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01 Feb 2011

Mo Light that name brings back a lot of happy memory used to live in flats round the corner.Also had a photo of you supplied by an old girl friend Jenny Parkinson bet you remember her.

Dan Shuttleworth (E63-66)

6 Feb 2011

Dear Alison (Dyson), I saw your letter of 21st January. Nina Ball is now married to Dr. Richard Sewell and works in the same medical practice in Carnforth, Lancashire (where the film "Brief Encounter" was made) as the Diabetic Nurse.She's still the same cheerful, bubbly person we knew from Fasanenstrasse days. I'll tell her you're asking about her.

Tony Fox (E67-81)

6 Feb 2011

Hi Dan, Nice to hear that I bring back alot of happy memories, I`m not realy sure who "you" are!! You lived just around the corner, was that in Summen or in Menden? When I`m right it was in Menden. The name Jenny Parkinson rings only a small bell.Can you give a little more info, how old and did she also live in the Flats. Mo

Maureen Schulenburg (Light) (S61-66)

9 Feb 2011

Hi Neal Scott, good to see you posting a message mate. Mr Hern was also my maths teacher for quite a while as I recall. He was the only reason I acheived a "B" in my "O" level, & for that I will be forever thankful. Hows life been panning out for you since we met up in Reading? Cheers mate.

Chris Epps (B74-77)

10 Feb 2011

Deborah Puckey,now jackson,is that really you,i hope it is,did you have a younger brother called richard and your dad was based at berlin,if so, what a small world,i was richards babysitter,and i to went to wgs,oh o do hope it is you,love to your family. also where are you lynn oleary,isabella forbes,laura zammit,sue thomas,jackie baines,i keep on looking for familiar names,but no response,some-one must remember these names.i love this site,i hope i will find some of these people, best wishes,,,carol.

Carol Harrison (E72-75)

11 Feb 2011

Dave Savage, in 2006 you posted rembering shaving my head think you got the wrong head mate think that was simon davis. Does anyone know what became of simon davis also from caernavon?

Mark Day (C72-74)

17 Feb 2011

Hiya Christine, (Lancaster) Sorry for the long delay - too much to go into! But still lovely to have your reply. You asked about my mum and dad, sadly my dad died 7 years ago this year (the day after his 70th birthday). My mum is well and lives about 20 mins from me, which is lovely. How about swapping phone numbers and having a chat. Take care,
Jayne xxx

Jayne Oldfield (H77-79)

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