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3 Sep 2012

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you all that Steve Dipper died today after suffering a massive heart attack. His Father telephoned me this evening from hospital with the sad news. I know Dips's will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Rest in peace Steve.

Phil McGregor (C73-76)

4 Sep 2012

It is with great sadness that I have to let everyone know of the passing away of Steve Dipper, he attended WBS, Sandringham House, during the mid/late seventies. He was a most popular ex-WBS member. You will see from the Re-Union ad on this page he was very active in ensuring we all kept in touch. Our condolences and best wishes go to his family. I know from all the posts on facebook how popular this man is and I would just like to say my own personal farewell to Steve who has been a good friend to me in recent times when I have benefitted from his counsel. RIP Big Man!

Scot Innes (M73-76)

5 Sep 2012

On behalf of the Committee and members of the Windsor Society I would like to offer condolences to Steve Dipper's family. Although not at school with Steve I did meet him at a few reunions, a really nice guy who will definately be missed by us all.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

5 Sep 2012

Nice to see this website is still going strong! I guess if I could do it again I would have spent the whole of prep doing prep instead of gazing out of the window waiting for supper! Life turned out well for me, a few rain clouds here and there, but I am thankful for my lot! And hopefully there is more to come! Warm regards to you all!

Jon Cressey (C73-76)

6 Sep 2012

Our condolences to the family of the late Steve Dipper. No man walks this earth without leaving his mark. Windsor Society Australasia.

Ellen Brandon-Warnaby (B59-62)

6 Sep 2012

would like to say hi to everyone on this site will b a frequent visitor would like to find people that remember me from my time at wbs I live in wales with my wife 4 of our children live nearby 1 lives in kent we have 14 granchildren that makes me feel really old but only 53 only lol well hope to hear from ex school mates soon

Paul Stannett (E??-??)

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Phil (Grog) McGregor (C73-76)

11 Sep 2012

All, the funeral for Steve 'Dips' Dipper will take place on Friday 21st of September at 13:40 hrs

Stonefall Cemetery & Crematorium,
Wetherby Road,
North Yorkshire,

Followed by "tea and Buns" at Dips' parents home, at Dips' request attire to be smart casual.


Phil (Grog) McGregor (C73-76)

11 Sep 2012

Just to add my message of condolence to Dips'family & friends. His untimely death caused me to seek out this page, in order that i may express my grief and share memories of one hell of a nice guy.
Steve was the drummer, alongside Andy ranson and myself in that legendary (????) rock band of the mid 70's ASAONS.....he was also my Best Man when i got married in 1978. My army career & his international jet setting meant we lost touch for a long while but the internet re-united us, this century, and it was is if we'd never been apart. We never did get to share that pint (or gallon) of ale, having to settle for his beloved Costa coffee due to his ill health, but each time i indulge i'll remember him for the quality guy he truly was. RIP Marra, you truly were one in a Billion.

Alex Robinson (E73-76)

12 Sep 2012

My dad was stationed in Osnabruck & I attended Windsor Girls school from '68 if my memory serves me right. I remember behind Sandringham block being the 1st block on the left as you came through the gates. There was a swimming pool behind the block. I remember the school so well and I have fond memories of my stay. I had a number of friends and we all had nick names, I was Yogi, this is where my memory is not so good as I can only remember Toots Bull :( I did pay a visit before I left Germany but the school was full of refugees?? I only got as far as the tennis courts when I had to leave, too emotional. I have lost all my photo's but can still 'see' the school xxxx

Yvonne Pedley (S68-70)

14 Sep 2012

Heard the news about Dips, such a sad day. Dips and I had a long chat at the Milton Keynes renunion, about our time at WBS, about CAt breath , me breaking the ice, the Dingers, and a general feeling of belonging thet Hamm gave us. I knew he had heart problems, he was quick to point this out as the reason he couldn't have a beer! But the news that he had passed was a shock, so sad, but also met with a wry smile regarding our chat at MK. So long buddy, it's been a pleasure.

Nic's Cuthbertson (B73-77)

28 Sep 2012

I'd like to ask pamela ross which house she was in and was that kev savage in one of her photos .regards

George Coughtrey (61-64)

30 Sep 2012

Hi I wonder if anyone remembers me and my sister Janice Grant, don't remember a lot apart from our head of house was Suesan Rae and head girl of school was Sue Griffiths, I think the head mistress at that time was Miss Evans. My sister played in a school production of the great plague of London but cannot remember the name of the play. It would be great to hear from anyone who was around at that time

Denise Grant Whitup (E65-66)