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1 Nov 2012

Wow...what a blast from the past! Hi Guy's! Hey Kev. Yes I remember the "international incident" very Dad never let me forget it LOL. To say he was not amused is an understatement....not the fact I did it but more so the fact he had to take me back and fore nand stand in front of the GOC for a right b*******. I have been to Berlin a few times and actually worked for the military there for a number of years (suprised they gave me a job with my "record"!). It was a great time in Berlin when were all at school and a real good group of people to hang around with.

Hey Bob...yes the maths lessions were interesting to say the least....not sure Ms Grey took a shine to her eyes I was one of those horrible WBS kids LOL. It would be great to catch up for a beer or two when you are over do I get to send you my e-mail as we are not allowed to post it here? Are you still in contact with Bill Burford?. I had some communication wit Bo Obar 6-7 years ago but not heard from him since.

Patrick (Paddy) O'Niell (H71-75)

4 Nov 2012

Just a note to say that there is a thriving community on Facebook of former students at WBS and WGS. As well as chat, memories and contacts there are many photos (including many house, prefects and sports teams) going on the sites and now Concordias. So far issues from 1960, 1968, 1969 and 1978 are available. Others will follow. There is currently a positive discussion on how the FB and Windsor Soc can integrate whilst keeping their own focus. Of course Facebook is not for everyone. The WBS/WGS groups are closed so postings can only be seen by those admitted to the groups.. they are not public on FB.

Steve Green (C66-68, E68-69)

11 Nov 2012

Hi pamela,ta for your reply,would you per chance have a photo of her? yes she was blonde, generally in a ponytail.i used to have a picture,but in all my moves,it seems to have been mislaid.thanks regards george

George Coughtrey (S61-64)

12 Nov 2012

Names that I can remember from that era. Peter Lambert, Dirk Matthews, Tony Sugg, Nick Venner, Roger Holyoak, Gordon Hall. Mr Wylie was headmaster. Mr. Robertson an English teacher. Andy Roberts ( I think ) who was a really good bowler at cricket. Ian Green ( I think ) very fast sprinter. Can anyone remember digging holes under the perimeter wall behind the gym so we could escape. Also remember the cross country runs along the river. White rabbit & I.D.T. Very fond memories. Who was the sod in Marlborough House that nicked my collection of pristine condition Marvel comics out of my locker. They are worth a fortune nowadays. Still gutted !

Fred Sweeney (M62-64)

13 Nov 2012

Karen Cheetham, did you used to live in a private hiring up behind the Mohne See Dam? If so you and I used to share the mini bus down to the main Soest estate where we would catch our buses to WBS and WGS. Best wishes.

Trevor Biggs (C71-76)

16 Nov 2012

Steve Green's message regarding Facebook is interesting. I'm not - and don't want to be - a member, but if it's closed to all but Windsorites only then I, for one, would be interested. It probably explains why there are so few messages on this site these days, which is a great shame - see my earlier rant a few months back. Perhaps Steve could give some more detail.

John Bartlett (S62-63)

19 Nov 2012

John Bartlett and Others. There are several Facebook groups that might
be of interest. The busiest of which are ‘closed’ groups’ where
membership is approved by the admin. In the case of ‘WBS & WGS GROUP
CHAT’ and ‘Windsor Boys' School Hamm Germany’ prospective members
Windsor credentials are checked prior to acceptance.

'WBS & WGS GROUP CHAT' (closed group: Anyone can see the group and who's in it. Only members see posts.)

'Windsor Boys' School Hamm Germany' (closed group)

'Windsor Girls School, Hamm,' (closed group)

'WINDSOR GIRLS SCHOOL..CONCORDIA FOREVER!!!' (open group: Anyone can see the group and who’s in it and what member post)

'Windsor Boys and Girls School, Hamm' (open group)

In addition there is a fledgling Facebook group ‘The Windsor Society’ specifically for paid up members of the Windsor Society. It’s membership and content is fairly limited at the moment but hopefully it will grow into a useful addition to the Societies on-line armoury.

Phil McGregor (C73-76)

19 Nov 2012

As I have received no direction from the committee I have decided to post the messages received about FaceBook on this site. I have a FaceBook account but having been on the Internet since its early days (expensive dial-up connection to Birmingham) I would like to offer the following advice to those who are going to sign up.

1) FaceBook is not really free - you are passing on personal data about yourself which they then sell on to others to target advertising or whatever else they can think of using it for.

2) Nobody can guarantee that everyone on a closed user group has the right to be on there (unless they know them personally) - enough information to convince anybody that you went to Windsor can easily be picked up just from this site alone.

3) Whatever you post on the web will be there forever, you will not be able to get it erased.

With this in mind I would urge you to have fun on FaceBook but take care what you post or reveal about yourself on there, nobody yet knows what the efffects of Social Networking will be. There is an old net saying - TNSTAAFL (there's no such thing as a free lunch) and it applies to FB. Why do you think people spend valuable time writing "Free" Apps for it.

I am not posting this in an attempt to scare or put people off FaceBook, I am on there myself and its a great way to keep in contact with people but as people who may not have been on the Internet that long are being directed there from this site I feel that I should make sure that they understand the facts that perhaps a lot of older FB members are aware of already.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

20 Nov 2012

As this will be the last opportunity to reprise the tradition of 8/8/88, 9/9/99, etc., will anybody be meeting at Trafalgar Square 12:00 on 12/12/12?

Graeme Aldridge (B80-83)

20 Nov 2012

When I did the Trafalgar Square meet I had such a good time that I missed the last train home - cost me £40 for a taxi from Swindon.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

21 Nov 2012

Hello again Alan Savage, glad your doing well, seems a shame not too many of Caernarvon's early 70's intake post much would be nice to know how they are all doing.

Mark Day (C71-74)

29 Nov 2012

Hi Former Comrades, Would love to hear from Debs Moyce and Sue Mckay who were in isolation with me and helped me through the meningitis scare in Edinburgh House in 1972. Would also love to hear from Jackie McCallum (so would Jeannie the escapee)!!! Cat Stevens (Yusef Islam as now known), Tea For The Tillerman album -Father and Son. Would not have survived the aftermath without Jonsey (Rock and Roll Suicide). Genuine thanks to all of you - forever in my heart. With love, Izzy

Izzy Forbes (E72-75)