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1 Apr 2012

Hi Dave,It really is a long time!hope you are keeping well.Now turned the other side of 50 with 2boys one 26 and in the army air corp the other 11 and a sax player.Have been down in kent for years,hows life turned for you?

Steve Lloyd (H73-76)

3 Apr 2012

Just visited old mum and dug out the LP - Internationaler Musikabend from the Kurhaus Bad Hamm - recorded Tues 28 Nov/Wed 29 Nov 1967. The WBS track was Lead Me Lord/Sherele - which I think was Boi Boi tune - WGS recorded Elise by Beethoven.

Mike Adkins (B67-70)

4 Apr 2012

Hi Loons, Quines and Speugs anaw, Hope abidy is chavin awa. Wonder when I'll receive my 'welcome pack' - how long does is usually take?Je dinnae ken pa!!!Enjoy life.LOL Izzy F

Izzy Forbes (E72-75)

5 Apr 2012

Hi all - I remember that international concert in 1967, as I was in the choir which sang the Peat Bog Soldiers - great song. Even better was my first hearing of Carmina Burana by a German youth orchestra. No lack of culture in those days! Regards to Mr Capey and contemporaries.

Dave Creighton (S63-68)

6 Apr 2012

Sadly I have received notice of Tony Fox's death from his son Mark.

Tony Fox taught at the boys school from 1967 to 1981 latterly becoming
housemaster of Edinburgh House.

His funeral is on 12 April at the Scarborough Crematorium at 14.00 hrs.
If you are able to attend, his son Mark would be pleased to invite you
after the funeral to the Duchess pub which is vey close to the

Bob Jordan

6 Apr 2012

Sorry to hear of Tony Fox passing away, I was not at Windsor the same time but I did meet Tony at a reunion. A really nice guy who I am sure will be fondly remembered by those he taught.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

6 Apr 2012

To Tina Edwards In reply to your message 31 March 2012, yes you have it right I do have a brother called Ian and lived in North Camp, Aldershot. Ian now lives in Farnborough in the Cove area of the town I think. Myself I live in South Wales. Hope to hear from you soon.

Dennis Thompson (H77-81)

7 Apr 2012

Sad to hear about Tony Fox. I last met him at Mike Wylie's Funeral a few years back in North Norfolk.

Mike Wylie had not been headmaster in 1964 for long, and Tony,I think, had been at the school for less than a year, when Mike Wylie asked for a debate on a scheme whereby the school would be run by a staff council instead of a lone headmaster.

At a staff meeting Tony asked: "But what would YOU do, Mr Wylie?"

Amidst howls of laughter, as I recall,Mike Wylie replied he might "do a bit more teaching." The scheme came to nothing....

Mike Capey (C64-70)

8 Apr 2012

It is very sad to hear of the passing of Mr Fox, I never had him as a teacher but was there at the same time and know many lads liked him, sincere condolensces to his family.

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

10 Apr 2012

I was saddened to hear about Tony Fox – we had exchanged emails recently (mid February) and we had also planned to meet this summer. He was one of the teachers I knew best, from Edinburgh House and also from the classroom. In June of 1969 when I was 11 (straight from the colonies) they plopped me into 1AF for the remainder of the term to acclimate me to WBS. That was the beginning of my life at WBS - I can vividly remember sitting in that classroom on the 4th floor and Tony talking about history and heraldry and many other things. And his Jethro Tull Ian Anderson poster on the wall. Sincere condolences to his family.

Bobby Hoffman (E69-75)

14 Apr 2012

Hi Mike's Adkins and Capey. Arfur - long time no hear - email me on an update of things - not many here can talk with an old dorm mate! I'd love a copy of the LP - any chance of ripping to electronic means? We too still have loads of vinyl from the 60's. Mike - thanks to the wonders of YouTube, Sherele it was. Most versions seem slower to me than the one we sang, but it's great to hear the tune again! Many thanks for that info.

Nick Welford (E68-70)

14 Apr 2012

Hello all Does anyone remember Jackie Curtis, in 1958 who was a school prefect and was my girlfriend for a whole two terms, whereupon Dad left the army and we returned to UK. If any one does my details are below I would love to hear from her if possible but it seems I am the only one in the whole world that remembers her. I also knew a lady by the name of Stephanie Dip rosé who was as I recall a bit of a sex kitten, maybe that’s too much information.

Richard Spencer (??-??)

21 Apr 2012

Mike Adkina, Nick Welford, I also have a copy of the same LP and have digitised it and it now resides in my iTunes tracks. I wonder how easy it would be to convert to a professional standard CD? If you contact me via Bill I can make a CD copy for you if you wish. I did try to find the firm that produced it a few years ago but had no success. I have a vested interest as i was one of the singers on the LP, The whole choir sang one song and the senior members sand Sherele (Boi, Boi, boi)

Malcolm (Bruno) Brunsdon (E67-69)

25 Apr 2012

I would like to establish contact with Nigel Frith, Barbara Smith, 'Tiny' Latham and Penny Jones, all of whom were my contemporaries at Windsor School between 1954 and 1957. If they could email me then I would be most grateful.

Mike Healey (S54-57)

30 Apr 2012

I have to admit to not only having the LP, but to being one of the choir members who played guitar on Sherele. How embarrassing!!!!!!!!

Michael Wilson (E65-68)

30 Apr 2012

Would love to hear the concert. Missed it first time round. My diary, recently recovered from loft and a source both of embarrassment and fun, shows I was babysitting for Mr Capey. Won't disclose how much he paid.

Steve Green (C66-69)

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