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9 May 2011

Would love to hear from anyone from my era,and if Ellen Geyer is able to make contact if only to say she is well, and to have a chat, I would be ecstatic......

Tiny Latham (S54-57)

10 May 2011

What a lovely surprise - someone from my era and house actually sent a message!
So pleased to hear from you Tiny; yes I'm alive and well living in Gloucestershire with my family.  I lost my husband over two years ago,so decided to investigate my old school - and see how others from that time are doing. I have sent messages before - but it seems that pupils from the 60's and 70's are more keen to keep in touch.

Ellen  Gill (S54-58)

13 May 2011

Happy 'Peg Leg' night everyone

Dale Harding (B76-78)

17 May 2011

Hi Tiny,As you are apparently missing the company of your "old" room mates I write to let you know that I for one am fit and well and live in Northumberland. Best wishes

Geoff  McPate (S53-57)


Friday 5th August      Earl of Aberdeen Hotel - Coopers Ale House
                        7.30pm Drinks and Dinner.
Saturday 6th August    Tram ride to the beach side suburb of Glenelg
                        for lunch.
Saturday 6th August    Dinner, Red Ochre Restaurant, Nth Adelaide
                        7.30 for 8.00pm
Sunday 7th August      Wine Tour & Tasting Adelaide Hills and lunch
                        in the historic German Township of Hahndorf
                        at the Hahndorf Inn where "Mein Kunde ist
                        Koenig!" My customer is King!
For further details, full copy of itinerary and cost please contact me thru my email address.  Please book your own air fares and accommodation. If this weekend turns out to be anything like Sydney 2009 it will be a fun packed few days down memory lane. 
If you have friends living in Australia and New Zealand please pass the word around.  See you in Adelaide

Ellen Warnaby (Brandon) B59-62
Australasia Representative

Would so love to go but......    Have a drink for me Ellen !

18 May 2011

I am sorry to have to report the sad news of the death  of Sheila Keene, which I saw in the Daily Telegraph.This is what it said:-

KEENE - SHEILA AIMEE, L.R.A.M. Died 20th April, peacefully, ending a
singularly fulfilled life. A dedicated teacher, she enhanced the lives
of countless youngsters who, with her family, wil cherish her memory.
Cremation at Canford,Bristol on Thursday 5th of May at 1.30 p.m. Bright
clothes, no flowers. Donations if wished to the RNLI.

Sheila and I both started at WGS in September 1964, and she had a  great sense of humour, as well as all her musical skills.Although we  were in different houses we became good friends, and often went away  for a weekend when we were not on House duty!  I last saw her at one of the Newbury Reunions. I have been in touch with Joan Webster, who is  spreading the news to Joan McGovern, Esme Ridge, Ailsa (now Bowker),  who will probably spread the news to Jill Emms, Kay Rumney, and  Margaret Copeland. I shall also E-mail the news to Ethel Embley over in  Germany. We were all at WGS in the mid-sixties.

Jenny Austin, nee Kahn (Biologist and HOD of Science 1966-1968)

18 May 2011

Sorry to hear about Miss Keene - thank you to Miss Kahn for posting the Telegraph announcement.  Miss Keene was my house mistress for three years, and although she appeared to have quite a "stern" aspect, I found her to be fair, sympathetic, and with quite a sense of humour.  She was very understanding, and in spite of the mischief I got up to in the fourth form, I was amazed to find that she put me forward to be Head of House before she left Windsor.  I remember how she would agree to play "The Gollywog's Cakewalk" as Miss Evans walked through the hall at the start of assembly :-) A very talented lady, who enriched many lives.

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

19 May 2011

Just when i think i remember things and i see someones comments,,,yes i remember sticks and sweets in our shoes,i always got the twig,but changed it over for sweets ,,, i never got caught and the sweets were good.Has anyone got any concordias spare,i would love to have one,,, thanks,,,,

Carol Harrison (E70-74

24 May 2011

I now live in  scotland and I am a retired Civil Servant. I returned to Germany R.A.F.Guterslow with my job for a further 3years 1975 and theome  to live in Yorkshire. Eventually returning to my homeland Scotland

Pamela A.L.Smith (H60-63)

25 May 2011

Some more sad news to tell of a lost Windsor. Lorraine McAinsh who was in Caernavon house from 74 - 77 and lived in Osnerbruck died last week of colon cancer. Lorraine who lived in Bo'ness near Edinburgh was only diagnosed 8 weeks prior was a happy shy lovely person and one of the best friends you could wish for. She was considering coming to the reunion next month when I last spoke to her in March but then kept her illness from me just making excuses about being busy. She leaves a 21 year old son, Stephen who contacted me shortly after her passing.

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

31 May 2011

Hi Geoff McPate,fancy you coming out of the woodwork after all this time.I spoke toTimHealey last year, he lives in France.He left his E mail address,but I must have got it wrong,and it all went wrong!! I have great memories of our times together,I would like to take this forward if poss.but I am not sure how we go about it. Anyway I am so pleased to find one or two of our era are still around annoying the authorities, keep in touch if poss

hi ELLEN,what a great surprise tohear from you. i traced 2 phone no,s in Glouc.which had your initial and surname,but no joy! If you could get in touch through the wind.soc. it would be fantastic,my details are on their file.I have met,and talked,with Jacky August!Last week I called on Miss Ellis,who lives in Stafford.Weve so much to catch up on,lets try? Sorry I am not very good with using a PC;its taken days to do this,and I dare not go back and try and correct anything it may take for ever,  regards Tiny

Tiny Latham (S54-57)

31 May 2011

Hi Woody mo neglected to say that I am married to Malcolm and have been for 42 years come June 2011 nice to hear that some one remembers me from so long ago.

Bridget Cook (S60-65)

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