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01 Jan 2012


Frank O"Hanlon (C112) (C64-65)

01 Jan 2012

Greetings and all good wishes to former colleagues and pupils who may visit this marvellous website which enables us to keep in touch. At this time especially, we seek to renew friendships and make contact again with friends from the past. I have so many happy memories of WBS. They remain indelible! May 2012 see all our expectations fulfilled! Let freedom reign! 1 John 3. 1-3 .

John Fielding (School Chaplain '61-'69 )

04 Jan 2012

Happy New Year to all Windsorites, especially the ones who were there from 1966 to 1968!

Christine Robinson (StJ66-68)

04 Jan 2010

Gosh almost 40 years since i joined WBS Happy New Year to you all. Kindest regards

Malcolm Graham (H71-73)

04 Jan 2010

I' d be interested in attending the plaque unveiling. Just need to see if I can arrange a couple of days off and transport from weeze I guess. Can someone advise who is going,...perhaps lifts can be shared?

Ian Hyand (E74-75)

07 Jan 2012

Found this excellent site some time ago by chance.Does anyone remember me from Edinburgh house,guys i remember,Dave Johnson,Glyn Johnson,Roland Saddington,Mick Burhouse,Alan Quartermain,...where are you now i wonder,..or even if your still around as i know a lot of us joined the Forces.God bless where ever you are.

Robert Locke (E63-66)

Well I can tell you where Glyn Johnson is as I met him recently - Tasmania. Check out the Sydney 2009 Reunion pics link on this site and you will see him - BillC

07 Jan 2012

Whew forty some odd years seem to have come and gone in a blink! Just read Ralph Whalebone's message. Still plugging away on the guitar, Ralph? We should be retired music professionals by now! LOL. Yep Mr. W. this site can keep you up all night reading and thinking about folks, great folks, great times great beginnings! The folk club, sports, movie night, bands, DANCES, Sweeny Todd, HMS Pinafore (OK yeah, the pubs and the Chip machine on the way back to school)! And of course top of the pyramid profs (little did we know then). Where else would we have seen Polanski's MacBeth for English class? - Thanks to Bismark and Demand I managed to find work in the history field. (Sorry Mr. Hern, Fib a who chi?) Cheers to all the folks who might remember me. Have heard from the Brindleys about many folks through the years. Sad to say I am sorry I didn't keep in touch with you all. Good health and prosperity to you and your families for the New Year!

Bow O'Barr (S66-73)

09 Jan 2012

Well there's a trio of names from the past....Roland Saddington, Alan Quartermaine and Robert Locke. As Bill said, I'm down in Van Dieman's Land (Tassie)and have been for the last 6 1/2 years. Almost 62 now. It was great to meet up with people at the Sydney reunion, sadly couldn't make the Adelaide one, maybe next time.

Glyn Johnson (E63-68)

10 Jan 2012

I was in Mrs Thompson class in between 1970 to 1971 this was called P1 and that class was my friend called William bell I can’t remember all the other lads who were in that class so can you help me please.

David Armstrong (E70-72)

10 Jan 2012

Hello Ian, good to know you are still out there. Didn't go to the last reunions but have been to a couple, so would be good to catch up at one of the next ones. Also saw Chris (Bowyer) had left messages. I have a picture somewhere of you two and John messing around in your dorm!Saw Bobby Hoffman a couple of years ago when he was here in England.I am still near Reading, although moved a couple of months back, but just a mile up the road. Katy now at secondary school, year 9.Often think of Hamm and Laarbruch. LoraineXX (McMillan)

Loraine Holmes (H73-76)

11 Jan 2012

The translation by John Derick Cole,is an artical from a German Website (Hammtv)I hope he will forgive me for pinching his post from 'The WBS&WGS group chat'facebook site to share with the Society.I'm sure everyone will want to wish Clive Hatton all the best.

John Derek Cole Translation: The "Windsor Boys School" will receive a plaque at the former site of Argonne Barracks. The plaque will be unvailed on Thursday (1/12/2012) and attached to the former Argonne Barracks.

The former Windsor student Clive Hatton had requested on behalf of a group of former pupils of the Windsor Boys and Girls School (Yes thats our Facebook Group) in the city government, whether it is possible to install a sign in Argonne Barracks, indicating that children of British soldiers school had gone there.

The school was established in November 1953 on the teaching environment. At times, here more than 650 male students were taught, their fathers were stationed throughout the country. In July 1983, the school use was abandoned. Blame google for mistakes ;)

Gordon Carroll (S74-77)

11 Jan 2012

Bow O'Barr's & Ralph Whalebone's postings have prompted another post from me - no Maths this time Christine! Bow - Fibonacci has been replaced in my affections by Euler - the greatest mathematician ever in my humble opinion who had his 300th birthday in 2007 (April 15th) but I digress. One memory of you Bow was your astonishment - on the D of E camp in Altenilpe that I had even heard of Elton John (all the rage at the time) and especially that knew some of his songs. What happened to big brother Tom - we really did have fun in his A level group. Please remember me to him even if he has no memories of me. Thanks for your comment Ralph - I hope we had some fun as well as learning some sums. It may not have been obvious to all at the time but I really enjoyed my time at Windsor - i stayed for 20 years!! Not many of us old staff contribute to the site but it's good to see John Fielding has not forgotten his bible. Have a great 2012 everybody - will that reunion come in 2013?

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

11 Jan 2012

Bow O'Barr: I had a couple beers with John Dudley last summer and he has some good memories of you guys jamming in the Maths Block playing "Blue Suede Shoes" and the like.

Bobby Hoffman (E69-75)

13 Jan 2012

Belated Happy New Year. Wishing everyone a Safe 'Pegleg Night'.

Dale Harding (B76-78)

15 Jan 2012

Hi Mike, seen your post 20/12/11, yes i remember the beerfest, i still got the headache from it!!!, just joined the membership so will get in touch, living in Tunbridge Wells, Kent now. Regards to all Kingy

Ian King (M74-79)

17 Jan 2012

I am looking for Maureen Nolan (AKA Mo Nolan) her sisters are Tessa and Kathy.

Anmari Trigon (H63-65)

19 Jan 2012

Trying to find Willam Bell who was in Mrs Thompson class.

??? Armstrong (E70-72)

27 Jan 2012

Really nice to have made contact with Alan Savage, our conversation really had the memories flooding back, cant wait to meet up and have a good old chat with a pint of course. I would love to get in touch with Joanne Ivory she went to WGS from 71to 76 can anyone help thanks.

Stephen Forward (C71-74)

30 Jan 2012

Hi there all, looking for Jayne McCann, she was my best friend in Hillsborough House, was there 1975-1977. Also remember sue clarke, michelle taylor, Ruth ???, Had brothers in WBS hillsborough andrew and paul Heaney.. Love to hear from anyone, such along time ago!!!

Allison Heaney (H75-77)

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