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15 Apr 2011

A few morsels for anyone interested. Retired now for 15 years -headteacher in Jersey, working with former WBS head Jack Worrall- have just spent a marvellous week on the Macclesfield Canal with Bill Greer and Kay-  Bill, former Caernarvon housemaster (Headteacher in Leiston, Suffolk, then a brilliant publican!) - now 83 years old, as active as ever working through the 12 difficult
 Bosley locks. For the last 15 years we have spent many waterways holidays with them; also played lots of golf.

Also regularly in touch with Brian and Polly Birkby - living in the Yorkshire Dales. Recently seen Joan Wylie, widow of Mike Wylie, Head of WBS 1964-68, and we see and keep in touch with
 David (Head of the 60's and 70's) and Judith Ross who live in Faringdon. By e mail we keep in touch with the 'Pard' - John Fielding.

It is a strange, yet wonderful thing that friendships formed in the 1960's - half a century ago should remain so strong!!

Mike and Carole Capey (C63-70)

15 Apr 2011

MO Light do have you have a sister called Bridget? My nick name was Woody

Ann Woods (S60-65)

17 Apr 2011

This website seems to have frozen up! I read it upon a regular basis and it appears that there have been no new ones since the end of March.

Colin Hawthorne (M74-79)

18 Apr 2011

Nice to see a post from Mike Capey.  Great to see that you're both living life to the full and having such great fun. I retired in January 2010 and loving every minute of it. If you have email addresses for David Ross and John Fielding, I would love to make contact with them.  You have my email address, Mike Kind regards

Dave Naylor (H64 - 67)

20 Apr 2011

Hi Ann (Woody),Yes i do have a sister called Bridget and i was in a dorm with your sister Susi (Susan)for over 3 years. Bridget married at the age of 21 has three childen, one boy two girls and 6 grandchildren. She now lives in Spain near Valencia.

Maureen Schulenburg (Light) (S61-66)

25 Apr 2011

Hope all you Ex Windsorites had a wonderful Easter and Bank Holiday. Still remembering all the wonderful times and happy memories I had at WGS. I'm 60 this year but will never forget all the wonderful friends and happy times I had. x

Jean Cavanagh (StJ65-68)

28 Apr 2011

Janet is still trying to get the newsletter out but she is short of articles. Please help by sending in a few words anything will do - stories from the past or even what you are doing now, remember the newsletter goes out to all members - your name in it might trigger a few memories  - thanks


28 Apr 2010

Hi Folks,

Sorry to keep harping on. In two weeks time I have to give the Hotel Final attendance numbers. At present we have approx 55 on Maxines list who have paid up. I know there are a few more of you who wish to attend, for whatever reason will not quite commit at this stage.

If you would like to come and cannot pay up front... let us know. Its all about bums on seats.. When you initially book these events the Hotel asks for approximate numbers.. going of last year in Weymouth we had over 120 bums on seats, so I booked for 120 this year..which is feasible... but we're not there yet!

The price is worked out with the cost of the Buffet, Room hire and Disco. We have tried to keep the cost as minimal as possible as to attract more attendees. But we are in danger of not meeting the basic minimum. Like I said before, let us know you are coming and we will sort something out.

We have had alot of interest of all three sites.. FB, FR and the Windsor Society so the message is being past about. But if you have school friends that are not computer savvy please pass the message onto them.

The Re-Union is 51 days away, not long now.... it is a fantastic experience if you've never been to one before, and even if you think you wont know anyone... you will.

So please get in contact, we can sort something out. So sorry for harping on again but unfortunately it has to be done...

Best Regards

Jed .

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