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01 Oct 2012

I was at WGS in 1965 with my sister Janice Grant and we were both in Edinburgh house. I think at that time the head girl of Edinburgh was Sue Rae and head girl of school was Sue Griffin (not sure if correct sur name but something like that) I don't really remember much more apart from that I am sure the headmistress was a Miss Evans. It has been great looking at the pictures as all the memories have come flooding back of inter house swimming competitions that I took part in to playing the violin in the school hall. It would be great to hear from anyone who may remember me or my sister. Our Father was in the Royal Air Force and we lived in RAF Larrbruch (again can't remember correct spelling) so were full time borders. Kind Regards

Denise Grant Whitup (E65-??)

01 Oct 2012

Pleased to hear that reunion proceeding - despite sad news about Steve Dipper! Can you please tell me if anyone from the 50's is going.

Ellen Gill (S54-58)

02 Oct 2012

Re George Coughtrey's message (September) -I was in St James, but as to boys, I was a very shy flower and knew very few boys and therefore very few names! So I can't tell you if it is a Kev Savage in my photo, as I probably didn't know. I know, I know, hard to imagine me as being shy, but believe me I was. I made up for it after I left school and went to university - ;-)

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

02 Oct 2012

Hi, just read some past messages from old school pupils, there right about memories, it dose bring them back, I remember the day's of smoking in the gaffers block, on the back fields where the wall is (or was)there were a few smoking areas in the main block as well, lol, my notority in both school's was renound, I used to hang around with the like's of Pete Kneyon (blast from the past there) the McRitchie brother's, Ian, Donald and David, Nick Loats to name but a few, some of them were in the school's athletics team and football team, brilliant day's, if anyone wishes to get in touch with me you would be most wellcome.

Raymond Birrell (S67-71)

12 Oct 2012

Just updated my Google Earth, went to have another look at WBS and it's now mostly a vacant block...should have taken a pic before they updated the imagery. What a shame

Glyn Johnson (E63-68)

24 Oct 2012

Haven't been on here in a long time. Just seen that Neil Carrick passed away (a good few years back so sorry for bringing up bad news again). He was my dorm mate for a number of months very sad to see the news. Also see a few other people from the dim and distant past...Bob Hoffman - we tried to play in a band together, him on piano and me on git box....I was bad back then and still am now LOL. Anybody know what happened to Sue Gouldbourne? I see Will Henry in the posts and a number of other....Hi to you all!

Pat (Paddy) O'Neill (H71-75)

26 Oct 2012

Hi Paddy. This is a strange coincidence. I've just arrived home on 23/10 after a weeks holiday with my wife in Berlin. The first time I've been back since 1973. I was also in your dorm with Kev Bayes, Richard Gatehouse, Stillwell (Jimmy??) and a few others. We were one of the Berlin group. We certainly got up to some pranks. Do you recall the time we were late catching the military train out of Berlin. We caught it just in time and a whole group of us, Kev Bayes, John Moseley, Paul Ramshall (sadly killed a few years ago) ended up next to the catering car. By the time we got to Helmstedt we had thrown hundreds of boiled and raw eggs out of the train windows at E German trains and coal barges over the River Elbe. The Russians were apoplectic with rage and by the time we arrived at Braunswick the Red Caps escorted us all of the train and took us to Hamm by military escort. We were taken to Jack Worrells office by Hayden Jones as I recall, expecting the cane etc but Jac
k Worrell just said "it's in the hands of the military now"! Our fathers had to go and see the GOC Berlin, The Earl Cathcart who said the Russians were furious and that it could have caused "an international incident". My dad said it was only a school boy prank but he wouldn't have it and we were banned from the military train. We had to be taken to and from school at the start and end of term, viso weekends etc by car as our parents had to drive from Berlin along the 'corridor' to collect us.
When we arived at Tegel airport last week, the German Customs Officer studied my passport for quite some time. Perhaps we are still on a wanted list for defacing E German property!!
As well as the usual tourist places, we visited Spandau (I lived near the prison and you by the BMH as I recall. The place has changed a lot and there is massive building work going on all over. The old BIB HQ with the Olympic pools etc is still there just along from the Olympic Stadium.

It's always at this time of year approaching Xmas that thoughts return to those happy and care free days.

I hope you and any other ex colleagues and teachers who remember me are all well. I keep meaning to write a book about exploits in Berlin and Hamm.
The day I left Berlin one of my dad's sargeants nearly clipped me around the ear as workmen in a JCB on a building site unearthed Spandau machine guns still in grease proof paper, ammo, helmets, grenades and I tried to pull the trigger of one of the guns!! Perhaps when I retire!!

Kevin Parfitt H154 (H71-73).

27 Oct 2012

Hi Paddy O'Neill: I saw Neil Carrick at one of the Windsor reunions (I think 2000) and was also sorry about his passing. I still plunk away at the piano now and then (still playing songs Thomo taught me). And I remember our time in A level pure maths at WGS with Ms Gray - I don't think she appreciated students from WBS. I was in the UK last year and had a couple beers with John Dudley you may remember (Geography and basketball teacher). I am in the UK occasionally - send me your email an I will let you know next time I am there.

Bobby Hoffman (E69-75)

28 Oct 2012

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Jane Blake (or sister Carol) at Windsor about 1956/7 time? Her home was at Krefeld. Father Royal Marines or Royal Navy.

David Starkie (B56-57)

28 Oct 2012

hi pamala ross,this is my 3rd attempt at replying to your msg.would you have known val young and jenny knipe,both in sandringham house?.regards george

George Coughtrey (S61-64)

29 Oct 2012

George - I think the name Val Young rings a bell - did she have blonde hair in a ponytail?

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)