchen,Mr Hern,Mr Greedy,Mr.Wenn,Mr Guisen(headmaster),GOM. The Salt brothers,Paul Brooke (the boy who lived in the sick bay) my old dorm mates,Phil,(Mark) Carver,Paul Burge,Dave Elvidge who thought he was Elvis!! all that hairgel,gooey.My favourite teachers(?)- P.Ball,Mrs.McKay. Remember the snooty French teacher?,forgotten her name -sorry,Mr.Leighton another head!,lessons at the WGS,art with Jakki Manners,singing at the school with Paul Brooke(Blue blood and Smudge we called ourselves!)Music teacher Gwynne Williams and Mr.Martin,Nick Steele,Jackie Grimes and Dave Parslow,Lydia White(?),Dawn and Debbie the lovely twins,the georgeous german lab assistant,Mr Rowles lovely grub!! The Matrons,who were always kind and caring,well in Marlborough anyway,sorry if I've left anyone out,but it's been a while! Please say hello if you do remember me,and I will reply/type again.Cheers,Steve.

Steve Brown (M79-81)

29 Jan 2013

Yes Kevin it is me from the medway towns, did you live in the same block as us in Nienburg? Yes i do have a brother David and a sister Wendy, its great that you have remembered us after all these years, your post helped me get in touch with Izzie Forbes, so thanks for that. Do live in the Medway towns aswell? Hope to hear from you soon best Wishes

Sue Mackay (E71-74)

30 Jan 2013

I remember you Steve, I've still got some of the poems you wrote somewhere, in the attic probably :-) You had a younger brother there as well.

Wayne Davies (M79-82)

30 Jan 2013

"BROWNIE" all I can say is WOWZA mate!! Been waithing for you to come out of hiding for ages...where`ve ya been marra!! Am in regular touch and odd reunions with Mark Shrives and Wayne Davies. Been to one of the reunions and your name always pops up when remembering late 70s Marlborough. Where are you living these days? Loz & Barry are on Facebook where there is a couple of active sites/pages for WBS and WGS. Great to hear from you Steve and hope to see you in the not too distant!! BTW, if you can`t remember me I was the `Pain in the Butt` Day Bug that hung out with you boarders when we had free periods and I needed somewhere to hide other than the Day Room!!

Keith Moralee (77-81)