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02 Sep 2011

I attended the reunion in 2003 at the race course.

Mark Ball (H71-76)

02 Sep 2011

Hi,iam Angela Finlay sister of Rosina Finlay looking for ex peoples from Balmoral House, used to be a good crowd Linda Murphy, Helen Blake, Eileen Blandford, Anette Brooks,love to hear from you or others who used to know us

.Angela Finlay (B70-73)

02 Sep 2011

Hope this helps

We carry as ambassadors
Proud banners of our land
Which blazen wide our history as one four kingdoms stand.
So here - eight royal homes unite
In windsors ancient name
Their lives apart, their purpose one
To win through concord Fame
Concordia Concordia

When Edward Wales forst prince was born
Within Caernarvon's might
Still fought the Scots their English foes
From Edinburgh's height
Now Hillsborough's walls in brotherhood
On Irelands shores are set
And Marlborough for the commonwealth
spreads concord wider yet
Concordia Concordia

The throne the young Victoria
At Kensington did gain
Proclaimed the heralds at St. James
The sovereign's long reign
For respite brief from cares of state
The consort built his queen
Balmoral lone, majestic, strong
And Sandringham serene
Concordia concordia

Salute respect each valiant name
Where in tradition stays
For on our past our future's built
With wisdom for our ways
With strength in God and learning face
This challenge of the world
By thinking, acting on the world
Upon our flag unfurled
Concordia Concordia

Phil Doust (S77-78)

Well done Phil ......

8 Sep 2011

Loving all the recent posts re the Australia reunion!Great to see things alive and kicking!Sounds like you all had a Blast! Really don't want to "bang" on, to the peeps on the society!...(With reference to a reunion!).BUT some sort of answer would be really nice, even if it's a NO to 2012! Let everyone know either way... I appreciate that lots of planning is involved, but given all of the other sites on the "tinternet", an acknowledgement would be really much appreciated!

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

A reunion is being planned for next year - Bill

9 Sep 2011

Ref: The School Song At the risk of seeming pedantic, the penultimate line of the last verse, before the chorus, should read (By thinking, acting on the "word", not world). It was more than likely a typo. Anyway, good to know that someone else out there remembers the school song. I have always believed that David Harold Purvis, (our music teacher at WGS) was the composer of the lyrics, not sure about the music. Could anyone enlighten me. Cheers,

Bernadette Pike (Brandon) (B60-63)

9 Sep 2011

A warm hello. I stumbled upon this site by chance and have now spent a good while reading back the comments (not all yet). Strange how the Windsor years bring back so many good memories and experiences. So many names from the past brought back to life. I can almost recall all the names on the roll-call register that I read out on regular bases. Although, I have countless memories one springs to mind about the band 'Body' - Terry Horner, Robert Ford, Bo O'bar and of course myself. It would be a laugh for the four of us to meet up again. A note to Geoff Hearn- Maths with you was brilliant. Thanks, definitely the best lessons there.

Ralph Whalebone (M65-72)

11 Sep 2011

I Still have the Record of the school song. well done of printing
the words

No Name (S60)

Would the sender of the above please contact Malcolm Brundston

16 Sep 2011

To Bobby Peterson if any knows where I can contact Bobby both of us in hillsborough house and passed with flying colours the city and guilds catering course during our time in lower 6th form at the girls school, please leave a message here for me thanks.

Dennis Thomson (H77-81)

23 Sep 2011

Please email me if you remember any time spent together during that time. I am anxious to hear from the past, I miss the time there and would like to hear from anyone.
Thank you

Olive Wright (B53-59)

28 Sep 2011

Please can angela finlay please contact me re family matters

Helen Elves (B??-??)


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