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6 Aug 2012

Would Herbert Moffat please contact Malcolm Brunsdon again please as he does not have all your details.

13 Aug 2012

not been onb4 just seen mr fox passed away was my deputy house master handy wiv slipper as I remember not as hard as tommo though think I was the worst pupil during my time there but I still tell my children bout my times there and will b telling grandchildren as well all 14 of them had 5 children like to say hi geoff pickles floyd dale harding {munster} anyone else that rembers me had a ball at WBS shame we had 2 grow up lol

Paul Stannett (E73-75)

14 Aug 2012

I was incarcerated there from about 1969 to 1974 in Marlborough my prison number was m146. Some of the names I remember are Hodby, Chris Harris, Irvine, Bryn Jones, Mr. Kitchen was the housemaster. Then there was the sick bay and the stories about peg leg Pete the spitfire pilot who allegedly hit the top of one of the blocks during the war. I seem to remember a photograph of damage to one of the rooftops. The best bit was the Sunday breakfasts with fresh baked bread rolls, eggs and bacon and then there were the socials with the girls' school where we used to face off like two British bulldog teams.

Nick Guymer (M69-74)

20 Aug 2012

Steve Dipper - blast from the past. Hope you and your sister Sue are both well. Seems a bit quiet on the site, pop in and out ever so often. Long time since I was last at a reunion - but it was good - all the old crowd.

Diane Davis (Niddrie) (S73-76)


Steve Dipper is organising a Windsor Boys and Girls School, Hamm, Re-union,

On Saturday 13th October, Milton Keynes. Ramada Encore Hotel.

Using a Facebook event which has over 60 attending so far.

You can join in the fun here -

R.S.V.P. @

25 Aug 2012

My name is Karen Mayberry (family surname is Cheetham). I was a Hillsborough House student at Windsor Girls School from 1973 to 1978. I am now living in Australia and plan to visit Hamm next year for the first time since 1978. Can anyone advise if it will be possible for me to enter the grounds of the old Windsor Girls School site? I would love to walk through and see old Hillsborough House again but wonder what the buildings are now being used for? I still have my 'Privilege Card' that allowed me through those gates on weekends! I don't suppose it will be much use now!! I also have some photos I'd like to share. I look forward to 'meeting' many old students of Windsor Girls School online and learning about their stories. It was great to discover your website and I congratulate everyone involved in establishing and running the Windsor Society website. Best wishes,

Karen (Cheetham) Mayberry (H73-78)

25 Aug 2012

Hi can any one remember me has memory not so good.

Debra Brayshaw (B73-77)

27 Aug 2012

Hello Karen Cheetham Davis, so good to see you surface. and Diane Niddre Davis glad to see you around. How are you both? Are any of you going to the reunion on the 13th October in Milton Keynes. Would be great to catch up.

Denise (Fletcher) Meyers (H72-78)

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