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01 Mar 2011

Hello Chris Epps. I'm very well. It was Mark you met up with in Reading and he is also well. I was prompted to post by what I was reading here. Mr Hearn says 'Look at these Old Masters hanging in the National.' to which the chorus replies 'What for? Everything I need to know about painting can be found in B&Q.'

Neal Scott (B75-76)

02 Mar 2011

Neal, many apologies for that, of cause it was Mark, bloody memory of mine. Glad to hear you are both well.

Chris Epps (B74-77)

02 Mar 2011

Neil, Ive lost Marks phone number, could you ask the society to pass it on to me!? Are you or/and Mark going to the MK reunion in June?

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

04 Mar 2011

Hi l was in malborough hse lm am looking for sammie cleland,amanda qurtermain,karen allsopp,michelle wilkinson l am on facebook like a load of us wgs nwbs peeps r l know one person who is keen 2 find sammie cleland ,tracey walker aka (cosmo)sammie if ur out there hun get 2 facebook a number of us would love 2 hear from u x from sharon cole x (M17)

Sharon Cole (M76-78)

05 Mar 2011

hi me again would love 2 hear from susan fuller and debbie pucky (pucky) as she was called then l remember when she lost her voice for ages ,and michelle wilkinson got a photo on the wgs site on facebook of myself,michelle,susan n 2 others think one was called carolyn amos so many happy memories would love 2 hear from u x

Sharon Cole (M76-78)

09 Mar 2011

Now look... Very nearly 52 and Ive just suffered 2 heart attacks! Me!? Fit as a fiddle, slim/athletic etc etc. Whats going on eh? I think I know whats caused it so if your around the same age as me, went to Hamm in the early seventies and had to eat cheese straws for break with a half gallon of that green jungle out! Go for a check up! P.S. I'm doing alright though, back to work in 3 weeks!

Nigel Hoar (S71-74)

Get well soon Nigel

12 Mar 2011

Hi, My number was C27 or C29 My sister was Lynda Parry and my brother who went to the boys school was Stephen Parry. I was in Class 1G1 and 2G and in the largest dorm for a while with Matron Beilefeld and another matron with a limp who was really nice. I used to play hockey in the team. My best friends were Marriane Farmer who was a day girl and a girl named  Pia

Jennifer Parry (C62-64)

13 Mar 2011

Mark Day, Dave Savage's brother here. I remember the name but not sure if we were the same age. Knocking on 52's door this year. Any ever hear or know the where abouts of Dave Bremner, Mike Melia or Steven Forward? Would love to contact them. Would also like to hear from anyone else that remembers me. Take care all

Alan Savage (C71-74)

16 Mar 2011

Would love to hear from anybody who might remember me from that time.I have been living in Australia for 11 years and lost touch with a lot of old friends..

Dee Thomson(Miskelly) (B75-77)

16 Mar 2011

Hi Nigel Sorry to hear about two heart attacks. I do remember you being very active
and almost bullet proof. I had a scare last weekenf hospitalised and further tests. Should be fine (  I hope) I did like those cheese straws, it was trying to get a similar sensation in
later life that messes you up.

Graham Keil (B72-76)

17 Mar 2011

Dee Thomson (Miskelly) B75-77 please get in touch with me and connect with the Windsor Schools Family right here in Australia.  Which State do you live in?

Ellen Warnaby (Brandon) Australasia Rep 
The society is having reunion in Australia later in the year  would love to have you there!

17 Mar 2011

Ladies and Gents, Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you.

The Re-Union is on; Date is the 18th June 2011.  The Venue is The Jury’s Inn, in Milton Keynes.  The function will be a Disco with a buffet meal.  Meeting up will start up at midday on the 18th the Disco will take place in the evening.

The cost of the function is 26.  This covers the cost of the room hire, Disco and Buffet and depending on numbers a small token of remembrance from Windsor.

Accommodation is available within the Jury’s Inn and is quite reasonable in price, especially if you share. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards Jed

Jed Bottomley (B77-80)

23 Mar 2011

Hi Chris (Bell), I can remember you very well.... we broke out of school one night with Bronwin Evans.  I also remember Lindsay Pipe also Jenny Knipe, Valerie Young and Eillien Joy. When Kensington and Sandringham were put together we shared a Dorm tgether. It was great to find you on this site.

Maureen Schulenburg (Mo Light) (S61-66)

24 Mar 2011

Newsletter - I am apologising for delay since the last newsletter, this is entirely my fault caused by a lot of family ill health problems. I am now in a position to produce the next newsletter and would be grateful if you could submit any articles for inclusion. So far I only have two articles and a wordsearch puzzle! Please get submitting.  Thanks.  Janice.

Janice Moser (M70-76)

You can email articles for the newsletter using the post your own message or direct to me at - Bill

24 Mar 2011

Hello maureen schulenburg,we probably know each other through valerie young and jenny knipe.did you know pete marshall, kevin savage or james flint at all,all sandringham boys.hope to hear from you

George Coughtrey (S61-64)

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