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2 Nov 2011

Hi There. We're still looking for , if anyone knows the whereabouts of (their names used to be ) Petra Saage and Debra Clarkson who were both day pupils at the school from Werl.
Would appreciate them getting in contact.. regards Jakki

Jakki Mannrs (C75-80)

3 Nov 2011

Just wondered if Susan Clark is the girl I remember who had a sister Called Audrey, a younger one who came later and then a brother who used to get called Begsy.....would be great if it was you.
Jayne# x

Jayne McCann (H77)

4 Nov 2011

Mark Day, Hello & how are you? I do indeed remember your name. Dave occasionally comes on here, but I don't think Roy (eldest) does. They both live about 13 miles from myself. I live in Warrington, Cheshire. Just turned 52 myself and going strong. Anyone else out there remember me or my brothers? Love to hear from you. Still seaking Dave Bremner, Steven Forward, Mike Melia

Alan Savage (C71-74)

8 Nov 2011

This site brings back some great memories. I used to share a dorm with David Dugdale, Ian Toplis, Darren Leightly to name but a few, as my memory is beginning to fail me. Our dorm WBS legend had it, was where Peg Leg's coffin was. I remember my first night. I was on the top bunk which was underneath what looked like half a crucifix. All I could that night was lay a wake thinking and listening for Peg Leg!! one of the scariest nights ever!!

John Harvey (E93-79)

9 Nov 2011

Was in my 5th, 6th and Upper 6th year at school. Returned to Uk Summer 76. Would love to contact anyone from same years, names I remember are Fran Hobbs, Robyn Cubbage, Matti Matthews, Neil Fraser and John Redfearn.

Carol Benstead (E73-76)

12 Nov 2010

I repeatedly find myself coming back to these pages but despite having gone to Windsor for 4 years and had a tendency of standing out in a crowd (back then) including accidentally smashing a bottle right above Hearns head as be was about to look out of a downstairs window in Marlborough House when I was in my 4th year and knowing such people as Jo Barnes, Bruno, etc,etc who last regularly, including having spent a weekend staying at Bruno's after I had joined the army noone ever seems to know who I am. Just in case anyone is interested i did grow up, joined then left the army after fracturing my spine, got married, had 3 children, got educated (better late than never), became a social worker and now lecturer in social work and law, moved to Cornwall, became quite severely physically disabled and now am in the process of contributing to academia dipping my toe (metaphorically speaking) into writing (academic not functional). If anyone does remember me it would be great to re-connect. Take care and be safe.

Tom Hawkins (BD) (M77-80)

12 Nov 2011

Hi Tom, Did you not play lead in the school band with Andy Potter on drums? Regards to you and all, Kingy (Ian King)

Ian King (M75-79)

13 Nov 2011

Does anybody go back this far.I was in Marlborough girls in 1954-8.My name was Patricia Smith known as Paddy.I remember Irene Kerr Wendy Pritchard Jean Payne and many others.Ialso remember some of the boys Peter Nesling Kevin Goad Keith williamson to name just a few.I have some photos going back to those days if anyone is interested.

Patricia Arnold (M54-58)

14 Nov 2011

Am posting this in complete trepidation! I know you guys are really,really busy, BUT, summer hols for 2012 are being booked already, busy lives and all that! Any chance that a HINT of something going on in the near future is remotely possible? I know I'm not allowed to mention the FB word, but people are asking questions! Totally appreciate if 2012 isn't a good year,2013 even better, 30years since the School closed! look forward to hearing from the committee. Regards in anticipation Jules

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

16 Nov 2011

Alan Savage, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I believe Steve Ford died in an accident in the late 70's?

Tony Reilly (M73-76)

17 Nov 2011

Julie - sorry that nothing has been sorted as yet. I have spoken to Bob and I believe he is having problems with finding a large reasonably priced venue. We would expect around 500 or more people at the next reunion and very few places are able to cope - Newbury has become too expensive for us. I am now thinking that 2012 is not a brilliant year for it with the Olympics and all, maybe the 30 yr reunion would be better.

Bill Craswell (C62-65)

18 Nov 2011

I concur, 2013 would be more appropriate marking both the 60th and 30th anniversary of the opening and closing of the school.

Ellen Brandon- Warnaby (B59-62) Windsor Society Representative, Australasia

20 Nov 2011

Tony, do you mean Steve Forward as opposed to Ford?

Alan Savage (C71-74)

30 Nov 2010

Hello there,well I have lately found the site for old pupils of King Alfred School in Plon.But I was there when we closed that school and were transferred to Hamm and Windsor Girls School.Oddly enough,I have almost no recall of anyone's name in my dorm and no idea which house I was in.I think I must have only been there for one term,but I do recall the German boys who used to hang around the Houses.One dear boy signed my autograph book(we were so innocent in those days!!).I have much more recall of KAS.Is there a register of old pupil names that I could refer to?Thanks

Jenny Price (B59-60)

30 Nov 2010

Hi Ian Hyland. Like you I have not been on the site for ages. Good to hear your still knocking around. It always brings back old memories when you see an ex room mate on the site. Do you still have your Fender Mustang Bass. It may be a coincidence but my son plays bass in a band and he has a fender. They were good times.

Chris Bowyer (E 74-76)

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