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8 Nov 2010

Hi Russ - don't suppose you remember me??? I knew you before Hamm days -Linton on Ouse - Yorks????

Christine Law (M78-81)

16 Nov 2010

Hi, my father, Gordon Lees, taught at the school and can be seen front and centre in the picture of the Sandringham Heavies! He unfortunately passed away some time ago and I am trying to locate any pictures of him that members may have? I would very grateful for any pictures or indeed any memories that you may have of him! All the best to all from his son Tim.

Tim Lees (S64-67)

18 Nov 2010

Christine Law - from Russ Clarke, not sure I remember you from Linton but would be grateful for a memory jog. Have tried over the years to get hold of Jeanette Winkworth as I went out with her for a couple of years and lost contact sometime after going to Hamm. I know she moved to Haxby. Are you older or younger than me? I can start to peice things together then... did you hang around with one of my sisters Wendy and Jane. Thanks.

Russ Clarke (M76-79)

19 Nov 2010

It is with great sadness that I read Tim Lees' post saying that his father Gordon passed away. Gordon Lees taught me maths for my whole time at WBS and was responsible for getting me through both "S" and "A" levels.
I remember Gordon Lees with respect and fondness. My condolences to Tim and your family. Sorry that this doesn't satisfy your request for photos, though.

Dave Naylor (H64-67)

19 Nov 2010

Hello Russ - did you not live in Linton-on ouse, Yorks????

Christine Law (M78-81)

20 Nov 2010

I've many memories of your dad. When we left WBS he made a point of saying that whenever we would return to Hamm we could come and stay with him. On a more humorous note - it was New Years Eve, December 31st 1966. He had staying with him and the family several relatives- as I recall. I was invited to join everyone for a drink. As we raised our glasses Gordon said "Eh- 1967!" Whereupon -, in suitable northern accents, everyone in turn, around the circle of at least 14 present, exclaimed "Yes, Nineteen Sixty Seven." I'm sorry now- we never kept in touch...

Mike and Carole Capey
Bill and Kay Greer (C63-70)

22 Nov 2010

@Mike and Carole Capey - I didn't know you were on here. Last time we met (I think) was at Mum's funeral at Harewood cemetry. Hope you are both well and Bill will pass you may Email address (if you ask him nicely)

@Bill and Kay Greer - I remember Bill very well. Although you never taught me, you were the housemaster upstairs.

Nice to see two sets of familiar names

Dave Naylor (H64-67)

22 Nov 2010

Anyone keep their school tie? I did :)

Ernie Davis (S73-76)

25 Nov 2010

In answer to your question Ernie, I have my house tie and still wear it from time to time - Happy Days.

Dale Harding (B76-78)

26 Nov 2010

Now there is a reminder to keep in touch even after 41 years!. Hello to Mike Capey (I think I still have some of your books) and Bill Greer. School tie is somewhere in the loft.

Steve Green (C66-68; E68-69)

27 Nov 2010

To Dave Naylor: Thanks for message. No, we were not at your mum's funeral. We loved Dot very much - becoming close friends at John Penrose School in Harefield, but i think we were in Jersey at the time and did not hear of it until afterwards. Dad we remember well, and one of your brothers who would go fishing in the Grand Union Canal in Uxbridge - all night. Bill Greer- he became a headteacher, as I did, but then a publican in a village in Suffolk.When I retired to Norfolk we played golf every week for twelve years!! Except when we were on our narrowboat on the rivers and canals. I retired in 1996. About a third of our time since has been spent on the waterways of England in a boat called PEGGOTTY... The other third has been spent in pubs or reading books--- what are these books you have of mine, Mr Green??? Return them at once!!!! We see David and Judith Ross quite often. We visit Joan, Mike Wylie's widow sometimes. Only yesterday I received an e mail from Padre John Fielding. We see Brian and Pauleen Birkby frequently There is a magic, I think, which links us all together which is unique to WBS.

Mike and Carole Capey (C64-70)

30 Nov 2010

Still no signs of a reunion for everybody on the horizon.... Heyho!

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)


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