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01 Oct 2011

Seeking former student of 3rd-4th years of hillsborough house WGS or any one else who knows me.

Pamela A L Smith (H60-63)

01 Oct 2011

Just found out about this site from house mate Dave Creighton, who shared the same dorm as me and George Squires in Sandringham House. Have enjoyed reading some of the messages but saddened to read of George's passing away 2yrs ago from Mike O'Hare, who I also shared a dorm with. So, would be glad to hear from anyone from those years who would remember me. Happy Days......

John Small (aka Sam) (S65-68)

9 Jan 2011

Hi Steven Greenwood, happy new year.How's your father? Send him my regards. Tell him I'm missing Nobby a lot.

Susan Clark (H69-70)

11 Jan 2011

Does anyone know what the current state of the old school buildings are? I have seen messages that it is or was being demolished. I may in the area next month and may have the (last) chance of visiting the site. The last time I was there was the end of summer term 1973!

Michael Davies (E70-73)

03 Oct 2011

Occasionally visit the site and have just noticed the posting by Ralph Whalebone. How are you my old mucker. Offended you did not remember me in your post. I remember happy evenings with you in Hanover but at school of course I was in Caernarvon, a superior house!!!!!!

Paddy Hawkins (1st) (C71-73)

05 Oct 2011

I was just browsing the web and found this site! I had two roommates at Windsor for a short period before I became a day girl. I was one of the original American kids to attend school there. Vivienne Browne (sp??) was one of my roommates, as was Christine ????. Fifth form. Anyone have any ideas where they may be? Thanks

Elizabeth Danby Vessio (S65-67)

05 Oct 2011

Hi,Alan(Savage) sorry no the names but am knocking at the 53 door and
struggle to put faces to names was in the same year as Dave so should give you an idea of ages etc. hope you are well.

Mark Day (C71-74)

06 Oct 2011

YOU TUBE,gary jones describing life in a forces boarding school,hope he doesnt mind the link,just about sums it all up for me, go youtube click windsor boys school hamm .best wishes to all...

Mark Baldwin (E77-80)

hmmmm not sure if I was at the same school ...... Bill

06 Oct 2011

Check out these pics from the Adelaide Reunion .....


Bill C

09 Oct 2011

I have just heard that Alan Childs who was a student at WBS in the 60s has sadly passed away. I did not know him personally but the message was on the WBS/WGS Chat Group on FB this afternoon.Alan was in Caernarvon House circa. 64-67, His sister Lesley, who also went to Windsor, passed away in 2008. Alan was a regular contributor on yahoo Hobbits group, RIP. - My deepest condolencies and prayers go out to his family and friends at this very sad time. RIP Alan.

Jean Cavanagh (St 65-68)

14 Oct 2011

Really sad to read about the sad death of another Windsorite!
Condolences to the family. All the more reason to "keep things alive" share info and keep things going! Hope not to read many more obituarys, more getting togethers:)
Look forward to the next gathering - Jules

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

19 Oct 2011

Thanks Bill for photos of Adelaide reunion. So pleased to see Ros (Titch)Goodge!! Someone from my years - wish I could have been there!! I do hope Ros sees my message - and - would love to hear from her or anyone else from that time! Cannot believe she is the only one so adventurous as to travel all that way - or has she emigrated??

Ellen Gill (Geyer) (S54-58)

Thanks Ellen, I have added some more pics now. - BillC

21 Oct 2011

If there is to be an official reunion for 2012 I would, for one be very pleased to know what proposed dates are in the pipeline.

Please consider those of us in the Antipodes & elsewhere out of UK....planning is vital....we are not on the doorstep as it were.

Is there anyone out there ? Joking aside, I am intending to visit my family around June in UK 2012, and to be able to attend a Windsor Reunion would be damn good....especially as I was from the 60's....get us while you can !

Pamela Fielding (Cann) (C62-64)

22 Oct 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed my first Windsor School reunion. Thanks to Ellen for organising such a successful weekend. It was so appropriate to finish off the w/e with lunch at a German restaurant! I would certainly welcome contact from Ellen Gill/Geyer or anyone else who was at Windsor School during my time there. Cheers ........Ros (from sunny Melbourne.)

Ros (Googe) Fletcher (H54-58)

25 Oct 2011

looking for a Debra Kemp Christine Wheatley and Neil Winkles any info please provide thanks !!

Corrine Thomas (C72-74)

31 Oct 2011

Just joined again for the first time in years and have gone back through the entries,...many familiar names and have just read very belatedly of the very sad news of Neil Carrick,...tragic. This news brought two names back to mind, Neil Cassidy and Lorraine, nee McMillan,...would love to hear your news. I last visited the school in the late 80's and had to sneak passed the security office,..(some things never change), but it all appeared empty although well kept. I have not made any of the re unions but would love to get to the next one as well as hearing from anyone who remembers me.

Ian Hyland (E73-76)

31 Oct 2011

Now living in Eastbourne sx.

Ray Angel (B52-55)

31 Oct 2011

Sam - I remember your dorm - and its many pictures - so well in Sandringham House. You mention that 'George' sadly passed away two years ago. Was this George Squires? Did I once hear that he had joined the Diplomatic Service. And how are you?

Bill Gent (E67-69)

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