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7 Jan 2011

Hello Mr Hern - try it myself??? Are you having a laugh??? Although I am sure it would have made all your efforts worthwhile, sadly I have to report that I still have no inclination or desire to spend my time working out maths problems which would have no benefit or impact on my current life!!! As for the 'lads' - they are in the midsts of A level and GSCE revision at the mo - but would welcome any other mathmatical problems that you would care to throw at them?? And I am sure that my husband would take great delight in also facing the challenge - instead of doing the much needed jobs around the house?? Happy New Year!!

Christine Willmott (M77-80)

8 Jan 2011

Happy New Year to you all... Although the Society has announced plans for Reunion in 2012 we are also planning another Reunion for this year. Date will be the 18th June 2011 the Venue has to be conformed as we have two choices in the pipeline.

1. Haven Caravan park Prestatyn N. Wales
2. Hotel "Jury Inn" Milton Keynes

We are currently voting at the moment so details will follow shortly. All the very best

Jed Bottomley (B77-80)

9 Jan 2011

Hi Steven Greenwood, happy new year.How's your father? Send him my regards. Tell him I'm missing Nobby a lot.

Susan Clark (H69-70)

11 Jan 2011

Does anyone know what the current state of the old school buildings are? I have seen messages that it is or was being demolished. I may in the area next month and may have the (last) chance of visiting the site. The last time I was there was the end of summer term 1973!

Michael Davies (E70-73)

11 Jan 2011

Hi all, Unfortunately when you send messages out via all available means (facebook, friends reunited) you sometimes get messages back bearing sad news. Such was the case when I recently posted some details for a reunion which is to take place this year. I received a message from Dave Mcqueen's wife telling that he had passed away in November of last year. Dave was in Balmoral house up until 1978 when he completed his schooling. I asked for Sue's permission to post a message on this site to inform those that knew Dave. She sent me an obituary which follows :-

David McQueen died suddenly on 24th November, 2010 aged 48. He was active in the local community, particularly through his involvement in junior and youth football and his work at Ryhall library, and was widely liked and respected.

Born in Walsrode, Germany, on 16th December 1961 into a military family, Dave was the oldest son of Thomas (Mac) and Elizabeth (Betty) McQueen. He moved with his family between Germany, England and Scotland completing his school education at Windsor Boys School in Hamm, Germany and then settling with his family in Stamford in 1978 where he attended Stamford College. Dave went on to the Polytechnic of Central London where he gained a Business Studies HND.

His work-life started in retail management, then sales management for childrens’ books. Later he worked for the Ministry of Defence at RAF Wittering and RAF Wyton. He left the MoD in 2002 to become the main carer for his sons Alex and Matthew and worked part-time for Rutland County Council, 6 years of which he was based in Ryhall working for the library service.
Dave met his future wife, Sue Warby, in 1984. They married in 1992 and Alex and Matthew were born in 1994 and 1996 respectively.
Dave shared a wide range of interests with his family and friends. He loved sport, playing football when he was young, and hockey for Market Deeping and RAF Wittering. He had been manager of Ryhall United’s under 18s team since they were under 9s and was a life-long Leeds United supporter. Dave also loved listening to music, attending concerts, and evenings with friends. He enjoyed reading and was interested in military history. He had many memorable family holidays in the UK and overseas and particularly loved New Zealand, skiing, Moray in Scotland and walking in the British countryside. He also took great pleasure in supporting and sharing other family interests including theatre (including Tolethorpe and Bourne Footlights), the garden and keeping chickens.

My sincere condolences to Sue and her family.

Jed Bottomley (B77-80)

12 Jan 2011

I would just like to pass on my sincere condolences to Sue and her family. I was shocked and sad to here that David McQueen had passed away suddenly. I remember him well from school and our time in Balmoral House.

Dale Harding (B76-78)

12 Jan 2011

Hi Jed/All, I was informed od Dave McQueens death before Christmas as I new him from school.
He was a school year below me but used to hang around - and was accepted with our group. As anybody who remembers, age and school year seniority was a big thing at school (especially ours!) so this was no mean feat. He was a likable, sporty funny guy, and having lost my wife just over 3 years ago understand what Sue and his lads must be going through. Thoughts are with you all.

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

12 Jan 2011

My sincere condolences to Sue and her lads - as the years go on we can expect very sad news like this but 48 is far too young. The only buildings left of WBS are the Dining Block - which I was informed when I was there last in 2009 will be demolished in 2012 - and the Chapel which will remain and has been taken over by a water treatment firm. They have even demolished the Maths Block which I class as criminal behaviour. So Mike there is not much left to look at and, if you are like me, you'll find it upsetting. Yesterday's date 11,1,11 I thought might be interesting taking it as 11111 but the only problem that I could come up with was what are its two prime factors? So what are they and can anybody come up with a better problem connected to 11111? 11th of November this year (111111) could be a bit more interesting. Christine you should not ask when can you use mathematics as it should be studied for it's own sake - there is a lot of beauty there to be found. Wow how pompous is that then?

Geoff Hern (M60-80)

12 Jan 2011

Ladies and Gents, This year’s Reunion will be held at the Jury’s Inn Milton Keynes On the 18th June 2011. There will be a Disco and Finger Buffet included. The function room will be available from midday. The cost of the function will be £25.00 this is broke down into Room Hire, Disco and Buffet. This is based on 100 people attending; if more people attend then the money will be used for entrance drinks etc...
The Buffet will be of the finger variety and will include vegetarian options
The Disco will provide the entertainment of the evening and will be playing music more to do with our eras.
The “Jury’s Inn” has 279 rooms, more than enough to cope with us all. If you wish to book the Hotel then you require the following reference number: SCH-170611
Cost for rooms:
Single £58.50 Breakfast Included Per Night
Double £67.00 Breakfast Included Per Night
There are a number of double rooms available i.e.; One double bed + one single bed, the cost of these are available on request.
Contact Number for booking is: 01908 843777
There is plenty of other accommodation in Milton Keynes if required.
Maxine Danvers has graciously agreed to collect the monies in again. Max can be contacted via her email address; for the finer details. She can receive automatic payments via PayPal or if you speak to her she will advise you of other means. Please, this year can you ensure we receive payment promptly and before the event?
Any further enquiries to myself or the team.

Best Regards

Please note - this is not an official Windsor Society Reunion. The next Windsor Society Reunion will be held in 2012

14 Jan 2011

I was extremely shocked to hear about David McQueen - I would like to pass on my condolences to his family on behalf of myself, Martin Potts and Andy Richards.

As for Mr Hern......'studied for it's own sake'???'lot of beauty'??? 'pompous'???? I rest my case!!!!

Christine Willmott (M77-80)

15 Jan 2011

Sorry to hear about Dave.....funny that I remember him though....but I do. Yeh we are all getting old, but I do remember the good ,and bad, times we had.....I look back and think: who was that guy who always sold us that wodka stuff? those were the days ....thank God I was head of House...hahaha. Take care everybody.

Mark Third (M71-78)

16 Jan 2011

So Sorry to hear about the passing of Dave McQueen. My heart felt thoughts go out to his family and friends R.I.P

Garry (Bruno) Maddran (C77-79)

21 Jan 2011

My car runs on petrol and does 36 miles per gallon.Petrol costs £1.29p per litre.(Was 80p about 4 years ago...thats another story!!) If diesel costs £1.35p per litre what miles per gallon should/could my new car do if it was to achieve exactly the same cost per gallon? Mr Hern thats a proper problem! Your thoughts on a postcard....?

Ralph Bennett (M62-68)

21 Jan 2011

I have found 3 people on face book Trevor McArdle and Nic Cuthbertson. and Wendy Foran, I would love to get in touch with some more old school pals - Nina Ball, Lynne Jones, Colleen Andrews and any other people that might remember me

Alison Dyson (C71-76)

22 Jan 2011

I didn't need to do sums to work out that when I retired I would be better off swapping my petrol guzzling 2.2 litre Vectra for a Skoda Octavia (diesel), which averages 58 mpg - is cheaper to tax - cheaper to insure :-)(I haven't regretted the change - it cruised very well during the long drive from Bilbao to Gibraltar and back). In fact, when I was looking to buy the car, there weren't a lot of used cars the age I wanted on offer - presumably people don't get rid of them. Does that help, Ralph?

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

26 Jan 2011

hi i have just found this great website. my name is david owen i went to hamm in 1970 for 1 year i also have a brother called alan who started a year earlier, we were both in hillsborough house.i would like to say hello to any one who remembers me.

David Owen (H70-71)

27 Jan 2011

Mr Hearn, The ony two factors of 11111 are 41 and 271, both primes. Not difficult, one line of code using the modulus function and a computer. I'm with you on mathematics. No-one ever finds a Vermeer 'useless'. I had you for one term, Autumn 1976 and thank you.

Neal Scott (B75-76)

30 Jan 2011

Hallo, I´m looking for a dorm mate called Vivienne Odams. Can anybody be of help? We shared a dorm together and she was a bridesmaid at my wedding in Odsnabrück 1969. It would be great to get in touch with her again!!! Hope to hear from someone soon. Maureen (Mo Light)

Maureen Schulenburg (Light) (S61-66)

31 Jan 2011

May not be "Official" but still happening!!!! Well done Jed, Max, Mich et al! See you all in Milton Keynesx

Julie Roberts (E77-81)

We have nothing against it happening, it is publicised here as was the last one but we don't want it confused with the one organised by the society so I felt I ought to make that known. BillC

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