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4 Feb 2012

Hi does anyone know where Julie Bartle and Debbie cClayton are also Linda sorry i havent been in touch a lot has happened would love to meet you for that coffee.

Carol Gurr (McLaren)

5 Feb 2012

The Members Lists have been updated as of today.

Doug Pruden (S62-63)

5 Feb 2012

HI. My memories of WGS are hazy but happy. I haven't kept in touch with anyone as I assume no one will remember me. My husband and boys don't believe any of the stories I tell about Windsor. Come to think of it, I wonder if I am making them up myself! But it is nice to recognise your name and the names you mention. Best wishes to anyone who remembers my name.

Sue Dipper (H74-77)

6 Feb 2012

Hi Carol im so glad that you are ok it has been a long time since i have heard from you. I would love to meet up for coffee. Where about in Edinburgh do you live? i hope to hear from you soon.

Linda Hughes/ Wood (H75-80)

7 Feb 2012

I am one of the yanks that invaded in the 60's. I am looking for Jenny Taylor. She was a Brit and a day student. anyone in touch? Thanks, Jessica

Jessica Hill (Patterson) (B66-68)

7 Feb 2012

Hi Lorraine, good to hear from you! I just became a member but sadly recognise few names! Would be great to catch up either directly or at a future reunion. I recently came across an Edinburgh house group photo which I will forward to Bill to post on here. Surprised how many faces I could still put names to!

Ian Hyland (E73-75)

10 Feb 2012

Well after many years searching and putting more or less the same message on here, saying that I was looking for 3 certain people, I have been lucky enough to contact 2 of them and am overjoyed.Finally got in touch with Steve Forward & I have just contacted Mike Melia via email. Dave Bremner, where the hell are you? Your the last one now, come out where ever you are

Alan Savage (C71-74)

11 Feb 2012

Hi my name is Glennis Wing,i was at windsor girls school hamm from1959 to 1962.I was in kensington house the first building on the left as you go through the gates.My maiden name was broomfield.If anyone out there remembers me ,i would love to hear from you.Ilive in Norton Malton North Yorkshire. Thanks Glennis

Glennis Wing was Broomfield (K59-62)

12 Feb 2012

As regards to my previous message about contacting Mike Melia after many years, I forgot to say that a big part of being put on the right track is all down to Phil McGregor. Phil, again, many thanks!

Alan Savage (C71-74)

15 Feb 2012

I was in Marlborough House from 1968-1971 my name is Barry Marsh my number was M158, I would like to hear from others who were there at the same time, Names i remember of people in my dorm, Peter Hudson, Steven Thorne etc.

Barry Marsh (M69-71)

18 Feb 2012

Hello Sue Dipper! I remember you very well! We were in the same form for 3 years .I would love to get back in touch with you. You can get my email from the site or join Facebook .your brother keeps us all entertained on there! I am on as Virginia street.

Virginia Kitchen (M71-79)

24 Feb 2012

Geoff Hern. Delighted to see you posting on here. You won't remember me because I did my maths at the girls school, but you did voluntary evening classes for the guys who were struggling to get to grips with the subject, and I eventually got it !!! Got my A level and then my degree in Maths !! Forever grateful.

Cormac (paddy jnr) Hawkins (C76-78)

26 Feb 2012

Hi Linda I live in a little village just up the road from newbridge which is like the underpass for the m8/m9 near the airport where do you live life has passed very quickly it only seems like yesterday that we were all at hamm together where does jane live would love to get in touch with her did you ever find pat robertson i found kim nixon and liz smith on facebook kim has not changed a bit neither has liz i very often find myself daydreaming and my thoughts always wander to windsor never wanted to leave germany they were the best years of my life would love to catch up what do you do work wise how do we get phone numbers ect look forward to hearing from you soon take care love carol mclaren(gurr)

Carol Mclaren (Gurr) (H75-78)

27 Feb 2012

Sue Dipper, I'm not surprised your memories are hazy after all the gin you get through! Glad you found your way here. I think more than a few people remember you!

Steve Dipper (S75-77)

27 Feb 2012

Hya carol its debi clayton hws u tryin 2 get in contact with u hope u get this msg xx

Debi Bean(Clayton) (H72-75)

27 Feb 2012

Hi everyone who knew me. Hope to be in touch with peeps soon. Especially Pat Aris as you remember me so well & I really appreciate what u said! Still a maverick - can't see me changing and don't want to - it's got me in to all kinds of predicaments though!! I like to write in my native tongue so hope you'll understand what I'm ranting about. IJF

Izzy Forbes (E72-75)

29 Feb 2012

Hello Sue Dipper.....About time you got around to getting in touch. I have sent you and email, I have sent message through Steve....Now get on to Facebook so we can have a good chat.....Memories of WGS will be easy for you to remember once you chat with everyone....Chat soon I hope.

Denise Meyers (H73-78)

29 Feb 2012

It's Izzy Forbes here! Hi to you peeps that remeber me - I see my name has been mentioned a couple of times and it's all g@@d!! Well I defo remember the one that got away from WGS and it defo wasn't me!!! I remember the meningitis scare as clear as it was happening now. I would like to thank all those who supported me through it - particularly Debs Moyce, Sue McKay and Miss Maynard. I know Jackie McCallum made a full recovery - wonder where she is now?? Hope to hear from peeps soon. X

Izzy Forbes (E72-75)


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