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2 Jun 2011

Haven't been on the site for some considerable time so it came as a shock to read of Miss Keene's passing. She made a huge impression on many lives and the world will be a poorer place without her. R.I.P.

Alison Yates (nee Yaxley) (StJ64-66)

6 June 2011

Hello Tiny - thanks for getting in touch - took you a while - but    better late than never! I'd almost given up - but so glad I didn't. As for my phone no. I'm ex direct. Have now joined WS so I'll no doubt  be advised on how to contact you. Warm wishes

Ellen  Gill (S54-58)

6 June 2011

Hi All Not many from my era I see although I have met Alan & Roy Savage, with Roy living just 7 doors away when I lived in Runcorn.  Why am I dropping a line now?  Well at the end of June i'm off to Germany with Val (the boss) on our Goldwing 1500 and four other motorbikes to Bad Lauterberg (Harz Mountains).  Two years ago, having not riden a motorbike for 29years I went and bought this monster of a bike, latest model only costs 23,000.  I plan to visit Osnabruck, Munster and of course Hamm.  I know the school is not there but being a retired fire officer i'll visit the fire station! Note for committee: when I return I will have photos, some may be on my goldwing club website.  Do we have an area for photos? Cheers Ian

Ian Murison (S71-72)

Photos can be posted by members on the new Windsor Society Forum Site - I am working on getting a site to host all of the Windsor pics. - Bill
ps - that aint a motorbike it's half a car LoL

7 June 2011

hi again ellen,what great news.i wish i had known you were ex.d. it would have saved me phoning all the GILLS in gloucestershire,although i did speak to several very interesting ladies[no men strangly].  i live in a smallish village near stafford,i am also ex dir.but i am sure WS has the number, and anyway after 53 years since we last spoke i am not about to give in now ,and in that time i have tried many times to get in touch.i will now be watching the post, and listening for that phone call,be soon...tiny

Tiny Latham (S54-57)

8 June 2011

Great days!  Good memories. Best wished to you all. Ralph

Ralph Harding (S61-63)

10 June 2011

RIP Sheila Keene, remember you well, my Housemistress in St James.

Jean Cavanagh (StJ65-68)

11 June 2011

I was fortunate to attend Windsor as a member of Caernarvon House. This is great group and I hope to hear from all my friends.

Mason Bradshaw (C69-70)

12 June 2011

mike o'hare.just looking at a photo of you and other lads now.abit late i know,saw your msg in the 2007 page,and its june 2011 you remember me.

George Coughtrey (S61-64)

12 June 2011

Mason Bradshaw -Been a while. Everytime I go thru my old slides and see the"Our Town" + band shots , I think I should get them back to you ...

Bruce Kolesar (C67)

12 June 2011

would like to meet any of my buddies from Balmoral house at that time, especially the monkey dorm, john bell, mike west, paul william's, steve stephenson, curt morris ash case , brian bere, richard alsop digger bell, got into mischief a lot, paid with the cane from mr worrel doh, much slippered by mr morgan, I very much remember brian davies head boy, he took me a lot down the bird's school, to bring his cakes home, his girlfreind loved me thought I was cute, I never told him but she was knockout thought she was lovely, he was a good guy,I was a first year and she must have be a 6th former the same as brian, along with john oliver another prefect I remember. still I'll say it now I really did love brian's girlfriend, he would have killed me if he had known. I had the best day's in my schooling at the windsor boy's, I hope to hear from any of the mentioned guy's. I did meet up with a few in the army, went on to serve my time in the parachute regt,now am out. I couldnt get to reunion 1993 1n newbury as was in army iraq fighting. had a bad time , but still breathing, please get in contact, also I never forget my first girlfreind sylvia traveller, steve traveller's sister from edinbrough above he was a good mate of my brother dave stokes,she was knock out ,I met her wrote to her at the girls school, went to meet my girlfreind whom was shy to come out when I visited her.still I never forgot her.please contact good luck to all who done time at wbs and the wgs both fantastic school's had great times.

Tony Stokes (B69-71)

14 June 2011

Hi  my name is John (tich) Hamilton sandringham 1961/1963 anyone remember me
- George can't really remember a lot of names but do remember Jenny Knipe

John (tich) Hamilton (S61-63)

15 June 2011

My name is Alan E Birbeck the house I was in (1957-9) was Hillsborough which was in the middle block ground floor, the only names I can remember was the Fox bros. my father was in the Green Howards which was based at Iserlohn. I was sent to a boarding at Hamm & from the photos on your web site seem very familiar but it is a few years now, I would very much appreciate if you could put my mind at rest many thanks.

Alan Birbeck (H57-59)

15 June 2011

Thanks for the message Tony Stokes. I am sorry I never met you, arrrivng the year you left, however I do recall most of the names you have mentioned. More particularly I am sincerly sorry for the hard time suffered in Iraq. Like most if not all of us we sympathise and note the heartfelt pain caused to you and many more. Our parents were not immune from such things. Many of us were encouraged to take the route travelled by yourself. For whatever reason elected,(or de selected) not to. In any event our thoughts are with you. Thank you for your serrvice and courage (by just being there alone!) Thanks again. Speedy recevery!

Graham Keil (B71-75)

15 June 2011

I was discussing these numbers with a friend. 11111 and 111111 respectivly and my friend came up with an intresting mathematical link. The link was 31 and 63.  My self I figured that 11111 was the square of the sum of bricks used to build the Maths Block.  Where as 111111+11111 was the square of the sum of brinks to build the whole school minus the pegleg block which was not part of Argonner Kaserna at the time of building. (Maybe!)

Mike Greenwood (H69-71)

17 June 2011

Hi Tony. It would not surprise me if you never knew me. But I remember you. I was in Hillsbrough and compeated against you and all the other houses in The February 1970 and 71' steeplechase.  I remember John Bell as well as he was such a good long distance runner.  I think he came first both years 70' & 71'.  I was about eighth or eleventh overall in 70' (Ist Hillsbroughite Home) and remember Jonm was always ahead and impossible to catch.  I can't remember where you came. But I do have a photo of you crawling out of the nets on your hands and knees in the winter snow.  I also have a photo of John as he is nearing the finishing line. No one else can be seen in the photo as he was so far in front. The pics are from the "Windsor Society Magazine" and are possibly reproductions of Shool Magazine publications. So you have probably seen them before.  I was a 1st year at the same time as you (69'). Were you involved in the massive (spontaneouse) interhouse snowball fight about 1970? For some reason I imagine the poor lad who got separated from his house and lagged behind may have been you.  Probably only because he was not and exceptionally tall person.  But by the time another house caught up-with him, all he could do was sink to his kness in the snow and shield himself from the 50 or 60 snow balls which were hurled at him. Then the group charged off again. It made me reconsider weather I really wanted to play snowball fights any more, because that could just as easily have happened to me.  Its probably from the Magazine photo that I remember you as well as I do.  I hope things are going good for you and that you catch up with your fellow Balmoralites.  P.S. I really hope the lad in the snowball fight wasn't you. But if it was, wow what an experience. Everyone just left the lad crouching there in the snow. I can only suppose he(or you) got up again with out any real injury.

Mike Greenwood (H69-71)

17 June 2011

I was in the Monkey dorm, but don't remember you Tony. You must have left as I joined. Sorry to hear you had a bad time in iraq, I respect that you were involved and hope that no hardship to you has become of it. I know Graham as I was in his dorm for the 3 years.

Ian Craigmyle (B71-74)

19 June 2011

Hello tich hamilton, get in touch if you want to. I thought you might remember jenny knipe,what about james flint,peter marshall or kev savage?

George Coughtrey (S61-64)

20 June 2011

Having been to the MK reunion the question is on everybodys lips is when and where is the Society reunion? Come on, please share latest developments!

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

22 June 2011

I agree Nic.  Had a great time at Milton Keynes, but really need to know when the next one is so we can plan ahead and make sure we don't book holidays at the same time!!  Wouldn't want to miss it.  Hi to everyone I know and look forward to seeing you next time xx

Sheryl Stuart (nee Blackmore) (B75-79)

24 June 2011

George as i said cant remember many names but did share a dorm with the graham brothers rob ritchie and ian gibson

John (tich) Hamilton (S61-63)

24 June 2011

sorry tich but i dont know those names,are you older or younger than me.[62].what about pat and peter impy.try those

George Coughtrey (S61-64)

25 June 2011

Would just like to echo Nic and Sheryls posts. Great time was had by all in Milton Keynes last weekend.(Huge thanks to Jed and Max, Great job) Many freindships reaquainted, lots more made!  Question on everyones mind....Is there going to be an official reunion in 2012? think most people would appreciate some clarification on this much talked about topic! I appreciate that the soceity are busy, but an answer would be really nice. regards to all.

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

26 June 2011

Hello George, What a suprise I got to see mine and my brothers name in your post, I don't remember your name . I do remember the Graham brothers, but have yet to hear anything of Howard Morrison or Albert Hill which are just a couple of names I can remember.

Patrick Impey (S62-64)

28 June 2011

I am sorry to have to report the sad death of my father Henry (Harry) Tovey, housemaster 1954-59.  He died peacefully on the evening of 28 June 2011 at his home in Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.  He leaves a widow, Patricia, and 4 children - Wade, Mark, Sara and Julian, - 8 grandchildren and one great grandchild.  My Dad loved Windor School and was greatly moved by the good wishes that he received from some of the old pupils at the reunion at Newbury several years ago.

Mark Tovey B54-59)

28 June 2011

Yes I also echo Sheryl, Nic and Julie's comments about official reunion next year.  It would be nice to know what the society are planning. Had a good time at MK, it was nice to see everyone again.

Steph Southall (78-80)
30 June 2011

hello pat,if you remember, you did actually contact me a few years ago giving me info about peter playing football for the house.we all seem to have our groups of friends.i dont remember the graham brothers or the other two you mentioned.however,i have two photos of the boys,one with 12  the other with 14.besides me and your brother,the others are[if i can remember]dave brown,peter marshall, kev savage,one of the bronston brothers,jim carr, mike o'hare,ron hunt,the rest i know but forgotten their names.i've seen your pics on the aussie reunion.

George Coughtrey (S61-64)

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