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4 Dec 2013

New specs. day! My sight has improved in my right eye at the age of 64, yippee! Original deterioration was due to me creeping up on a bluebottle in the day room with a can of fly killer. I took aim, squirted and collapsed blind and screaming. This stupid boy had the nozzle back to front and filled my eye with insecticide - the bluebottle flew off unharmed. Frau Dilla and Sister Malloy did a great job but I've needed specs ever since. Talking of Sister Malloy and hence sick bay, who (other than me) made the mistake of answering "No" to the question "Haff you been to ze toilet viz ze paper?". Mike Trevithick did warn me but I ignored him.......

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

4 Dec 2013

Fabulous photograph found by Phil McGregor, of the 390th Bomb Group making a daylight raid on the Hamm marshalling yards. There was a photograph hanging up in the corridor of Edinburgh House, showing the Edinburgh and Balmoral block completely bombed through from top to bottom. Does anyone remember seeing this photograph? As I recall, it was a relatively low-level, oblique angle aerial shot! looking at the bomb run in the raid, in a roughly SW direction at 22,000ft, I can now see how a stray bomb happened to hit the block. Erratum: It is 36 years since I left WBS, so please forgive the change of attendance date in this posting - I could not, initially, remember Jack Worrall as Headmaster, remembering Yaxley(?) as Headmaster instead. Studying the staff photo of 1969, I vaguely remember Jack Worrall, because I do remember 'Johnny Walker' taking over the Headship on a temporary basis - how popular he was, how sad we were when he left! We sang 'Jerusalem' at the end of his last assembly - please correct me if my history contains more imagination than fact. So, I must have left in June-July 1977!

Geoffrey Pickles (E72-77)

7 Dec 2013

Are the cases down from the loft?.........
Are you all packing to go home for Christmas?..........
Where is home?........ Hannover? Laarbruck?? Berlin???

Are you all going to leave PegLeg alone this year again????

Bah Humbug!!! I was Jacob Marley in 'A Christmas Carol' - Who else played there part in the show????????? X

iZZZi Forbes (E72-75)

10 Dec 2013

I remember Alan Quartermain getting stabbed, I think the boy's name was Dieter, it was a long time ago.

Chris Crawford(H63-67)

12 Dec 2013

Hi Geoff,The story when i was there which was the same time as you, was that an Allied bomber crashed into our block, there is a photo somewhere showing the block with most of the roof and part of the front of Edinburgh house missing, there used to be another block behind ours which took the full force which was totally destroyed, All the best,

Ken Gleeson (B72-74)

13 Dec 2013

Hope all those attending the London Windsor minimeet have a great time. Really enjoyed the Chesterfield minimeet on 12 December. Great to catch up with ex Windsor friends, old and new.

Pat Innes (Aris) (E74-76)

13 Dec 2013

Hi, I was at WBS 1963-68 ( Marlborough house.) Is there anyone who was there at the time? Thanks, Alex

Alex Coren (M63-68)

14 Dec 2013

Just like to say hi to Joanne Ivory. Yes its amazing how time flies. how's things with you?

Stephen Forward (C71-74)

14 Dec 2013

I have just read about the death of Mr Worral, we we neighbours in Hamm in 1970.My 1970 we lived at 3 Am Huckenholz. My father Jim Cutts looked after the quarters and barracks etc with the DOE Later became PSA. HAd fond memories of the family I used to play with his son (43) years ago. Fond memories of the Kitchen family ,Lyndsey wE my mate 70-72. Mr Kitchen was a good man. I am friends with his daughter on FB. Would like to know how her brother is doing. Mr Hearn I remembervery well. Mr Bugden, Mr Goody,Mr Stevens (not so good memories). Best school out.

Ian Cutts (M77-79)

15 Dec 2013

Ken Gleeson - that explains the "waste ground" behind Edinburgh / Balmoral then. I remember hanging out of the boot room window enviously watching a pair of youths hammering a beaten up two seater sports car around that area. I've always wondered who they were. (Daddy Schumacher and friend?). It was my mid term fix of motor sport whilst waiting for the holidays to come round when I could go out driving with the regimental kart team again.

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

16 Dec 2013

Hi Malcolm, well there's a coincidence, during your stay at Windsor my dad was heavily involved in Kart racing with the Royal Engineers at Brompton Barracks, his claim to fame is that they wrangled a training exercise of doing the earth-works and construction of a kart track for the Boy Scouts on proviso that the team could use the track rather than racing around parade ground in camp, that track is Buckmore Park which is now one of the premier kart tracks in the country, i certainly have some very fond memories of karting during the sixties, All the best

Ken Gleeson (B72-74)

16 Dec 2013


Dan Shuttleworth (E63-66)


16 Dec 2013

Hi everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Malcolm Graham - I must say that I am enjoying reading your posts. Hope you are well and still strumming those chords!

Alex Coren - Now there is a name I remember well. We were at WBS at the same time and (if I remember correctly) in the Fifth and Sixth forms together. We played football in the school teams and you played rugby. I think we were also school prefects at the same time (?)

A couple of weekends ago, we a fantastic reunion for Australia and New Zealand members. It was organised superbly by Ellen Warnaby. I roomed with Alan Meadows (C62-63). We spent most of the time drinking, eating and reminiscing old times. Oh and we watched the cricket - getting slaughtered by these Aussies is really hard to take.

Hope you all enjoy your Christmas, where ever you are in the world.

Dave Naylor (H64-67)

18 Dec 2013

Wondering whether there any old friends who would like to make contact.

Alix Baker (S62-64)

19 Dec 2013

David Naylor - good to hear from you and that your still well.
Yup - I'm still playing and making noise with 3ish bands, one of which plays an awful lot of the same numbers as we did at WBS (sign of age, y'know).

Are you still beatin' the skins?


And a big Thank You to Mr. Shuttleworth for allowing us to keep making harmless fools of ourselves in cyberspace.

Malcolm Graham (E60-65)

Feel obliged to point out that Dan Shuttleworth isn't responsible for this site I am. - BillC

20 Dec 2013

Alex Coren, yes I remember you! I think you were Head Boy and either shared a dorm with Peter Wagg, Don Pearson or Barry Garfitt. Other names you may remember: Paul Clay, Gerry Mills, Ralph Bennett and my good friend Paul Sayers. Hope this finds you well. I live near Boston, USA. Pretty soon we'll be celebrating 50 years since we left that great place!

Michael Downey (M65-68)

21 Dec 2013

Hi, I would like to wish everyone that was at WGS (specially those that were in Sandringham House)A HAPPY CHRISTMAS & A HEALTHY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2014

Christine Jones (S71-75)

22 Dec 2013

Christmas post from one of the old-timers. Good to see postings from all the old Marborough lads - as they were then. Initiated by Alex - well-remember you and all the others mentioned by Mike Downey. As he writes it is a long time ago and is testament to PMK that so many still look back with fondness to their days in Marlborough. Of course WBS/WGS were not everyone's cup-of-tea but all-in-all I think that we all did a good job - staff and students alike. I hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy, healthy 2014. Ralph - thanks for your card. It's great to be remembered.

Geoff Hern (B60-80)

22 Dec 2013

Alex Cohen is a name I remember. Also don Pearson. I shared a dorm with Don in 1963 ( I think) . I was in Marlborough when Ron Lancaster was head boy and me kitchen was head of Marlborough. Anyway, my first time to this site. Meet Christmas to all ex windsor school chums.

Richard Hurford (M62-65)

31 Dec 2013

Wishing everyone who visits this site a very happy and healthy 2014. I have just started scanning a huge amount of slides which my Dad,Peter Kitchen,took whilst housemaster of Marlborough. I am planning on putting them on the WBS/ Wgs Facebook page. If anyone could let nd know how to put them on here I will gladly try! There are some superb shots of the May fete,lots of sporting action and some drama too. Nostalgic to say the least!

Virginia Kitchen (M71-79)