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7 July 2012

NO messages! must be the soggy weather!!!

john Fisher (H65-68)

Too many other places to post these days ....

8 July 2012

Hallo John, good to see you still alive and kicking! As to dearth of messages - yes, Bill, I know what you mean about other options for posting. For instance, there are facebook groups for such as Ex Far East Brit Brats, also a Windsor group (which latter doesn't seem to have a lot of activity). Perhaps we need to kick off a new thread to stir up a bit of interest - how's about - a mate of mine is about to go on the Harwich/Hoek van Holland ferry. Now, that is quite a different trip to the one when we were at school - anyone got memories to share? I remember going on it to have my university interview in London in 1968 - it had first and second class segregated, and I had to share a cabin with a total stranger (female, of course!). The train at Moenchen-Gladbach shunted from one platform to another to pick up another set of carriages which had come from elsewhere in Europe, and the Dutch border guards got on there - checked our passports when we reached the border, and got off at Venlo.

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

11 July 2012

Re - the various messages re the choir in Ken Thompson's day. Having just visited Brian Birkby (C. 1965-72) he reminds me of other favourites we sang. O Happy Day - I think became a hit song in 1967..We did an acceptable version of that, I think - Also - I'm sure uniquely, sung in the school chapel St Boniface- in four- yes, four parts was ANGEL VOICES EVER SINGING.

Mike Capey (C63-70)

11 July 2012

I vividly recall so many experiences It would be great to acknowledge and validate the good works of so many people at our schools. Recently Tony fox has passed away. It would have been nice for a good number of folk to convey their good feelings towards others regarding school experiences.
Sounds sappy as I know. Sounds cheesy as I know.....but they are memories. No one can take them away. For better or worse they are part of us. I think the very safe nature of our pasts should be celebrated Perhaps if folk were to relate their favorite experience from school,favorite birthday party or night time experience Who knows? We do

Graham Keil (B71-75)

12 July 2012

Hallo all st.jammes!!!! I have read Many names that slowly bought back many memories to me.... VERY SLOWLY!!!Pam and Ginny ross for eg. Do you rem, me? sally protheroe.jean cooke susan james.dawn hatfld.Odriscl.chris roe linder rutter betty stevnsn and jean mag sutherland valerietuner. eliz jones . Matron sill. mrs davis 8met her in london many years ago.mrs keen. ME.... well I was the one standing outsidein the corridor (mostly when Mrs davis was on duty) because I`d been cought (and the only one to own up) talking. I was the one who loved singing... (in a green woolen `bell`dress... I... wonder if one day that you`ll say that your .... puppet on a string!!!!! OHHHH I remember that (making a fool of myself) well! I was also in the girls school operette...... I has the part of playing the queen!... it was all about roly poly pudding!!! I was also the one who saw to it that st. james house got its conduct marks... (sometimes). I was AlLways the first and the last out of the pool... anyone one rember me????? Oh by the way.. done the trip from Hildesheim (near hannover) to hoek van holland/ harrwich many a time.The last time was around 1982 with my 3 girls!. Looking forward to hearing (reading) from anyone who remembers me.

Gisela Radbron/Possekel (StJ65-68)

12 July 2012

Hi all, last post was December 2010, 2 1/2 years ago!!!!! Time sure is motoring on, just playing catch up reading the posts, great to see some names from the past, the memories keep coming, hopefully sometime during the next 2 1/2 this recession will be over in till then " head down and push on"

Marlborough and the 1970s ( tell Marty to set the the date for 1975 I will get the flux capacitor and whoosh weekend discos, flares/ high waisters, a nice pair of doc martins and George McRae blasting out, ).

Nice post but who are you?

13 July 2012

Gisela Radbron - of course I remember you! I remember the opera, I designed and built the set and John Fisher (who also posts on here) printed the programmes :-) I hope you are keeping well and out of trouble? ah, those were the days - in that cold unheated swimming pool, couldn't keep us out - I wonder how many of us would do that now? (Even with a layer of fat to keep us warm now!)

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

15 July 2012

It seems I'm not the only one despairing at the lack of messages. I haven't posted for a few weeks, but had a lively exchange recently with Peter Impey - or was it Patrick? - and Titch amongst others. One of the subjects was the flats we lived in called SHAPE Village in St Germain-en-Laye during the early sixties. Well, to report back...........I went there last week and all the blocks are still there, modernised but still there! The chateau where we used to catch the minibus for school is now fenced off and the route into the village has changed slightly. I also found the SHAPE buildings (what's left of them) and Camp De Voleceau, where the British army was based - now French Army and fire engine storage facility. Also, Camp Des Loges, where the American forces were based (also now a French Army base). After a deal of searching, and calling at the British School of Paris, I eventually found the English School of Paris building, which was the Manoir D'Andresy. This was the school that SHAPE kids went to before we were all shipped off to WBS in 1962. The building is, of course, the same, but some of the other sections e.g the stables and underground dining hall are gone. I hope to visit what is left of the old WBS next year. Regarding the lack of messages, could Facebook be to blame? I'm not a member, so I don't know what goes on there. Perhaps it would be a good idea if a message was placed on the site reminding the Windsor Society members - and anyone else who went to the school - that if they don't use this site, they will lose this site! AND.........could we hear from more early sixties Windsorites PLEASE? Looking forward to flood of replies??

John Bartlett (S62-63)

15 July 2012

Hi John, I remember the SHAPE flats as well. Found them on Google Earth when someone told me where to look. All I have form that time is one photo of M & D on the balcony. I have put it on my flickr page if anyone is interested. My page is glyndavid

Glyn Johnson (E63-68)


17 July 2012

Here's a drop to start the deluge which John requested, and from the 60's too.

Strangely I have very few memories of classes at WGS other than having to use Govt. issue loo paper to trace maps in geography, but I clearly remember certain teachers (Miss McCann, Mr Cummings, Miss Waldron, Miss McHugh, Mr Escott, Miss Khan). There was little escape for them because most lived on site and had to contend with us 16 hrs a day.

Other memories revolve around food (Farmer's breakfast, 2 huge balls of pink icecream for each table as dessert, a boiled egg, butter and soft roll on a Sunday, bread, jam & cheese for afternoon tea and lemonade made from crystals called Creamola Foam)

Free time 'activities' feature in my memory too. Visiting children in an German orphanage (got you out of the school without a matron before 3rd year), compulsory Free church meetings in addition to Chapel because I was Church of Scotland, a hastily arranged visit to the Mohne Dam when the school boiler broke down, carrying a tea urn full of hot punch from the kitchen to the gym/theatre with another girl for a Christmas function and it arriving with the top two inches of punch missing, weeping with 100 other teenage girls in the school cinema when heartthrob Dirk Bogarde was executed in 'A Tale of Two Cities', having to put one shoe in a pile on the floor at house dances so youths from WBS could reluctantly pick a dance partner, rest period in the dorms after lunch, hoping from a letter from home, Saturday morning sheet change in the cellar(top sheet to bottom, bottom sheet to the laundry).

Anybody else got some good ones?

Sheila Cumming, C147 (C66-68)

some great posts this month - thanks, lets have some more .... Bill

18 July 2012

Hi I was at Windsor from approx 60-63 in Balmoral House along with my brother Mike Hill who I have to confess people are more likely to remember. I attended the Newbury reunion but only really met Andy Marshall from my year along with his elder brother "Bambi" (Jon). Whilst I keep in tenuous touch with Andy I have never made contact with anyone else. Love to hear from anyone who MIGHT remember me!

John Hill (B60-63)

20 July 2012

Yes... I`ve got some more memories....Hiding an apple or an orange(under my armpit) so the prefects dont see it whilst leaving the dinning rooms, The trollys in sickbay stacked up with small glasses of white medicine (disprin in water) and red medicine (coughing syrup?) Everyone had to take the two glasses.. no matter what you had!..Smelling and tasting the the dentists nicotin fingers! errrgh! Queing up infront of a kiosk "outside" and NOT taking the prepared mixed sweet bags,, but choosing.. one of this two of that etc and getting on the shopp assistants nerves. Having LONG nights on the loo writting out 500x "Imust not forget my homework" AND finding someone to help me! Making my bed a second time after finding it stripped down by matron Zill after breakfast.... Oh thats enough for the time....... anyone for anymore????????

Gisela Radbron/Possekel (StJ65-68)

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