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3 Mar 2012

Hey Izzy Forbes, (Isabella!). Great to hear from you. Yep, I meant every word. You made me feel more positive about my early weeks at Windsor, for the reasons I spoke of. Some things stay with you forever and I have never forgotten you. Hope life has treated you well. Like most of us, it's probably been full of ups and downs All the best. xx

Pat Innes (nee Aris) (E74-76)

6 Mar 2012

Hi Pat Innes (Aris), Great to here from you and your comments really cheered me up. THANK YOU. As you said life has its ups and downs - the time you refer to was defo not one of my better periods and you really helped me as well. My entry re runaway and meningitis will explain. I hope you are keeping well. Hope to hear from you again.

Izzy Forbes (E72-75)

9 Mar 2012

Bow O'Barr - glad to know that you are still around! I don't check this site regularly even though Wil is the North American rep (I think). Do you keep up with any Americans from our time at Windsor? I think Greg sees Bobby in FL occasionally and Wil saw a McPartland recently in Austin, but I haven't seen any of y'all in 30 years! Regards to Tommy. Beth

Beth Oxford Shamburger (M70-74)

10 Mar 2012

I have just seen the message from Dennis Thompson (Sept.2011) . In the message he mentioned Catering Course at WGS. It must have been me who taught you Dennis and I think I remember you.......tall guy, dark hair? and Bobby....."red" haired? Would be good to know how life has panned out for you, and others who I taught.

Rae Mitchell (nee` "Miss Cleverly") (M77-81)

13 Mar 2012

We in the choir in the 60's were taught a catchy tune by Thommo - I think it was a Jewish folk tune which went "Oi boi boi boi boii boii boiiii......" Those were the only words - easy to learn! Can anyone point me to a Youtube or itunes copy of this? Ptobably went on into the 70's also......

Nick Welford (E68-70)

13 Mar 2012

Hi Nick, I remember the tune well, it was very catchy but I haven't got a clue what it is called.
I sang this in the Hillsborough choir so I rekon the man to ask would be Dave Nailor.
cheers John

John Fisher (H65-68)

17 Mar 2012

have only just found the site! bringing back many good memories,only name i remember was Dave Gordon my partner in night time runs to the girl school.

Steve Lloyd (H73-76)

18 Mar 2012

To Rae Mitchell (nee Miss Cleavely), finally back in touch with Bobby and Nancy Cooper (nee Cook). We are all on face book, you are right on the button I am the tall one with dark hair and Bobby the small red haired one.

Dennis Thompson (H77-81)

20 Mar 2012

Oi boi boi. Since I was Tommo's pianist, I remember the song well. I believe it was a Jewish wedding song. I can still play it, and do, on my piano

Mike Capey (C64-70)

21 Mar 2012

Replying to Dennis Thompson:) I don`t use or have access to Facebook. Did you continue with the catering? How has your life turned out? Pass on my very best wishes to any others who were on the course.

Rae Mitchell (M77-81)

22 Mar 2012

I also recall Oi Boi Boi. Another one from that era was Peat Bog Soldiers, (Moorsoldaten) one of the greatest protest songs of all time. Paul Robeson's version still resonates.

Steve Green (C/E 66-69)

23 Mar 2012

To Rae Mitchell already passed on your message to the others, it's a pity you can't get facebook and friend all of us. As there is a photo of the group on there with Mr Dunn from the girls school kitchen's. Now in touch with Tracey Dixon, whom I'm told is in contact with Sarah Beacon. So the group is getting to know each other again after 33 years. I went to college for a year to study catering management after leaving school. Couldn't get a job in the catering industry. So joined the military but not ACC. Now married with 3 boys of my own, currently not working due to heart failure after catching a chest infection. Oldest boy study for his "A" levels. Living in South Wales currently after leaving the army. What are you currently doing with yourself then ?

Dennis Thompson (H77-81)

23 Mar 2012

Thanks Steve. I remember the first two lines of the Peat Bog Soldiers.

"Far and wide as the eye can wander
Peat and bog are everywhere.."

I think I've got that right. How does it go on?

Mike Capey (C64-70)

24 Mar 2012

Hi Dennis Thompson; good to know what happened to you after Windsor and sorry to learn of your health problems. I hope things get better. I am still loving life and am now in North Yorkshire, right on the edge of N.York Moors so enjoy plenty of walking. Also lots of golf. Am fortunate to have retired from teaching although I did enjoy it, especially at WGS.(best days of my teaching career) Give my regards to anyone else who knew me. Are any of you with Friends Reunited?

Rae Mitchell (M77-81)

24 Mar 2012

Hi all long time since I've been on. Hi Steve how you doing been a long time.

David Gordon (H74-77)

25 Mar 2012

Hi Rae Mitchell I have been in contact with Dennis Thompson recently myself, as he explained in his post we are all catching up with each other on facebook.Tracey Saltmarsh nee Dixon lives in Beverley a short distance from myself. We meet up maybe a couple of times a year and have some wonderful chats over tea and cake about school and all the good times we had and the people we meet through school.Tracey is a Geography teacher herself now after a late career change. I myself was in the catering industy for a lot of years until I had spinal surgery, now I work for Samskip a shipping in Hull and really enjoy it. Good to hear you are enjoying your life after retiring, and to think your best times in teaching was with us lot at Windsor. I am on friend reunited under the name Nancy Cooper if you want to catch up. All the best Nancy

Nancy Sutcliffe (C77-80)

25 Mar 2012

To Rae Mitchell passed on regards to everyone will log on to friends reunited and have a look. Hope you read the message from Nancy. Good to hear you are in good health and playing golf.

Dennis Thompson (H77-81)

25 Mar 2012

Nick I remember Peat Bog Soldiers because a local folk band have it as part of their stage act - hear every Sweeps Festival and brings back fond times. As far as choirs are concerned I remember rehearsing for the inter house choir competition only to be dropped at last rehearsal!!! Scared for life. Somewhere I still have an LP with the Windsor Choir performing.

Mike Adkins (67-70)

26 Mar 2016

Mike, Peat Bog Soldiers lyrics. Written by socialist prisoners concentration camp in 1933. I seem to recall we sang at least a chorus in German.

Does anyone else remember Sha Still? I think we sang that in either German or Yiddish.. the lyrics on google seem familiar.

I found at tbe weekend a programme for an international schools singing festival in Hamm in February 69. WBS choir sang Kum ba ya, Going up the Mississippi and Sha Still. WGS choir sang Hallelujah Chorus and An Friskay love-lilt.

Far and wide as the eye can wander,
Heath and bog are everywhere,
Not a bird sings out to cheer us,
Oaks are standing, gaunt and bare.

We are the peat bog soldiers.
We're marching with our spades,
To the bog.

Up and down the guards are pacing,
No one, no one can go through.
Flight would mean a sure death facing,
Guns and barbed wire greet our view.

But for us there is no complaining,
Winter will in time be past.
One day we shall cry rejoicing,
"Homeland dear, you're mine at last!"

[Final Chorus:]
Then will the peat bog soldiers,
March no more with spades,
To the bog.

[Original Version:]
[Die Moorsoldaten]

Wohin auch das Auge blicket
Moor und Heide nur ringsum
Vogelsang uns nicht erquicket
Eichen stehen kahl und krumm

Wir sind die Moorsoldaten
Und ziehen mit dem Spaten
Ins Moor

Steve Green (C66-68, E 69)

26 Mar 2012

I shall have to visit my old mum who may have that LP of the international choir concert. Give it a spin at 33 1/3. Yes I still have my viynl from those days and a record player to put it on. All my Beatles stuff is on Odeon label. Thanks for the lyrics - Sweeps Festival coming up soon so I can join in with the verses.

Mike Adkins (B67-70)

28 Mar 2012

Hello Virginia. Hello Denise. Good to read your messages. Came across some WGS photos the other day - have put them back quickly in case my children see them! But have had a couple of flashbacks about Matron Little collecting old clothes for family in East Germany, the bathroom and bath routine (twice a week?), radiator toast, and poor Miss Ramsay. Sue.

Sue Dipper (H??-??)

30 Mar 2012

Blimey, I don't remember any of those songs. All I remember was directing the Hillsborough entry at one of the music festival (?66 or 67. We sang "Gaudiamus Igator". One of the de Piro brothers was on the piano

Dave Naylor (H64-67)


31 Mar 2012

Hi Dennis Thompson.I was just wondering if you had a brother called Ian and did you live in North camp, Aldershot?

Tina Edwards (C??-??)

31 Mar 2012

Hi all Windsor spuges and quines (you were in those days), can ye remember yonder:

Frau Schluter wi 'open sie vindows and curtains it shtinks in here'

Farmers breakfast

Sick kitchen

Miss Waldron in RE

Miss Blackman (she was fab)

Padre Thackery

Mr Boyd Edinburgh Hoos Maister (think he had a Saab) saabs was what you said when you passed wind (if I recall correctly!)

Remember prep block and detention at priv time?????


Isabella Forbes (E72-75)


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